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Queen Shagger

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Queen ShaggerRight after university I found it difficult to get work in my chosen field without having significant work experience - the classic graduate Catch-22. I returned to my home town, and found myself with a big student overdraft to pay off and ended up working two jobs, one a crappy full time admin job and a weekend evenings job doing bar work in the local nightclub/meatmarket. After a while, the crappy data entry job - sitting at an office desk typing handwritten credit card applications into a computer from nine to five along with a couple of hundred drones doing exactly the same thing as me, over and over - got pretty old, and the commute - two buses and a train each morning and the same in reverse in the evening got too much so once the overdraft was paid off I decided to pack the data entry job in and spend my days looking for something more in keeping with my degree whilst still maintaining some sort of income, plus the nightclub job was quite enjoyable.The nightclub where I worked was quite close to where I lived, it was in a small town, and most people who could went for the better nightlife experience in the city of Nottingham, but the local club still did good business, on Friday and Saturday nights frequently packed with local talent and locals males looking to get absolutely wasted and catch some local talent for a bit of short time fun. Pretty much standard in every small town up and down the country...Of course working the bar was frequently able to hit up plenty of that drunk talent, but one experience was quite memorable it deserves a story all of its own. On one of these Saturday nights not much more remarkable than any other Saturday night was when I met Lyndsey - she wasn't from the small town - I'd not seen her at the club before, but she was on a night out with her friend Emma, who was. I knew Emma, she was the girlfriend of one of my workmates, Pete, who usually worked the upstairs balcony bar, but as we were usually quite busy and working in different areas of the club didn't chat much except at the weekly Saturday night after hours staff only lock-in - two bottles/pints per staff member went down on the 'wastage' sheet - we had a pretty cool manager and you could do pretty much what you wanted as long as your job got done, customers were happy and you didn't end up taking the piss with things like free drinks, fake sickies an hour before your shift, or putting your hand in the till, things like that.Anyway, getting close to the end of the shift was working on dealing with the last few customers drinking up - it was still back in the days before the UK had extra late alcohol licensing and the DJ had to call last orders and we officially had to stop selling at a certain time and Lyndsey was standing at the bar, chatting to me and from time to time Emma would come over and chat to Lyndsey about something that I couldn't catch over the pounding music - it was the type of establishment where you had to lean in close, point to a price list, the optics, draught tap, the fridge or an empty bottle of the last thing you were drinking and hold up a number of fingers to establish what you wanted to order. The barman would then confirm the order by holding up the number of bottles, or whatever and pointing to them to confirm the order which the customer would usually verify with a nod and then the transaction would take place with the customer paying whatever was displayed on the till. It worked with very few exceptions - usually the customer taking the piss and saying the barman had given him a bottle of Stella when he wanted a draught pint of the same, once the bottle had already been opened, which would lead to the barman having to throw the opened bottle away and fill out a wastage form.Anyway, back to Lyndsey, we were chatting but I couldn't make out half of what she was saying, she'd been at my bar a lot but wasn't totally paralytic, she was quite a petite girl and I'd have imagined it wouldn't have taken many to get her totally wasted. Even the extortionate prices we charged didn't stop many customers getting totally plastered - I happened to know we had an obscene mark up on the drinks bought in bulk - I don't remember her ordering too many though. The music stopped and the customers were allowed half an hour to drink up before they were herded outside by the door staff. As they came round they were approaching customers dawdling and pointing them towards the exits, they came over to the bar and suggested Lyndsey leave. A "she's with me" sent them on their way and they turned their attention to other groups more interested in chatting than leaving, and then Emma came over to chat with her and suggested they leave. They went away together in conversation, but then she came back over and started chatting with me again "I'm staying at Emma's tonight and if you want to come back with me, she said it's OK - do you want to? she asked.I'd just about finished cleaning my bar and the usual practice was to then go on and help other (usually slower) members of staff with the rest of the clean up which usually took another half-hour, but I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity, so I told them to grab a taxi and meet me out front - all the fire exits were open as the glass collectors were using them to take out the thirty or so 240l wheelie bins filled with empty bottles so I headed to the front desk and signed out at my usual shift end time, then avoiding the front entrance where the manager and assistant manager were gassing with the doormen, headed