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Janet and John

Post #1

Janet and JohnIt?s Friday, I always look forward to Fridays, well not so much Fridays but Friday nights. Friday nights are camera night. Janet normally poses for me in different dresses and sometimes, if I?m lucky she may show some leg above her knee. Once I caught a glimpse of stocking top but I wasn?t quick enough to catch it on camera. On several occasions I have captured the view down on her cleavage when she has bent over but this is the closest I have ever come to taking a picture of her body apart from what is normally outside of her clothing.Tonight though is different I have asked my friend John over to give me some tips on lighting the pictures. Janet wasn?t happy about this but I managed to persuade her that I would be able to get a better photo of her and wouldn?t have to spend too much time trying to tweak the picture on the computer.The door bell rang dead on the stroke of eight, it was John, he had bought a bottle of wine with him, we don?t usually drink before sessions but as this was the end of a hectic week we decided to have a glass before we started. Janet took to the wine straight away, she said it was the best she had tasted for a long time. She liked it so much that she insisted on having another glass before we set up for the photos.I had decided to do the shoot in the bedroom this night as it was quite warm and the bedroom being higher was getting a nice cool breeze through the window. The camera and lights had been setup and we made our way up stairs, Janet seemed to have a little trouble climbing them at first but recovered quickly and carried on. She went into the second bedroom which she used to dress for the sessions. John and I waited in the main bedroom for her. When she came in she was dressed in the style of a secretary with silky blouse and a pencil skirt that had a slit up one side to about three inches above her knee. She also wore Black tights, or stockings we couldn?t tell, and Black six inch heels on her feet. She sat on the edge of the bed and I took the first couple of pictures. She asked for another glass of wine and John promptly supplied her with one, she said she was thirsty and quickly drank half of the glass and put it down. She slid a little further onto the bed but by doing so her skirt rode up her leg and we got a glimpse of a stocking top. I was taken back by this as I said before I have only seen this on one other occasion. From behind me I heard a gasp that meant John had seen it as well.This had a strange effect on me, another man had seen my wife?s stocking top. My heart started to race, I should really have been offended but I felt quite the opposite. I liked it. I asked her to move a little bit more and she did but this time nothing showed and I was a little disappointed but I got back to the job in hand and took some pictures. Janet was good tonight, she seemed more relaxed than usual which surprised me seeing as John was there too. I repositioned her into another pose and I asked if she could unbutton the top two buttons of her blouse so I could get the light to reflect off the texture of her skin. She tried to undo them but couldn?t saying it was a new blouse and the buttons were tight. She asked for help to undo them but as I was busy with the camera I asked if it was ok if John did it for me she giggled and said it was if he behaved himself. John looked at me and I nodded go ahead. Once more that strange feeling began to creep up on me as John knelt on the bed and leaned across to unbutton her blouse. His fingers brushed against her skin, so smooth and warm, she blushed slightly and her lips parted as she took a sharp breath. John slid back off the bed and I couldn?t help notice the growing bulge in his trousers.That strange feeling started to well up inside me again and my hands started to shake. I realised that John was attracted to Janet and I had let him unbuttoned her blouse. I started to feel my penis stiffening. Janet had noticed the bulge in John?s trousers too and was having a job to keep her eyes off of it. I think the wine that John had brought was going to her head and she was slowly losing her inhibitions. I took some more pictures and it was time for another pose. Janet shocked both of us when she suggested that perhaps John could pose with her. I was lost for words at first but John had already climbed on the bed with her saying that it was a good idea as he could see what effect the lighting would have on the two different skin colours. I said ok but we must try a pose that will show the most skin. John suggested that he should take his shirt off and that Janet should unbutton the rest of her blouse buttons and maybe slip it off her shoulders slightly. She was in agreement with this but said that she still can?t undo the buttons so John would have to do it for her.John leaned across and started to unbutton the blouse, I thought for one second that I saw him touch her breast but dismissed it and carried on with adjusting the camera. He undid the last button and slid the blouse of her shoulders exposing the pure White bra that cupped her beautiful Brown breasts. Both John and I had bulges in our trousers now.I got them to pose with John behind her and Janet leaning back against him so I could see most of her and half of John. I took a couple of picture like that and then started to rearrange them into another pose this time lying side by side Janet on her back with John lying on his side beside her. She was having trouble moving about because of the tight pencil skirt and pulled it up above her knees