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And there was Laura. Chapter 2.

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And there was Laura. Chapter 2.Lorraine greeted me at the door. She was wearing a checked skirt, that showed most of her pale thighs, and a thin cream blouse that showed her white bra, that held her medium sized breasts. A gust of wind would have exposed her shaven pussy. It was 2 weeks since we last met."You will be thirsty after the long drive" She said." I`m more hungry than thirsty" I replied as I winked." I`ll put the kettle on and you can`t be as hungry as me" She said with a straight face and reached down and squeezed my cock.I followed her in to the kitchen. I watched her thick, but firm thighs, and thought once my hands and tongue had explored her body she will be wilting and will find out who is in charge. I will take her to the point of no return and she will be begging for my 7 inch throbbing cock to enter her pussy and complete her needs. She reached the kitchen and put the kettle on. I stood behind her, reached under her skirt and ran both hands up her inner thighs till I met her mound. I moved both hands back and forth over the top of her thighs, squeezing her outer labia as I proceded. Then I felt for her clit. It was starting to swell. I rotated my fingers around the hood. I ran a middle finger down her slit till I reached the part all us men were born to consume. I could feel her sticky juices oozing out of her warm pussy.But, Lorraine was not like Brenda.....Lorraine was not like Laura....Lorraine was in a hurry. She didn`t want what Brenda got..... Lorraine wanted "It" rough.She turned around, I could feel the warmth of her breath as she whispered in my ear "Just fuck me. Show me you`re a real man. Fuck my brains out"I grabbed her by the wrist and we rushed upstairs. She quickly undid her blouse, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor while undoing her bra. She laid on the bed with her legs open massaging her clit, while I quickly got naked. My cock was upright and hard as rock. I didn`t need to guide it in with my hand. It was poking about until it found its target. I thrust in deep. She was very wet." You fucking slut" I said, as I started to thrust in and out, nearly pulling right out, then pushing all the way back in.I reached round and grabbed her hair "You cock whore. What are you?" I growled, as she started lifting her hips to meet my thrusts." I`m you`re cock whore. I`m always ready for you. I`m yours. Faster. Please. Faster"The bed strings were squeaking. The headboard was banging against the wall. I pulled at her hair as she kissed and bit my neck. Her breathing got heavier. Her hands were now on my arse, digging her nails in to me." Yes, Yes, right there" She said and let out a deep moan.She almost passed out and her body shook and she laid there, motionless, while I moved my hands down to her arse, cradling it while I grunted, pushed deep 3 or 4 times until all of my cum had pumped deep inside her.Explaining about Lorraine is a way of telling you what Brenda and Laura were NOT like.Brenda was challenging. She was a "Goody Two Shoes" She had been a "Good girl" And felt she had missed out sexually. We were friends. She was sweet. She would send me gifts. She fancied me but was too polite to ever show it openly. She was small, blonde, small breasts. The only thing she had in common with Lorraine was her bid arse!The first time we met was for to go to a sporting event. We both supported different teams. She lived quite a distance from me and would stop overnight. I planned to sleep on the sofa so she could sleep in my bed. No way would I expect to have my way with her. We went for a drink to the pub before we planned to have a meal. I got brave after a couple of pints of beer and pushed my luck. I decided to see if she would reject me, so, on the way home I held her hand. No rejection there. I turned her to face me, kissed her, and she kissed me back. I thought no more of it. She liked me and that was enough. We ordered a take-away and watched a bit of TV at my house till it was time for bed.At bedtime I was gobsmacked when Brenda said " I hope you don`t mind, but being in a strange house would you mind if I shared your bed? I`m a bit nervous being in a strange house. We could put some pillows between us". " I haven`t got many spare pillows" I replied, obviously thankfully. Well, I thought all my Christmases had come at once, but was I missing something? Was there a catch?She went upstairs to change for bed. When I got up there she was sat on the bed, dressed in black pyjamas. " Sorry, but I have no pyjamas, I normally sleep nude" I said sheepishly" You will have to keep your jeans on" She replied shyly.I took my shirt off and got in to bed with her. She was facing away from me, so I snuggled up to her and spooned her.My cock started to grow. It was pulsing. She could feel me getting hard."Eh" She said, but she didn`t seem offended. I decided to turn her around and kissed her again fully on the lips. She responded. I smothered her face and neck with kisses. I climbed on top of her. She knew my cock wanted to be released. I held her face as I kissed her. I was breathing heavily as I kept smothering her with kisses. I felt she wasn`t going to resist me now. Maybe she just wanted me to touch more of her. Anyway, I went for it. I got up, knelt, and pulled her pyjama bottoms down. It turned out she still had her knickers on. Big ones they were. No thongs for Brenda. She did come to watch a sporting event after all. I put my fingers in the elastic of her knickers. She lifted her arse as I took them off her. I thought no way is she going to let me take my jeans and boxers off, but she did. She laid there waiting. I climbed back on top of her. I was sweating. She wiped my forehead with the palm of her hand. She opened her legs for me. My hard, throbbing cock went between her legs and rested against her slit. I could feel she was getting moist as I ran by cock up and down her slit, flicked at her clit as I reached the top. I moved down and was about to ease the knob inside her. It was going to be a privilege to fuck this woman and I was about to love every second of it. Not many guys were going to have her. But then she moved her hand down to my cock and put it in between her fingers. She whispered in my ear "I don`t want to go all of the way" and let me continue to grind against her pussy till I spurted my cum over her nicely trimmed pussy.What`s Brenda go to do with Laura? Sometimes you just have to wait for something. Somethings are worth waiting for.I was just going to have to wait another day to have Brenda......And there was Laura.....
04-07-2021, at 02:30 PM

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