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Extra lessons from Mrs Renauld?s

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Extra lessons from Mrs Renauld?sIt was just under two and a half years before l finished my education to joined the big wide world as far as l was concerned there was nothing else anyone could teach me, but l was wrong very wrong. I was part of a small group who needed extra English lessons and as you read my story, you?ll see l didn?t pay much attention. I never took much notice, but the teacher Mrs Renauld?s would run her fingers through my hair as she passed me while l was sat at my desk and often tell me l had soft hair.One afternoon l was kept in to read to Mrs Renauld?s because l did not complete the homework she set and as l read she was twirling the hair at the back of my head, l paused what l was reading and glanced sideways to see right into her blouse due to one of her buttons being undone the sight of Mrs Renauld?s bra with a good view of tit made it hard to now concentrate on what l was reading. She closed the book and asked if l was alright, l stuttered l was a bit hot, Mrs Renauld?s ran her fingers through my hair smiled and was looking at me in a way she hadn?t done before then put her arm over my shoulder which didn?t help the erection growing in my pants because now the view into her blouse got better thanks to Mrs Renauld?s bra, l could see her nipple how l didn?t shoot my load l will never know. Don?t ask me why or what l was thinking, but l put my hand onto her leg and blurted out how l liked her, l was waiting to be told that remark will cost me a year?s detention, but she pulled me to her tits then kissed me on the lips the next thing l know Mrs Renauld?s is pushing me away apologising how sorry she was for kissing me the whole thing was mind blowing, my legs were like jelly, l must have looked a bit off colour because Mrs Renauld?s asked if l needed to go home, well if l had the chance to get out of school l would take it, so she gave me a note explaining l was unwell.I was halfway home when Mrs Renauld?s pulled up asking if l needed a lift, l explained there was no rush for me to get home as no one would be home till 4.30pm, she told me to get into her car and we?ll go to the café on the common which was a converted van, and she?ll treat me to a coke, well l was in no rush. On the way to the common we chatted about nothing in particular, Mrs Renauld?s parked and l waited in her car while she got the drinks it was when she came back that she said l could call her Julia, then brought up the kiss we had and how if anyone found out she would be in a lot of trouble, l confessed that l liked her and enjoyed the kiss, she gave me a smile admitting she also enjoyed our kiss then leant over pressed her lips to mine her tongue parted my lips so l followed her lead putting my tongue into her mouth and as much as l was enjoying kissing Mrs Renauld?s all l could think about was the growing shaft between my legs and the tingling sensation buzzing in my balls, l kept saying to myself ?don?t cum, don?t cum?, we broke from our kiss and l managed to avoid shooting my load. She notice me keep looking at her half open blouse, Julia looked about the car park then took hold of my hand and slid it under her blouse to rest on her bra, l froze and with some encouragement she told me l could feel her tit. I can?t remember if my hand was shaking but most probably it was, my hand slipped into her bra and l could feel her nipple it was so hard and that was it my pants were now full of sticky spunk as we kissed again l could feel her hand reaching into my trousers and before l could stop her, Mrs Renauld?s hand was covered in my spunk she smiled and remarked ?maybe she rushed me? then whispered ?relax? which was easy for her to say, but she did clean up the mess in my pants with a tissue.The next day was the only time l ever looked forward to school and couldn?t wait for the English lesson which happened to be the last lesson of the day and week. Mrs Renauld?s was wearing a knee length patterned dress with a cardigan nothing sexy or flirty, well she was in her late 40s and a teacher, but l knew something the rest of my small group of classmates didn?t know, Mrs Renauld?s had firm tits and she had felt my cock. The lesson was the same as usual apart from the smile Mrs Renauld?s gave me when l sat down and the fucking awkward erection growing in my pants. Each time she wrote on the blackboard her bum wiggled my mind drifted off wondering what colour knickers she might be wearing which didn?t help my erection or my concentration l couldn?t wait for the lesson to be over, l purposely finished my work last and when l handed in the paper Mrs Renauld?s (Julia) asked if l could go with her to bring some boxes from the old prefab classrooms. As soon as everyone left the classroom Julia and l went to the old prefabs, she