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Lesley part 18

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Lesley part 18Lesley looked at the bear like body in front of her and shivered. McPeevie, standing there with his hands on the facing wall, and his legs outstretched, made her think he resembled a sumo wrestler. His overweight body was covered in hair, and even in the small bath tub, she could see his ballsack hanging below his massive flabby bottom. "Get ya hands lathered up...quick. A need te feel they wee hands on me arse. Mmmm I'm gonna fucking luuuuv this"Lesley wet the soap from the water that was running down his back and got as much soap on her hands as the poor quality bar would allow. She ran her hands up the back of his legs and over each cheek as though she were massaging him. "Oooh that's greeaat. Fucking get your hands right inta me hole. You've te worship that arse...dya hear...worship it...get right in**** ya finger nails between me arse hole and me nut sack...that really gets me hard....n when I get hard...that's when you'll really love me...that cock hard is a sight to be seen...believe me gurrl. And when it's jammed tight in one of your fuck holes, you'll scream like a baby...heehee. Now DO IT."Lesley got more soap on her hands and pushed one hand then two, until both had dissapeared in the quivering mounds of flesh. She ran one finger over McPeevies tight hole and she felt him push onto her fingers. She swirled her fingers over his tight entrance and then sc****d, as ordered, her finger nails along until her hand found his swinging testicles. She attempted to cup them in one hand but it was too small. Lesley was on her knees right now, and her body was pressed tight agains his...her face was resting on his bare backside. One hand was between his legs, cupping his balls and the other was round his other thigh, stroking his leg gently. He was purring away to himself, blasphing and talking to himself in a contented quiet ramble. When Lesley moved her hand from his balls to his cock he visibly lurched awake from his sexual stupor. "Oooh yes ye little cunt...that's gid...stroke that cock. Now...keep deying that...n get ya face intae me arse. I want ya tongue licking me hole as ya wank that dick. By fuck ya I gid yin...aaar hit the jackpot we ye shud have been a porn star gurrl. Now...rim şişli escort that arse ye little cunt...n hurry up...the quicker ye work..the quicker ye get hame.."With that thought of getting out of the hell she was in, she released his cock, and with a hand on each arse cheek, she pulled them apart and forced her face into the void created. Her tongue felt the target and she licked the puckered skin for all she was worth. She had to keep coming up for air and then plunging back in again. It was impossible to do what he asked because she needed two hands to hold the cheeks apart. He didn't all..instead just purred like s cat, enjoying the glorious feeling of having a bitch doing the most base of acts on him, that he could imagine. "That's it Lesley gurrl. Get ya tongue right in there. Stab it a wee cock....oooh that's fuck..ya and you'll have so much fun...just you wait till ya get big Al's tongue on fuck ye will scream like fuck gurrl. Oooh that's it. force that wee mouth cock right in there...god that's good. Now...get right underneath and lick me sack...remember WORSHIP. Loads a kisses and licks...that's what big Al needs. That's it......get a hand on that dick...gurrl. Feel how hard it is. Oooh ye wee cunt that fucking ace....I'm thinking ya gonna be a bigger slut than Mary....oooh yeaaaa. Now lick right along the length...that's it...fuuuuck that's it...Now keep doing that and with ya spare hand stick a finger in me arse hole...gently...make me bleed and .I'll skin fuck...that's it...gently....remember... I'm doing you soon...heehee. Except it's gonna be that think that's in ya mooth gan in your shit hole Haha."Lesley replayed his words of, going home, over and over in her head. Praying for the moment he spilled his cum over or in some part of her body,,and then says. 