back into the club to the rear fire escape, down the steps and into the rear courtyard of the building where the glass collectors were humping bins. Tomorrow was bin day so they were dragging them up the side alley to the front of the building. So it didn't look to them like I was sneaking away, I grabbed two and dragged them to the top of the alley, and saw the two girls in the taxi, waiting for me, so I quickly dropped the bins in place and jumped in.Small town as it was, it's a forty five minute two mile walk to the outskirts or a five minute taxi ride (at 2am with no traffic). We pulled up outside Emma's house and headed down the side alley. Apparently there was a path through the centre of all the gardens in the terrace that led to the back entrances of houses either side, and was soon in Emma's living room with Lyndsey sat across my lap in the armchair and Emma on the sofa - they were talking about Pete (aforementioned colleague) and I was waiting for them to finish chatting so Emma would head off to bed and I could get down to business with Lyndsey.Emma was also quite drunk, and was texting with Pete. However, things didn't seem to be going to good and very soon she was crying her eyes out, apparently they had just broken up. Lyndsey was more interested in comforting her than in anything else and I was getting pissed because Emma was being such a cock block. I knew I had to do something or I wouldn't be getting any... Lyndsey said "I don't understand why Pete is being such an arse, I think you're lovely". Emma said "Pete doesn't think I'm lovely, he doesn't want me any more, nobody wants me..." and then "You've got him (me) and now I've got nobody." Emma was sat across the sofa facing us with her legs across the cushions and her skirt was riding up a little so I could see her knickers, which in combination with Lyndsey sat on my lap was making me very hard. "She saw me looking and pulled her skirt down to cover herself again and looked a little embarrassed. "Don't you think I'm attractive?" she asked me. She was, so I told her so. "Then how come Pete doesn't want to fuck me any more"? I told her that I'm sure she'd have no problem finding guys who wanted to fuck her. This seemed to cheer her up a little. "Do you want to fuck me then?" she asked. Bit of an awkward question to answer with the girl you've agreed to go home with sat on your lap, but as it was clear Lyndsey had just asked me back to fuck, I said anyway "I'd fuck both you and Lyndsey".Emma seemed much happier and started to tease Lyndsey. "I'm sure I'd be a better fuck than Lyndsey anyway, she said with a wink at her friend". "I doubt it", Lyndsey laughed. "I bet I can make a guy cum way faster than you" "Yeah right" retorted Emma. "If you're so sure, why don't we both fuck him. One minute in my pussy. Then one minute in you. Then we swap again for one minute at a time and whoever's pussy he's in when he finishes is, I dunno, er... Queen Shagger?" Sounds good, said Lyndsey, but why does he get to fuck you first, what if he blows it in the first minute? And besides, he's actually come back to fuck me...At a chance to fuck both of them, I'm thinking no chance I'm going to cum without getting in each of them at least once, preferably prolonging the alternating experience as much as possible but I didn't need to say it. Emma said "fine, we'll toss a coin and whoever wins gets to go first." So they did. Lyndsey won and Emma said "Okay then, come on" and showed us to her bedroom. It was an absolute mess, but that didn't concern us, we just shoved everything off the double bed onto the floor until we were left with the sheet. Emma went to another room and came back with a Pictionary box set. I was wondering what she was doing with it when she opened it and took out the one minute sand timer. "We'll need this", she said with a wink and set it down on her bedside table.At this moment I came to the realisation that in my hurry to leave the nightclub I had forgotten to head to the gents to buy some condoms from the machine and so didn't have any. At 2 am in this place, there was nothing open except the all night garage on the other side of town and I wasn't about to head out there at this time if I could avoid it. I asked Emma and Lyndsey if they had any. Neither had. I saw my chance of the threesome disappearing when Emma said "I'm just finished my period, so how about you just fuck Lyndsey for a few minutes first and then fuck me to finish? Lyndsey said "If you win, you'll never let me live it down, plus my period just finished too so he can finish in either of us"I helped Lyndsey and Emma out of their clothes and they both lay down on the bed watching me take mine off. I reached between each of their legs simultaneously and inserted two fingers into each of their pussies. "How about another competition?", I said. "I finger both of you at the same time and see which of you is the first to cum..." "Not fair", moaned Emma, "she'll just fake it". Lyndsey started to disagree, but stopped as soon as I started moving my fingers in and out of her. In the end I managed to bring them off at both the same time, and if they were both faking it they were very good at it. I felt their pussies clenching at about the same time and they both raised their hips up to meet my touch whilst the rest of their bodies shuddered with pleasure.Lyndsey rolled over and grabbed the timer. "Okay, lets do this, what position do you think is best?" She asked. Emma suggested that if they were in the doggy style position, the changeover would be easier when it came to slipping it out of one of them and then into the other when the time was up. Emma and Lyndsey lined up