locked us in and we began kissing l felt more confident and put a hand under her skirt she grabbed my wrist l thought she was going to remove my hand but instead Julia placed it between her legs she felt so warm, next her hands were undoing my trousers, Julia gripped my shaft and whispered ?relax and breathe?, slowly she eased my foreskin down my shaft then up again, she looked me in the eyes and smiled we began kissing once again and after some fumbling my hand was in her knickers l couldn?t believe l was feeling real pussy hair which wasn?t as thick and curly as the women l had seen in porno mags, but it did feel good my fingers found her pussy hole, l?m sure l stopped breathing for a few seconds. Julia?s hole was very wet and warm l eased two fingers inside her and she lowered herself down onto them then let out a soft moan before raising herself upward, Julia did this many times working up a fast rhythm then lifted herself off my fingers and without saying a word got to her knees rolled my foreskin almost to the base of my shaft. First l felt her hot breath on the head of my cock then her soft lips gripped my shaft tightly before taking the whole length right to the back of her throat. As Julia slowly moved her mouth back and forth over my shaft, she was making soft low moans l could smell her shampoo as l ran my fingers through her hair, my pre-cum must have begun to trickle from my urethral because Julia started sucking my cock harder l instinctively held the side of her head and began fucking her mouth, each time she took my cock to the back of her throat the muscles gripped the head of my cock l couldn?t hold back any longer and thrust forward and the first creamy load shot straight down Julia?s throat she started sucking the head of my shaft hard as if to suck the spunk from my balls, but she didn?t have to because my creamy load shot from my urethral like water from a fireman?s hose, l wasn?t sure if Julia was choking due to the amount of spunk l was shooting or how fast l was emptying my balls into her mouth the sound of her swallowing load after load sounded so good then l was empty she kept my foreskin rolled down my shaft and licked from my scrotum to the tip of my cock several times before taking each of my balls in turn into her mouth to suck. I really can?t say how l managed to stand after having my first ever blowjob done to me, l was sucked off and drained. We took some boxes back to the classroom then l went home and since it was a Friday l had to wait till Monday afternoon till l would see Mrs Renauld?s (Julia) again.Over the weekend all l could think about was Julia and what she was going to teach me on Monday, l was becoming eager to learn everything. I had already learnt that the female teachers loved complements such as their hair always looked nice or their eyes make them look mysterious, but a complement on their clothing always got me a gold star and a lovely smile.I think Julia had missed me as much as l missed her because she came and got me from my last lesson before break and we went to the old prefab classrooms. Once she locked the door, we were in each other?s arms with our lips pressed together and tongue?s searching each other?s mouth?s. Julia eagerly began undoing my belt lowering my trousers and pants, her knickers were around her ankles, she kicked them off and whispered ?l want you inside me?, believe it or not l hadn?t a clue what she meant. Julia lay on her back before me, l slid a couple of fingers into her pussy her juices ran from her hole like a river she told me to stop teasing then the penny dropped, Julia wanted my cock rammed firmly into her wet hole the next thing to cross my mind was ?breathe and relax?, looking down between her legs l noticed her sex juices were stuck to her pussy hairs like a spiders web. Lowering myself between her legs she guided my mouth to one of her nipples which l began suckling, Julia gave a sigh and softly said ?l want you in me? and after a little fumbling, the head of my cock parted her pussy lips then slowly unfolded over my shaft, l pushed my hips downwards the further my cock slid inside her l could feel Julia?s inner muscles gripping my cock the sensation was out of this world there is no way to describe the fantastic feeling that spread over me starting at the end of my cock and ending in my toes. When my shaft was almost fully inserted deep inside Julia, she let out a massive cry and began panting, thinking l had hurt her l paused, she excitedly told me ?don?t stop?, l half slid my shaft from her hole then back up inside her warm wet pussy, l repeated my movement getting faster. Julia began gulping in mouthfuls of air her legs were holding me tightly in place between her legs, she yelled ?harder!? l really drove my shaft into her pussy my balls were slapping loudly against her hole the tingling between my legs was telling me l was about to empty the