to be able to move. This exposed the tops of her stockings but she didn?t care by now the wine had done its work and her inhibitions were all but gone. John seeing the stocking top and the bare flesh above could contain himself no longer. He put his hand on her knee and seeing that she didn?t protest he started to slide his hand up towards the top of her stocking. The bulge in his trousers seemed to jerk as his fingers encountered the soft warm silky flesh of Janet?s inner thigh.Janet arched her back and slightly parted her legs, taking this as an invitation John continued up her thigh under her skirt until he felt her soft, silk panty covered mound. I didn?t know what to do but I tried to concentrate on taking pictures, I may not get the chance to do this again. My heart is beating nineteen to the dozen, my hands are shaking, my knees are weak and my penis is getting hard, but most of all is that indescribable feeling in the pit my stomach that reaches up through my chest to the back of my throat. Anticipation, excitement, so many feelings mixed together.Meanwhile John?s fingers have been stroking the soft valley in Janet?s silky panties formed by the lips of her pussy. Janet is now starting to squirm, her hand moves down to his hand holding it tight to her pussy and low moans are coming from her lips. John moves his hand from her pussy up her body to her bra covered breasts. He cups one of them and leans over to kiss the exposed flesh. Janet moans again and reaches down to the bulge in John?s trousers. John flinched as her fingers start to search for the opening of his trousers. She finds the zip and slowly pulls it down. John has now scooped her breast from out of her bra and is taken back by the size of her nipple. He teases it with his fingers and then takes it between his lips and runs the rough surface of his tongue over and around it.Janet has now has now undone the zip of John?s trousers and has inserted her hand into the opening, she finds what she is looking for and pulls John?s massively erect penis out of his trousers she raises her head to look at her prize and gasps at what she sees. Slowly she moves her hand up and down his shaft, now it?s John?s turn to squirm. I try to continue to take photos, but I stand spellbound behind the camera, unable to move in case the dream that?s happening in front of me disappears. There in front of my camera on my bed with my wife is my friend. He is sucking my wife?s breast and she is working her hand up and down his swollen penis. I decide its time to get involved. I can see that Janet needs to lose some of her clothing she stills has her high heels and skirt on. I move from behind the camera and go to the bed. They are so engrossed with each other that they barely notice me. I slide Janet?s shoes off and place them on the floor. By now John has released the other breast from its cup and has changed to licking that nipple while still rolling the other between thumb and forefinger. Janet still has hold of John?s penis stroking it slowly and scratching it with her fingernails. I slide on to the bed on the other side of Janet. I turn her slightly onto her side so I can reach the zip of her skirt. I undo the button and slide the zip down. I slide off the bed and slowly pull Janet?s skirt down and off her legs. She now has on just her White silky panties, White suspender belt and White stockings and her White bra.John has left the sucking and fondling of her nipples to gaze upon her exposed body. He signals me to climb back onto the bed, before I do I switch the camera over to video, I don?t want to miss anything. Janet is lying there with both her breasts exposed. At a nod from John we both wrap our lips around a nipple and start to suck and lick. Janet wriggles between us. John?s hand goes down between her legs and feels for her pussy. He gets a finger under the leg of her panties and works it in between the lips of her pussy. I take my lips from her nipple as she turns to face him. She pulls him towards her and their lips meet.I slide off the bed I can watch this better from the armchair in the corner of the room. They are now kissing in earnest, John has two fingers moving inside of Janet and her hand rubbing his cock is covered in pre cum. I strip of my clothes before I sit down to watch, I am nearly as erect as John and feel the need to start rubbing myself as I watch my wife being fingered by him. John releases his belt and kicks of his trousers followed by his underpants. He is now naked on the bed with my partially clothed wife. This is something I have dreamed of happening for some time now.John is now moving between Janet?s legs, I can see he is pulling her panties to one side, their lips are again locked in a lingering kiss. I can now see his cock rubbing against her pussy, oh this is wonderful I want wank myself off now but I must bide my time. His cock has now found the entrance and with a quick push John?s cock slides inside my wife?s wet pussy. He starts moving on top of her and she moves in time with him, their lips have parted company now and their breathing is getting fast and heavy. John is now thrusting his cock in and out of her at an ever increasing rate, how can he keep it up. Janet has sunk her fingernails into his bottom and is thrusting in time with him. Suddenly John gives three massive thrusts and groans loudly at the same time Janet shudders violently and utters a long moaning sigh of satisfaction. John pulls his cock out of her cum soaked pussy and rolls off her trembling body.I climb on the bed beside Janet and kiss her lips, I run my hand down to her pussy to feel John?s