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non-consensual fun

Post #1

non-consensual funI had fantasised about watching you being used by other men many times, it had become an obsession almost. In role-play and sex games it had come up time and again and I knew you also wanted it, but always pulled back as you were afraid of losing control and not being able to stop. The idea of you as an all out cock whore may seem laughable but I knew that once you began down that road you would not be able to stop. The idea to turn fantasy into action came via an online chat room. We had talked many times on line and exchanged pictures of you and some of a guy we chatted to girlfriend. I mentioned to him we would be visiting London where he was from, on a weekend trip and would he like to see you in the flesh. I had no intention of anything than letting him see you, perhaps even to talk to you to start with. He had other ideas. We had settled into the hotel and gone down for drinks before dinner, I had told Dave this previously and expected him to be in the bar. I had deliberately encouraged you to dress up for this reason. I wanted you to look as sexy as possible and I knew Dave would find you sexy too even though you had no idea what I was setting you up for. You had a black tight dress; low cut that exposed your cleavage, your huge pair of breasts almost spilling out over the low cut front. The dress was spilt form knee to just on the thigh, finished off with black high heels and crotch less tights. We sat at the bar and I deliberately stroked your thigh pushing the dress as high as I dare, hopefully giving Dave a bit of a show. I had seen his photo but was not sure I would recognise him in the flesh. After a few drinks I excused myself and headed for the toilets, I thought that Dave might take the opportunity to come up and say hello, he was to do more than that. When I returned he was standing at the bar talking to you and you were both chatting away quite amicably, I almost panicked for a second, what had he told you? As I came up to them Dave swung around to face me, "I thought it was you! Remember we were at that conference last month."I breathed sigh of relief and played the apologetic, "Sorry I didn't recognise you."Dave knew a lot about us from on line and soon settled in with us chatting away happily. Little did you know that we had already talked or the other side to Dave from his descriptions of his sexual exploits on line. He began telling us about a marvellous club a few streets away that we really should go to. You had had a few drinks by now and seemed game for the idea and we headed off, the empty stomach and gin was beginning to loosen you up and you became quite flirty with us both as we made our way to the club. I had brought my camera and we all posed for a couple of pics at the local sites along the way. The club that we came too was impressive indeed and Dave was obviously well known by the staff. We were having a great time, Dave was witty and charming and after a few more drinks you were relaxed and enjoying the evening. Then the champagne arrived courtesy of Dave. After a few glasses I noticed you were beginning to giggle and slur your words; just a little tipsy I thought. You went to the toilets and Dave closed up to me, he extracted some of the most revealing and dirty photos I had sent him of you. You couldn't recognise it was you, but I knew you would realise they were your pictures. "We are going to use and abuse your slut tonight Adam are you ready to see this?" I was stunned at first, what I could say but yes and as I did I felt my cock harden at the thought. Suddenly you reappeared, "Relax Adam, I have it all arranged you sit back and enjoy yourself!" We carried on the evening my apprehension growing, Dave said He had given you something in your drink to help you be more susceptible to tonight?s fun, relax he told me it's harmless. "You wanted this!" I realised that the prospect of what might happen was too much for me to resist. I was going to go along. As the evening progressed Dave became more flirt with you taking you out on the dance floor, to my excitement you were responding more and more to his advances.I came back from the bar to find the two of you locked in a passionate kiss. Dave's hands were openly cupping your tits and you were obviously responding with equal passion. As I sat down I could see your hand rubbing the obvious erection in his trousers. As your kiss broke you looked me in the eye and smiled leaned across and kissed me with the same passion and longing I had just seen. As you leant over Dave to get to me, I could see him sliding a hand up the split in your skirt. You immediately responded by opening your legs slightly. Wow you were being fingered by this guy as we kissed; all in a public place?my hard stuck out from my trousers as we kissed and as I watched him slide fingers in to your wet pussy under the slit of your dress. Dave picked up my camera from Mary's bag and called a passing Bouncer over. The huge black guy! He gave him the camera and told him to take a few photos of us. The first couple were the normal tame friends out for a drink type, and then I told him to take a few more of you two. Dave smiled