'Leave'. It couldn't come quick enough! She followed his instruction and slid the forefinger of her left hand into and past his sphincter muscle, nearly to her knuckle. She wondered if Mary used a dildo on him and that made her smile. With her right hand she managed to get about half of his cock in her hand and she slid it back and forward, eliciting groans and panting from Mr Incredible Bulk. Suddenly he spun round, şişli escort bayan nearly knocking her on her back...."right cunt...get sucking and look at me the whole time...n play with they balls te...aye...that's the way...look,at me....dinna close they'll hold my belly over so yea can see me that's gid...keeeep going...gid gurrl....Maryl might be doing the exact same thing as your doing....sucking fuck she sucks cock gid....but...ah think your better...I'll,see long cock one day n thank him....he's taught ya he fucked ya arse he has....I've been fantasising boot, sliding me baby maker right up that brown hole...lovely....look at me and nod or shake your head...keep sucking...has long cock fucked ya slut arsehole....nod or shake....he has!....gid for him... Now...did ye like it...nod or shake...answer or I'll smack ya arse for an hour. Mmmm liked long cock in ya bowells....interesting...and of course, they six bairns ya forced to gang bang ya...did they all dip ya brown hole......they did!!! What all oh them....fuck me....ya a bigger slut than Sticky Vicky. Hahahahaha. Keep sucking...nearly all in now...tickle that ball sack. Aaar has that's it. Ah think ya falling in love with that fuck stick gurrl. I'd better warn my Mary she's got a hell of a problem.....'getting me back" .......hahahaha Ah might just stay and fuck your three times a day Lesley. Hahaha. Right...I've had enough of this shit.....time you had my tongue right up ya hole. Come on...chuck me that towel. "The relief in Lesley's face and jaw was immediate. It was by far the most repulsive action she had ever been forced to do. To lick someone's bum ordered....isn't natural, to start with...and...sticking her finger up, isn't either. To expect a girl of her stature, to get that obscenely thick cock, in her mouth was....frightening..but...she did it! She would never admit, even to herself, that, right at that moment when he said he was going to tongue her hole....she came. Quietly but definately....not mind blowing, as she nearly always did...but it a reminder or something, that maybe she wasn't hating this as much as maybe thought she was. mecidiyeköy escort bayan Maybe...just maybe. Dried off a little, she lay on the bed waiting for him as instructed. He walked through the door....waddling over to the bed and stopped in front of it. He went into his bag and got his iPhone charger out and plugged it in to the bedside socket. He put his phone on record mode and attached it to the charger...facing the phone to the bed. Lesley, realised what was happening and tried to protest....McPeevie went ballistic...."Dinna you tell me what i can and cannae do you fucking cocksucking cunt. I'll do what ever the fuck I want,,and the first thing is tae tan ya fucking get over here..." He dragged Lesley over and on to his knee, his cock sticking right into her belly...blow after blow reigned down on Lesley's fast reddening bottom....bringing tears that soaked into the duvet cover. Twenty blows landed, and Lesley sobbed and flinched with every attack. After the last blow fell he looked at the camera and smiled, exposing his long viper like tongue and wiggled it about. He kept his hand on her bottom and slid it under and rasped her clit. One finger then two, slid so so easily into her gaping hole..."now ya arse is red raw for being a silly wee cunt...this here tells me you like being abused...Lesley I cud drive a train in here...ya cunt is fucking huge gurrl. Big Al's cock is gonna fit this stinking cunt like a glove...heehee...can ya smell ya self....this room reeks of sticky smelly cunt...your cunt yea wee slut." He looked at the camera as he forced two more fingers into her pussy, still wiggling his tongue for effect, with four fingers in she was first he thought it was with pain,and hatred,..then something changed, his four fingered actions brought a higher pitched wail...a sexual wail..not a pain wail...he heard a word, but missed it...he continued fingering her...the word again....he listened closer...her pussy squelching and burbing...he went faster...she spoke louder..this time he heard..the word...and smiled...and went faster...he said "say that again...louder". She said it again..."louder...cunt...I can't here you" ....she was panting...wailing in joy...."MORE....for fuck sake MORE...." And McPeevie smiled as his enormous giant fist slid into little Lesley's now cavern like pussy and she squirted jet after jet of cum like piss as he fisted her and still she shouted. "MORRRRE...FUCK MORRRE YESSSSS AARRGGHH."She went quiet for a moment...then passed out.
10-06-2021, at 07:55 PM

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