cum oozing out of her. Quickly I turn my attention back to her breasts, I rub my cock over her swollen nipple and the one touch is enough. My cock spurts cum over both of her tits covering one of her nipples and running down to her throat where the cum starts to pool in that little hollow. She looks up at me and smiles and then leans forward to lick the last bit of cum from the end of my knob.She smiles again and says, ?Pour me a glass of wine love.? I slide off the bed to get the wine, as I do she leans over to clean the juices off of John?s cock with her tongue. As she does I notice him starting to get stiff again. This is going to be a long night. I?d better check the batteries in the camera. I wonder if Janet will change into something else. Maybe we can both undress her this time or maybe something with rope. We all take a glass of wine, John and I coyly pull our boxers back over our stiff cocks and Janet slips on a dressing gown, as she pulls the gown together I glimpse John?s cum slowly trickling down her inner thighs from her cum soaked pussy and my cum dripping from one of her nipples. If only I could have cum in her mouth.Janet leaves the bedroom to go and clean up and change, John and I look at each other and smile. I feel ecstatic. I have just watched my friend fuck my wife and cum in her pussy. I have seen him fondle and suck her nipples. I have watched him unbutton her blouse and scoop her tits out of her bra. I want to see it again.Janet calls to us from the bathroom she is having a problem with a tap. I?m setting up the camera again so I asked John to go and see what he can do. I finish with the camera and decide to go and see what?s happening in the other room. I go into the hallway and I can see into the bathroom from there. John is sitting on the closed toilet seat and Janet is sitting on his lap facing him. She has her dressing gown on but I can see that John has opened the front of it and is rubbing her tits that are covered with my cum. He takes a cloth out of the water filled basin beside him and wipes her breasts. Janet gasps as the cold water touches her nipples. By this time I am standing alongside both of them and I look down at Janet?s bare breast, her nipples are standing rock hard after having the cold water splashed over them. John tells her to stand up and to take off the dressing gown. He then directed her into the shower and made her bend over facing away from us so that her silk panties stretched tightly across her beautiful bottom. She bent over so far that her pussy bulge could be seen as well. John?s cock was stiff and poking out of his boxers as he contemplated what he was now going to do to Janet. He reached for the shower rose and turning the cold water on he directed the jet straight onto Janet?s pussy. The cold water hit her pussy and soaked straight through her silken panties and started to run down her legs. She gasped and wriggled her hips from side to side, John followed the motion with the spray soaking her pussy all the time. He leaned forward and started to rub a finger between the lips of her pussy still directing the cold jet straight at her pussy lips. He prised a panty leg to one side and slipped his finger into her panties another little wriggle and he had a finger in her. I stood there watching all this happening to my wife, my cock like John?s was standing up now as I watched him fingering my bent over wife while he soaked her pussy with the cold shower. Janet?s panties were now really soaked with shower and with pussy juice. John pushed his finger in as far as it would go and twisted his hand as if to scoop as much pussy juice up with his finger as he could. He pulled his finger out and held it up for me to see, I wanted to lick the juice off of his finger but before I could do anything he wiped the juice off his finger and on to his cock. He spread it round his cock like a lubricant and rubbed his cock slowly up and down.Janet had now straightened up and had turned to face us. She looked at John?s cock, wet with her juice and gestured him to get in the shower with her. She took the shower rose from him and directed it straight onto her tits her nipples that were already standing proud. John went to fondle one of them but she stopped and made him stand with his hands behind his back as though he were tied up. I sat on the closed loo seat with my cock in my hand and watched as my wife started to wet John?s tight boxers with the shower. She runs the spray over the front of his shorts soaking the material so it looked like a second skin. She started to massage his cock through he material, I could see it start to throb and lengthen. She held the shaft up in one hand and directed the spray with the other from under his balls and up the underside of his cock. This made his cock jerk quite violently and she let it go, she took hold of the waist band of his shorts and pulled it away from his body, she looked down into his boxers and licked her lips. There was an open jar of aqueous cream on the side, she scooped a good amount out and putting her hand down the front of John?s boxers spread the cream from the underside of his balls to the tip of his cock. She then directed the spray over the front of his shorts and massaged his cream covered balls and cock under the cold spray,She reached for the shower gel and pulling open the waistband of his shorts again she squeezed a good amount down onto his balls, she then squeezed the gel all over her tits and down her body. She replaced the spray in its holder and started to rub John?s cock through his shorts at the same time she reached for his hand and placed