and pulled you to him and kissed you deeply as he pushed his hand into your dress groping your tits and fondling your hard nipples for all to see. The flash went off a few times as he managed to tease one breast out and openly fondle and suck it. I thanked the Bouncer and told you to say thanks too. As I looked around the people closest had seen everything. The Bouncer leaned over and kissed you on the cheek and pinched and played with your exposed nipple. Nobody said or did anything, this Bouncer was happy so nobody looking on was going to say anything.You were still coherent, not blind drunk but you no longer seemed to have any morals or ideas of social limits this made my cock even harder. After some more dancing Dave suggested we get something to eat, you were totally in the moment and agreed to anything we suggested, I was too so turned on at the slut in front of me to do or say anything to stop this and just went with the flow. Part of me was in heaven and part wanted this to go even further. As we got outside Dave guided you down the alley opposite the club, once in the shadows he pushed you against the wall and began kissing you passionately. You looked at me as he did this and I smiled and said enjoy yourself baby, you responded and pulled him closer and began to rub his prick through the trousers. All as I stood watching. He soon had your tit out again and was tweaking and playing with your nipple. Suddenly he flicked your legs apart and pulled up your dress exposing your dripping wet cunt to the air. I had insisted that you didn't wear panties with the crotch less tights, and now I was glad that I had as you were there and ready to be used! Soon you were responding to his fingers, even in this light I could see her pussy engorged and wet. He alternated between sucking your nipples and kissing deeply I had to remove my cock from my trousers and began to wank as I watched you behave like a total cum slut. He removed his fingers from your cunt and motioned me over with his hand; without even breaking from her nipple in his mouth he pointed to your crotch and I bent down and lowered my head down to your cunt to begin licking and sucking it. Immediately I began licking your clit as you were being groped by a stranger in an alley way. Dave began to whisper something to you, whatever it was you began giggling and nodding your head in agreement. He moved back and I stood up cum coating my mouth from your cunt and as you stood there I kissed you hard swapping your juice from my mouth to yours. Holding your hand he led you back onto the street and down the hill to the railway station. He suddenly stopped in front of a nondescript doorway between two shops, a stairway led steeply up to the first floor. The whole place was tacky and Dave and your giggles filled the hall. Dave went up leading you, I followed you both up on to a small landing, set in the wall was an old fashioned ticket office with the sign "Oxford Street Adult Cinema Club". Dave paid the guy and we all quickly went down the narrow corridor and turned into a door way. As we came through the doorway into a small darkened cinema, just 10 or 12 aisles perhaps 6 seats either side of the main walk way, I could see perhaps 8 or 10 figures in the gloom. The screen suddenly caught my eye as did the noisy sound track. I looked up to see a woman being spit roasted between two guys. In the gloom I could see a few of the audience had their dicks out and were openly wanking. I turned trying to locate you in the darkened cinema; a few guys were getting out of their seats and moving to the where I was standing and I looked at the seats next to me. I half expected what I would see. The area here had been cleared of the usual cinema seats and instead a few plastic chairs were s**ttered about the area. In the down light of the fire exit I could see Dave sat in a chair and a figure kneeling on the floor crouching over his crotch. I was focusing when I realised I could see your head bobbing up and down as you sucked Dave in front of an increasing crowd of men. Dave looked up and signalled me over; as he leant over he pulled up your dress exposing that beautiful full ass to all. Gesturing again I followed his lead and knelt behind you and spread your ass cheeks and began to lick her between your sexy ass crack and down to your soaking wet swollen pussy lips. Slowly I moved down to your know obviously swollen clit, trying desperately to suck it into my mouth as you bobbed your head up and down on Dave's prick. As I pulled back for air a hand came over my shoulder and inserted a finger into your pussy, from the other shoulder another hand and more fingers entered your cunt as I knelt inches away. Your moans suddenly became louder, and more vocal than ever. Dave whispered something to you and I heard him as he told you to moan louder like a whore, suddenly you came out with a mouthful of expletives "finger my whore cunt" was the mildest to say the least. Dave now leant over and unzipped her dress at the back. Two more guys stepped forward and helped her get it over her shoulders. She was now naked except for the crotch less tights. Dave got up turning you around as he stood you up and presented her to the surrounding guys. There