side by side, legs slightly spread, arse in the air, grinning at each other and I got behind Lyndsey, ready to enter her whilst she set the timer down. As soon as the first grains of sand started falling, before I had time to thrust into her she had my cock in her hand and was guiding it to her pussy whilst pushing back on me.The wetness was incredible. Given the build up to the event I felt I could have easily shot my load there and then, and certainly after only a few thrusts, Lyndsey and Emma were quite petite, but Lyndsey had the smaller frame and her pussy seemed incredibly tight - maybe she was just squeezing me in order to get me off first in order to get one over on her friend. Not wanting to cum just yet and wanting to try out inside Emma as well, I just ended up holding it there for a few seconds, savouring the feeling. Lyndsey disagreed "You're supposed to be fucking me" she humphed, and started rocking back and forth, sliding me in and out of her. I was successful in holding it and very soon I heard Emma say "Time's up, now swap over", as she flipped the timer.I was wrong. Emma was easily as tight as Lyndsey, and seemed wetter, although it could just have been her anticipation of the first time getting my cock inside her. Like Lyndsey, I felt I would have no problem cumming if I really went at it but as I wanted to fuck them both for a while I was careful to hold back. Emma didn't hold back on her effort though, she was really bucking and twisting and squeezing me inside her, but I was able to hold off until the minute was up and it was Lyndsey's turn again.The short interruptions at the changeovers between fucking Lyndsey and Emma alternately and the time taken to turn the timer over really helped with me being able to hold it. Even though I was fucking them both bare which means I can practically shoot it immediately or shortly after if I really wanted to, I was really enjoying watching them competing in order to see who would be the winner by being the one who was able to make me shoot my load inside them. It had also helped that I had knocked one out by hand before getting up earlier that day - actually now the day before, as I realised, looking at the clock, it was getting on for three am. I realised that I'd been fucking each of them for five minutes apiece now, ten minutes total, so I suggested a little change.Lyndsey and Emma switched from doggy style to missionary, lying next to each other with their legs spread. Emma spread her pussy with her fingers, showing her just fucked hole. When a girl does this, even if she's fully aroused so it naturally opens a little so you can see inside her, it's always striking that it looks too tight to even fit a Sharpie marker in but has no trouble accomodating a cock that even at average size looks to be many times too wide. "Just imagine you shooting your hot load right in here" she breathed. I couldn't help but picture it, imagining it dribble out of her as her juices were now doing. Lyndsey was quick to interrupt. "Actually it's my turn next and I want you to fuck this so hard you'll have no choice but to shoot right inside me" she said, spreading herself in the same manner so that I could also see inside her and how how wet she was. She added "It seems to me like you're holding back because I know you want to keep fucking both of us, and Emma should be grateful that I'm not keeping you to myself, so it's only right that you finish in me the next time you fuck me..." "You're not going to win that easily", retorted Emma, "you haven't gotten him to cum yet".Lyndsey beckoned to me. "Get in me" she said. I slid inside her whilst picturing how tight her hole had looked while she'd spread her legs for me moments previously. Emma lay next to her, watching us fucking, holding the timer upright with one hand and fingering herself with the other...I was thinking about how I was going to end this, obviously there was a lot of competetiveness going on and the one who lost was going to be disappointed, truth be told I could easily have cum in either of them, but it was tough to decide which it was going to be. If it was Emma, she'd get a big boost from being Queen Shagger, having just been dumped, but on the opposite side, Lyndsey had asked me back in the first place so if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be fucking anyone tonight. By the time I had switched over to Emma, I'd already decided how I was going to end it. I fucked her until the timer ran out and then I suggested a new position and perhaps a longer interval between changes - we decided to go for two minutes at a time each as the girls said that perhaps it was the stopping every minute that was stopping me from cumming. So the new position I suggested was with Lyndsey lying on the bed on her back and Emma lying on top of her in the doggy position with her pussy directly above Lyndsey's and I'd fuck them each alternately, same as before.I started off inside Lyndsey, but with Emma lying between us, it seemed acutely hot that I was almost fucking them both simultaneously. I knew that this was going to be it, that I couldn't hold off. Lyndsey, aware that the two minutes was almost up was bucking her hips quickly and squeezing rhythmically in time with her thrusts in order to get me off before her time was up. I had to time it perfectly, and I did. With seconds to go, I felt the orgasm contractions begin and the spunk rising through my cock, when I heard Emma, who had been watching the timer and not being able to see my face and not knowing I was cumming, said "Change, change, it's my turn."Probably the first two or three jets of cum went inside Lyndsey. She could feel it too, I