it on her tit. John needed no prompting as he quickly grabbed both tits massaging them with the shower gel she had squeezed over them, at the same time she rubbed his cream and gel covered cock through the material of his shorts, the other hand caressed his balls. John slid one hand down her slippery body to her soaking wet panties, they clung tight to her pussy mound. He took the whole mound in his hand and squeezed it the tip of his finger parted her pussy lip and just touched her clitoris, she shuddered. He massaged the gel into her panties and slid his hand between her legs. She opened her legs wider and started to thrust her pussy against his hand. She had now pulled the front of John?s shorts down and was wanking his cock as fast as she could. He pulled her hand away pushed his cock between her legs almost lifting her off of her feet as he was so stiff. Quickly he reached down and pulled her panties down to her knees, they fell to her feet and she stepped out of them.John grabbed Janet?s bottom with both hands and stepped between her legs thrusting his cock towards her pussy, the cream and gel making everything feel so good. His cock found the lips of her slit and he rubbed the tip of his cock back and forth between them, it felt so good with the mixture of the cream, gel and pussy juice. Then as he thrust it forward again the tip of his cock found the opening that he was looking for and his cock slid into Janet. Both John and Janet moaned at the same time. John started to fuck my wife and she responded by grabbing him and pulling him tighter towards her. He pushed her back against the wall of the shower his buttock clenching with each thrust of his cock into her. Their movements rapidly increased Janet was moaning with pleasure and suddenly let out a long groan as she violently reached an orgasm, at the same time John shot his cum deep into her pussy. Janet felt the load hit her cervix so strong was the ejaculation. John?s knees buckled slightly at the sudden release of cum and tension. They both stood there leaning against the shower wall, their breathing heavy and rapid.John?s cock slid out of Janet followed by copious amounts of cum and pussy juice. It dripped off the end of his cock and was running down the insides of Janet?s legs. John put his arms around Janet and pulled her to him. He kissed her tenderly on the lips and started to wash her body under the shower which he had turned to warm. They washed each other down as I watched. I had been so taken with what was going on that I had forgotten to film I had been more interested in watching and wanking. I left them to their washing and went back to the bedroom to lie down on the bed and get my breath back and ponder over what had taken place. Twice this evening my wife had been fucked by my friend and I had seen it. I had so long dreamt of it happening and now it had. I reached for my cock as I thought about what had taken place, I thought of how he had sucked her nipples and fingered her pussy and the amount of cum he had put inside her. I couldn?t hold back any longer and I cum all over my belly just as Janet and John walked into the bedroom wrapped in towels after drying each other. John remarked that the cum would have been better in janet?s pussy or over her tits to which she agreed and smiled wickedly at me as she run her hands over John?s bulge visible through the towel. He has cum twice in my wife, I thought, and still he is ready for more. Could janet take all this fucking? My thoughts were answered when Janet said that we should have a little break and get a wine refill after which she said she had a surprise for both of us. My cock jumped at the thought of what would come next, this time I must remember to film it.The time now was nearing midnight in fact the clock in hall chimed twelve as we poured the wine, we had donned dressing gowns John and Janet were sitting on the bed and I was sitting in the chair. We drank a toast to Janet and John kissed Janet on the hand and whispered something in her ear. She whispered something back. We sat and drunk our wine, we didn?t talk much but it wasn?t an embarrassed silence more contemplative. I thought about what I had seen, my wife fucked in front of me. I thought of the way it made me feel. I wondered what the other two were thinking. I thought of the sight of John thrusting his cock into my wife and his cum trickling down her leg. I felt my cock stirring. I was awakened from my thoughts by Janet sliding off the bed and saying she was going to change. I asked her where our surprise was, she just smiled. When she had left the bedroom I asked John what he had whispered to her he said had asked her about the surprise as well and that she had told him to wait and see. We topped up our glasses with wine and relaxed, it was a good night we had all enjoyed the evening and there was a promise of more to come.We heard Janet coming along the hall to the bedroom and we waited to see what her surprise was. She came into the bedroom dressed as a Nurse, not the normal silly little plastic nurse?s dress that you see in any club at the weekend but the real thing and not only the real thing but an authentic uniform from around the 1960 era with belts and buttons and we assumed stockings etc. She even had the little nurse?s hat fastened to her hair with clips. She rustled with the stiffness of the starched material. She undid her cape and hung it up on the coat hook behind the door and then returned and sat, un-nurse like, on the bed. She crossed her legs and laid her arms in her lap and looked at the two of us, me sitting on the chair and John still lying