were 10 clustered around her a spotty teenager to a grey haired old man. Dave stood behind her running his hands all over her body as they looked on. I grabbed a seat and trousers around my ankles I watched knowing what was going to happen to you and I couldn?t wait. He pushed you against the wall and bent his knees to ensure his dick was brushing your cunt lips. Using his thigh he pushed your legs even further apart and pushed forward almost lifting you off the ground. His dick was now fully in your slippery cunt as I wanked and watched with a group of strangers as you groaned and pushing back on his thrusts. Dave called the nearest two guys forward and they held your arms high and wide, their mouths falling on your exposed nipples as they did. Dave did not last that long after a few minutes he gave one last deep thrust and shuddered to stillness. As he stepped away and his wilting dick unplugged you and two large drops of cum slid down and dangled from your used pussy. Everyone seemed routed to the spot as your heavy breathing could be heard even above the film. Suddenly the spell was broken as the old grey haired man stepped up to you and thrust his hand into your open cunt, as he did the two men holding your arms returned to sucking and biting your sexy tits. The old man kissed you roughly and you soon responded in kind. One of your hands was lose now and pulled the right hand guy?s cock hard until he was rock hard and carried on stroking his cock as he bit and sucked on your nipple. Then you got the other hand free and pulled down and began rubbing at the other guy's crotch. He was enjoying the attention as you wanked his cock and he returned to sucking your other nipple. In the light it was possible to make out you wanking the guy's dicks. Emboldened by the sight the teenager pushed his way to your crotch and pulled the older man's hand out of it. His hand was covered with cum and juices and shinned in the half light. Suddenly a camera flash brought me back to reality as Dave took a series of pictures of the debauched sight on our own camera. The teenager could not get the angle right to penetrate Mary. Suddenly she pulled free of the other two men and leaning over the nearest chair turned to look over her shoulder at the group and knowing what I liked to do to you said "Come on, are you going to fuck me or what!" You knew it was my fantasy to fuck you once your holes were all filled with cum.The teenager needed no further prompting and he shuffled behind you. With one hand guiding his cock and the other pulling your ass cheeks apart he penetrated you and as I watched I almost came straight away as I watched. The older guy stepped forward and helped pull your ass cheeks so wide we could all now see the young dick sliding in and out of your cunt. Again more flashes as Dave warmed to his directing job; the two guys that had been clamped to your tits were soon at your head where you alternated between sucking each one. Only taking the knob into your mouth I could see your tongue swirling around against your cheeks. A cry from the teenager brought our attention back to your cunt. He seemed to slump over your back totally satisfied by your rapid thrusting back onto his prick.Again as another dick withdrew from your pussy the older man inserted his fingers and spread the cum and juice all over your pussy and ass. He began to now use it to finger your tight ass visible to all as you were bent over the chair. Dave now told the guys to turn you around and hold your legs wide, as they did he continued to snap as the cum dribbled form your gaping pussy and as they did this you roughly kissed your two assistants as they continued to grope and pull on your hard nipples. Dave now told the old man to bend you over the chair again as he shuffled behind your sexy ass. Handing the camera to me he proceeded to use your cum filled pussy as a source of lubricant, rubbing it over his dick and your asshole. You turned around and looked over your shoulder, if you were ever going to protest it was now I held my breath but then you lost your chance as a pair of hands pulled your face back around and a fresh dick was thrust into your mouth. Dave came up onto tiptoe as he manoeuvred his dick level with your ass. Helped by the older man they spread your tight ass as far as they could. There was a slight resistance as his cock head entered your tight ring, you tried to pull up and looking around I could see why you failed. One guy was thrusting into your mouth, using it like a pussy, two other guys were running their hands over your back as they roughly tweaked and pulled your hard nipples. Soon you were moaning between two dicks being pushed into your mouth, as Dave slowly eased his cock further up your tight ass. Three of us were inches away watching and taking pics as it pushed further and further in. Eventually he was balls deep and slowly eased out, returning into your ass with equally easy thrusts. As he picked up the speed of his thrusts the guys at your mouth were taking it in turns fucking your mouth, two other guys were being wanked by you, or at least you were trying as you were pumped back and forth. With a grunt and two savage thrusts Dave came in your ass then backed