heard her say so, and then as she felt me withdrawing she gasped "Why are you pulling out now!?" The next jet of cum spurted onto her pussy, but I was quickly inside Emma and collapsing on top of them both felt the remainder spurting out inside the other girl. Emma groaned "Oh yes, cum, cummmmm, oooh it feels so good."Afterwards we all lay together in a heap for a few minutes. Needing to pee, I pulled out of Emma and went to find the bathroom. When I got back, Emma was still lying on top of Lyndsey in the middle of the bed. Both girls had seemed pretty drunk the whole time I was fucking them and it seemed that with a combination of the alcohol and the sex, both were pretty tired after their exertions and had passed out together whilst I was away. Emma was laid on top of Lyndsey with her legs spread. Her pussy was almost right over Lyndsey's, almost touching but not quite. I looked at Emma's sticky pussy. Most of my cum had run out of her, but on its way downwards had dripped onto her friend's body and run down between her thighs to join the cum running out of her friend's pussy. This had combined under Lyndsey to make a massive wet patch on Emma's bed sheets. I sat on the end of the bed enjoying the view for a minute or so before I was starting to feel pretty tired myself. I figured it would be pretty cool to wake up next morning between the two girls I'd just fucked, so I rolled Emma off Lyndsey and pushed her to the right side and then rolled Lyndsey to the left. I found the duvet, covered them both up and climbed in between them.Unfortunately I discovered that my cum, together with the pleasure juices of not just one but two girls and absolutely zero effort to catch any of it with tissues had combined to make an incredibly large wet patch in the dead centre of the bed, right where I was going to be sleeping. Changing the sheets wasn't really an option, I couldn't be bothered to move both girls off the bed and then back again, plus I didn't know where the clean sheets were. So I headed back to the bathroom, grabbed a big towel and spread it over the sheet. So far, so good, and was soon able to drift off to sleep.Next morning, actually afternoon, both girls woke up shortly after me, and soon we were talking about what had happened the night before. There was some debate as to who was the winner, as Lyndsey argued that it was her pussy was the one that had made me cum, but as I'd finished inside Emma, and according to the letter of what was agreed, the one who I finished inside was the winner. Eventually they managed to agree that it was a tie and both seemed happy with that. They were a bit worried that they'd both had drunken unprotected sex with me though, and especially as I'd cum inside them both the night before they thought it better to make sure they were safe so I had to stump up the cost of two morning after pills, but after the night I had, fair enough...Just before I headed home I'd gotten Lyndsey's number and arranged to meet up with her later that week where I headed over to her town and spent most of the time concentrating more on fingering her pussy than on the movie (Wedding Crashers) that I had paid for us to watch. Afterwards we headed over to the bus station and before she went she said "My parents are out of town for a few days later this week, do you fancy staying over?" I told her that I'd let her know, but was actually quite thrilled about the upcoming opportunity for wild sex that was sure to follow.This time I was properly prepared, I had a box of condoms packed along with some changes of clothes. Just after we got in, we went straight to her bedroom and fucked her. She was as tight as I remembered and although the condom cuts down on the sensation a lot, it was not long until I was cumming. Those few days we fucked a lot. A few times when we did it, Lyndsey told me that she wanted to feel the skin-to-skin feeling and asked me to fuck her without the condom, but to make sure that I pulled out so I didn't cum inside her as she didn't want to get pregnant. I did so, fucking her hard and fast until I could feel I was at the point I couldn't hold back any longer, so I pulled out and let myself blow my load all over her. As I was doing so, I was thinking about the time last weekend when she'd drunkenly wanted me to cum inside her and how much better it would have been to be emptying my balls between her legs.At work the next week I went in as usual, I'd heard from Lyndsey that Pete and Emma were back together, I wasn't too worried as I'd fucked her after they were broken up, plus I didn't think that Emma would tell Pete about the threesome we'd had, especially if they wanted to stay together. Seems I was right, Pete either could hide it very well or had no clue - in any case, if he called me on it having heard anything about me going back and spending the night at his ex's, I could just tell him that we'd gone back to hers sure, but I'd fucked Lyndsey on the sofa whilst Emma had gone to bed.In any case, I didn't manage to fuck Emma again, and although Lyndsey was up for a few more sessions between the sheets, we always used condoms or I'd finish on her body. She eventually got a boyfriend more local to her and soon had a k** or two. Emma later split up with Pete and got a baby of her own with another partner. Still have Pete as friends on Facebook - I can see that he's married now with k**s of his own, but I'm pretty sure he has no idea that I dumped my load in his girl that night all those years ago! P.S. Names have NOT been changed, but what are the chances that any of them will read this, right?
04-06-2021, at 11:47 PM

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