on the bed. She told us that the Doctor would be doing his rounds soon and she had to get us ready. She said that she had to bandage us so that the Doctor could see that she was doing her job.She started with John, as he was already on the bed. She open his dressing gown exposing his semi engorged cock, it still hadn?t gone all the way down from the full erection he had not long put inside her. She took a bandage from the inside pocket of her cape and started to bandage the top of his thigh. Her hand brushed against his cock every time she wound the bandage round his leg. John?s cock started to throb but before anything could happen she had finished the bandage and closed his dressing gown over his growing member. She signalled for me to get on the bed. I slid onto the bed beside John. Janet told me to lie on my front as she wanted to bandage me differently to John. My mind churned with how she wanted to bandage from behind when she suddenly slap my bum and said, ?You know what? I fancy a burger! Get dressed both of you and let?s go. There?s a burger van down the road by the multi story car park we can park in there and get some burgers.? We dressed quickly, Janet kept the nurses uniform on and we made our way downstairs and out to the car. We drove down to the car park and as the first two floors were under repair we had to drive to the third. The place was deserted only a couple of cars here and there. We made our way down to the burger van, the smell of the cooking Onions made my mouth water. We bought a burger each and some fries. As we stood there talking a couple of young lads came up to the van to buy burgers. I could hear them talking about Janet?s uniform and chuckling. I heard one mention stockings and the other lad let out a low, ?Cor.?We finished our burgers, Janet said she enjoyed it, I know I did mine. John didn?t eat all of his saying something about diet and weight. We made our way back up to the third floor of the car park. It seemed a lot darker than it was when we arrived. We walked up to the car and I was just about to put the key in the door when a voice told me not to move. I looked round and it was the two lads who had been at the burger van. One of them had grabbed Janet and was holding a knife to her throat. I told them Ok and asked them not to do anything silly. The one doing the talking told me to shut up and unlock the car which I did. The one holding Janet forced her onto the back seat of the car. John and I were then told to get in. The speaker then got into the back of the car with his accomplice. ?Drive!? he commanded.I started the car and drove down the ramp and out of the car park. I was directed on a ten minute drive which ended on a quiet industrial estate on the edge of town. I was told to pull up outside a large lock up garage and made to get out. I asked them to take our money, watches and the car, just don?t hurt us, I was told again to shut up. The two young men, forced us into the large dark lock up garage. I say men because that?s what they were. Their manner of dress made me think that they were just a couple of yobo?s a couple of lads but I could tell now that they weren?t. It was pitch black, we couldn?t see a thing. One of them must have flicked a switch as suddenly we stood in a pool of light. As my eyes became accustomed to the light I could make out a couple of chairs some odd bits of machinery. The man holding Janet had taken her to the other side of the lockup still holding her with the threat of the knife. John and I were told to sit on the chairs, we daren?t disobey for fear of them hurting Janet. Our hands and legs were tied with cable ties and we were made to sit quietly. My eyes became more used to the low light and I could see that on the other side of the garage, where they still had hold of Janet, was an old stained mattress lying on the floor.My heart leapt into my throat as the thought of the mattress and Janet jumped into my mind. It must have been apparent what had gone through my mind because the speaker said, ?That?s right, that?s for your wife. I haven?t had a good fuck for ages and you, and more especially your wife, came along at just the right time.? ?Please!? I said, ?Don?t hurt her. Let her go and I?ll get you money, lots of money.? ?You can?t afford enough to put me off what I?m thinking about doing to your wife!? and to make his point he told his pal to make Janet kneel on the mattress. Janet tried to wriggle free but these guys were strong. You could tell by the way they held themselves that they were athletic. The speaker went over to the mattress and Janet. He pulled the nurses cape off of her and tore the pinned on cap from her head, she shouted as it pulled against her hair. ?You?ll be doing more of that soon.? said the speaker, ?what we are going to do to you will make you shout more than that!? He then knelt down on the mattress in front of her, his pal was holding her hand s behind her back. The speaker reached out and started to unbutton the top of Janet?s uniform, ?Please don?t do that!? I cried. The speaker got up and came over to me and nose to nose told me that if he heard another noise from me he would do for all of us. I glanced across at John who had been keeping quiet. He motioned with his lips to keep quiet. I thought he?s right we don?t want to annoy them. The speaker went back to the mattress and Janet and continued to undo her buttons. He unbuttoned the top of her uniform down to her waist exposing her bra covered tits for all to see. I glanced at John and was surprised to see that he was staring intently at Janet?s breasts. I looked back and the speaker