away, leaving your gaping ass ring open and covered in cum from his big cock. He signalled to the two guys at her mouth, there was an obvious plan arranged already. One guy lay on the floor as Dave guided you over his dick. You lowered yourself onto him having given yourself totally to being used like a cum slut and with a soft moan leant forward. As you did Dave held you down with his forearm and whispered into your ear as I took more pics. Whatever he said to you I could not hear but I saw you nod and with a nod to the other guy standing behind you he told the older man to spread your ass again. As he did the other guy knelt down guiding his dick to your still open cum filled ass, slowly he fed his dick into your ass you were now filled in both holes. With slow alternating thrusts the guys began to fuck both your holes, "One hole left!" shouted Dave, a guy with huge set of balls moved forward and offered his dick to your mouth, you let out a loud moan and then accepted eagerly.All the while I had hold of the camera and was shooting from every possible angle. "Make sure you get her face!" Dave cried. All this was captured by our camera. I could see the guy fucking your mouth tense as he came shooting cum into your mouth; he pulled out and continued to spray all over your face. Staring me in the eye you pulled me down to you and began to passionately kiss me, using your tongue to push the cum into my mouth. Suddenly the tempo of the men in her cunt and ass was increasing they were slamming her almost violently back and forth. The guy in your ass gasped and pushed so hard you went sprawling over the other guy. Getting up immediately his dick was dripping cum, a new guy swiftly pushed into your ass with his fat dick, the third one ready to shoot cum in to you. The guy below you just held and supported you as 3 guys in quick succession fucked and came in your ass. There was a pause now and you were left kneeling on all fours in the middle of the floor. Your ass was gaping, there was a puddle of cum in your rectum, cum was dripping down your legs and your cunt was coated with it. As the photographer I was busy, you joined in looking back over your shoulder, smiling and blowing kisses, as I snapped your violated ass. There were still 4 guys yet to come they had patiently waited, tossing openly over the scene that marked our descent into the abuse of you. As you rose and slumped in one of the chairs, two guys came to stand next to you wanking as you massaged your tits, both came over your breasts in short time. One a tall Indian guy produced an amazing amount of thick white cum, squirting onto your breasts and your face as you lay back mouth open wide. As I snapped more pics you played to the camera, rubbing the cum into your tits and scooping it up and into your mouth. The crowd had thinned out now just the teenager and the final two guys, one the older man and a fat middle aged man. You got on your knees and began to suck them off in turn, both came quickly adding to the cum already smeared over her breasts and face. As the last man finished I sat in the chair, I had wanked and cum already watching you perform but I was still hard as a rock. You walked over and sank yourself onto my hard cock as it slid in to your cum filled ass easily and proceeded to slowly ride me as the older man gently massaged your breasts form behind. I could taste the men's' cum as I kissed you passionately and sucked on your hard nipples. Soon I added to the cum in your cum filled ass, the feel was sticky as the drying cum frothed and clung to my dick. The older man helped me to dress and clean you, as we left he gave you a sweet kiss on the lips and thanked you for a great night. We all said our goodbyes and we made our way a few streets back to the hotel and collapsed into an exhausted sleep.When I awoke next morning, you were already awake; you were smiling but definitely looked worst for ware. Your tits were covered in small bruises and nip marks, your hair was matted with dried cum and you smelt so strong of sex. You said to me as you lay there covered in dry cum, "I don't know if I regret last night yet but even as I think about it, I am getting so wet all over again!" We began to talk about what happened, you were surprised that you didn't have a hangover, I took you in my arms and began kissing her and stroking your hair. Thoughts of the previous night began turn a gentle caress into something more and soon I began licking your pussy, the taste of strangers cum still strong. Just then the phone rang, you answered, and it was Dave telling us to check my e mails. We quickly plugged in the laptop, there was an email from Dave it contained dozens of photos of Mary at the cinema, her face was easily recognisable and the lewdness of the photos was so hot that I was getting hard. We fucked as we looked through all the pictures of you being fucked in every hole like a total whore and we both came again and again before finally collapsing on the bed.I told you it was a setup from the start and Dave was someone I met on line. You looked at me smiling and said you were pleased you did it and you could not wait to try it again. I promised we would soon.
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