hot creamy spunk stored in my balls deep inside my teacher. I didn?t think about l wasn?t wearing a condom or wondered if Julia was on the pill all l wanted to do was shoot my load deep inside her warm pussy where Julia?s inner muscles were gripping the whole of my shaft, my first sticky load shot from my cock head, she dug her nails into my back and let out ?oh god, oh god yes!?, l gave a thrust downwards to give her inside another creamy filling, she began making soft whimpers, l gave another forceful thrust of my cock deep into her hole and released another load the tingling in my balls slowly faded and the last of my spunk dribbled from my urethral into Julia?s womb. Neither one of us could speak we lay catching our breath my now slippery shaft rested on Julia?s inner thigh in the distance we heard the break bell sound, quickly dressing Julia escorted me to my next lesson which was art.The art teacher Ms Giles was normally a happy go lucky woman, but on this day, she was in an exceptionally bad mood perhaps it was her time of the month or she had boyfriend trouble, everyone was shouted at for some reason or another. It got to the end of the lesson and like always everyone was stood behind their desks before being dismissed. Ms Giles was standing in front of my desk and without thinking l spoke to a friend next to me, she spun around and slapped me across the face for talking l can?t say it didn?t hurt. When everyone went to their next lesson, Ms Giles was sat at her desk, l went over and before she could asked what l wanted, l just blurted out ?don?t you ever do that to me again?, her jaw dropped open then before turning to walk out the classroom l told her she had a nice smile and should try showing it more often. When l got to English Mrs Renauld?s (Julia) was waiting in the corridor and before going in she asked about Ms Giles slapping me across the face, it seemed one of my classmates had mentioned the incident, Julia said she will be talking to Ms Giles later, before going into the classroom we had a quick kiss. I was finding it hard to keep my mind on what Julia was trying to teach due to the many erotic fantasies going through my head, had she taken her knickers off ready for the after class extra lessons or was she going to suck my cock and drink the creamy load building up in my balls. Julia set out the work and left the classroom returning just before the bell sounded everyone handed in their books and left, l stay sat at my desk waiting to be told by Julia to follow her to the old prefab classrooms, but today she didn?t Julia locked the door and sat on the edge of her desk beckoned me over with her finger we began kissing, she broke from our kiss and asked if l would like to go to the cinema that evening, don?t be silly l thought and straight away answered ?Yeah!?, Julia had booked the 6.30pm showing of Jaws. Our kissing led to her taking my cock out then sliding out of her knickers her pussy was always warm and slightly damp, she began wanking me as l fumbled with her moist hole, Julia whispered ?put it in me? l was well averse to what she wanted by these words, but l wasn?t expecting her to lean onto her desk lift her skirt and pull her bum cheeks apart to give me access to her glistening pussy hole, l buried my shaft into her inviting hole she gasped l took hold of her hips and wasted no time in fucking her hard and fast Julia?s gasps turned to sighs and moans, giving a hard thrust of my shaft into her she knew l was ready to deliver a full creamy load deep inside her warm cock gripping hole. Julia pushed herself back onto me l kept a tight grip on her hips and pumped load after load into her womb, she must have had one hell of an orgasm because her whole body shook, Julia softly cried ?please don?t move, please don?t move? in between gasps and pants. Easing my shaft from her sticky dripping pussy she stay laid across the desk my spunk and her juices were running down Julia?s inner thighs, after she had cleaned herself l left the classroom looking forward to going to the cinema that evening.I passed the arts block and saw Ms Giles sat at her desk in semidarkness, l went inside she looked up and saw it was me then said ?Mrs Renauld?s had spoken to her?, l replied it wasn?t me who told her, but a classmate, Ms Giles apologised saying she shouldn?t have reacted in such a manner, it was obvious she was pissed off about something, l joked is it that bad being a teacher which caused her to half grin, l remarked she did have a nice smile which made the half grin turn into a full smile, l told her l had to be going as l was going to the cinema to see Jaws, l got from my chair Ms Giles thanked me and told me to enjoy the film.I met Julia outside the Odeon, we went inside and sat in the backrow after first stopping at the shop to buy the usual crap that it sells. Settled in our seats the lights went down Julia put her coat over us then l felt her hand gently caressing my cock through my jeans, next my zip was down and my cock was out, she was wanking me then every so often we kissed, l held back from shooting my load for as long as l could, but when she began wiping my pre-cum over the tip of my cock with her thumb l didn?t get the chance to warn her, my hot creamy load splattered over the inside of Julia?s coat and over her hand, she leant over and kissed me hard on the lips then gently carried on wanking me, l missed most of the film due to being wanked off but she got a second load out of me before the end of the film. Before the credits of the film came up Julia cleaned me with a tissue then in reception, she went to the toilets to wipe my spunk from the inside of her coat. When we got to her car it was still early, she asked if l would go home with her as her husband was away, l eagerly agreed and we got into her car.When we got to her house Julia led me straight to the bedroom she stood beside the bed and began unbuttoning her blouse then stopped and asked for help, l stepped forward and with trembling fingers started to unbutton the rest of Julia?s blouse then gently eased it over her shoulders to let it fall to the floor, the white lace bra she was wearing held her tits firmly together, Julia?s nipples were now hard and could clearly be seen protruding through the lace. She lifted the top l was wearing over my head then turned and asked me to unzip her skirt which Julia shimmed down her body. She smiled then unbuttoned my jeans and they were off, l peeled her knickers down and kissed the partly shaven mound of pussy hair she lay back on the bed with spread legs, l kissed her pussy again then worked my tongue in and out between Julia?s pussy lips she took a sharp breath her clitoris began to jut out from between her lips l softly sucked her clit causing Julia to lift her hips and whimper loudly the thrusting of her pussy into my mouth got faster then l got a full spray of what l thought was her pee, but she excitedly explained that she had squirted which was something Julia had never done before, after wiping my face she got me onto my back and sat herself down on my cock. First she began sliding back and forth the feel of her wet warm pussy was fantastic Julia must have known l was close to letting her have my sticky load because she leant forward and whispered ?not yet? and lifted herself off my shaft to kiss her way down to my cock, but instead of taking my shaft into her mouth Julia kissed and worked her tongue under my balls. When she finished licking me clean she rolled onto her back and spread her legs and said softly ?now, l want it?, positioning myself between her legs Julia inserted my cock into her love hole, l thrust my cock firmly all the way home so my balls were pressed against her labium, then holding myself in position for no more than a minute l withdrew my cock to the point of almost taking it out, before thrusting hard downwards, Julia let out a shriek, l did it again and again, she was going wild, panting and crying out, l nearly lost my rhythm when Julia called me a bastard. I don?t think l had fucked Julia so deep with my cock her legs gripped me like a vice, l yelled ?l?m coming? and as my first hot creamy load decorated Julia?s womb she dug her nails into my back and exhaled saying ?oh fuck yeah!?, l gave another downward thrust delivering more of my hot creamy liquid deep inside her she gulped in mouthfuls of air and held me tight in her grips. She was making sure l couldn?t remove my shaft from her now wet sticky love hole even if l wanted to. When my balls were dry, she released me from her hold, we lay joined together till my shaft slipped from Julia?s hole, l rolled to one side she leant over and kissed me then apologised for swearing, saying she got excited and couldn?t help herself, l wasn?t bothered. A while later we dressed and Julia took me home, well a road away from where l lived.The next day Ms Giles the art teacher was on playground duty, she came and sat next to me to ask how l enjoyed the film, l had forgotten all about telling her l was going to the cinema. We got chatting about films and l mentioned that l would like to see Robin Hood and Maid Marian, but my friends said it was a big sissy?s film so wouldn?t go with me, Ms Giles replied how she wouldn?t mind seeing the film, but didn?t think it appropriate for her to go with a pupil, l joked she wouldn?t have to buy me popcorn l?ll buy my own, just then the bell rung and everyone made their way inside. It was the middle of the afternoon when l was making my way between classes Ms Giles asked if the offer of going to the cinema to watch the film Robin Hood was still on, l replied l was free that night or the next evening so we arrange to meet at the cinema that night and the events that happened are another tale.
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