was fondling Janet?s tits. His pal had tied her hands with another cable tie and was undoing his trouser. He dropped them to his ankles and stepped out of them. He knelt on the floor behind Janet and reached round and grabbed both tits. The speaker stood up and dropped his trousers. I didn?t know where to look what to do what to think. My mind was a jumble and on top of that my cock was starting to react to the spectacle developing in font of me.The speaker was sporting and erection twice the size of John?s or mine. His pal had been busy as well. He had forced Janet on to her hands and knees and had lifted the hem of Janet?s uniform skirt up over her bum showing all of us her stockings and suspenders and the stretched tight silky panties covering her arse and pussy. The speaker got down on his knees and held his cock in front of Janet?s face, ?Suck it bitch!? he said. ?Never!? she shouted back. He grabbed her by her hair and forced his cock straight into her mouth. He was so quick that Janet could do nothing except do as she was told at the same time the other guy had started to rub his cock along Janet?s silk covered pussy, he leaned forward and grabbed her tits again as he thrust his cock back and forth between her legs. At the same time the speaker was plunging his cock in and out of her mouth forcing her to dribble from the corner of her mouth.The speaker pulled his cock out of her mouth causing a globular string of pre cum to link the end of his cock to her mouth. He tapped his pal on the shoulder and signalled him to stand up. They dragged Janet to her feet cut the cable tie that was round her wrists and pulled the unbuttoned top of her uniform off of her shoulders and arms. The whole uniform fell to the floor leaving Janet standing there in bra, panties, suspender belt, stockings and a slip. The string of pre cum had dropped down onto her left breast and she wiped it away with her hand. We could see that her panties were wet, was this from her pussy or from the other guys cock? The speaker ripped her slip from her waist and threw it on the floor behind him, Janet stood there looking so sexy in spite of the circumstances. The speaker turned to us his cock still thrusting stiffly out in front of him. He said it was time now to negotiate a sum for our release. I told him I would pay anything. He said he didn?t want money but he wanted to humiliate me by making me watch my wife being fucked by my friend. He pulled John out of the chair and cut the cable tie that held his wrists tight together. He commanded John to strip off and to go over to the mattress. Janet had been made to lie face down on the mattress. The speaker told John to lie on top of her and rub his swollen cock between her silk panty covered bum cheeks. He did as he was told I could see cock sliding up the valley of her bum as he lowered himself onto her. He started to move his cock up and down the silken valley slowly at first and the a little quicker.The speaker let this continue for a few minutes and then told John it was enough and to get up. When he got up we could see that Janet?s panties were wet with pre cum. They pulled Janet to her feet she had a glazed look in her eyes. Just to the side of the mattress was a table on it were various bottles from body creams to food sauces. The speaker told John to choose what he wanted to use on Janet. I don?t know what it was but he smeared it on Janet over and in her bra, down over her body in and on her panties, up between her legs massaging it in. Janet started to move, up until now she had been passive but now she took the bottle from John and rubbed its contents all over his cock and his balls. John threw her down on to the mattress and pulled her panties off. He forced her legs apart and climbed between them. He found the entrance to her pussy and for the third time that night entered my wife. He fucked her deeply, the head of his cock must have been banging against her cervix. Suddenly they were both engulfed in a spray of cold water the speaker had unleashed a spray of cold water from a hose pipe. He directed it right up between their legs it must have been hitting right on John?s balls. John quickened his fucking, ramming Janet?s pussy for all it was worth. He suddenly arched his back and lunged into her three, four, five times as he spent his cum into the depths of her pussy. He then collapsed on Janet?s breast.We realised that the water spray had stopped, we looked round and here was no one to be seen, the hose lay on the floor and the lockup door was open, we were alone. John recovered and pulled Janet to her feet she looked as though she had just had the mother of all orgasms. They came over and released me and we gathered up our belongings and got out of there and into the car as quick as we could. Thankfully the keys were still in the car, I started it and we made the drive home. As we reached home I noticed the lights were on, we had turned them out. Oh no I thought they must have stolen our house keys and have been in and robbed the house as well. We ventured to the door but it seemed that there was no one about they must have taken what they wanted and gone. We decided that we should clean up and we went upstairs to the bedroom. As we entered the room we were taken back by the sight of our captors lying on the bed totally naked and swigging wine. Fearing the worse I asked them to please go haven?t they had enough of us? The speaker said no I haven?t yet fucked your wife. I held my head in despair. I love to see my wife fucked but I like to choose who fucks her. Then my wife spoke, ?Darling.? She said, ?I?d like you to meet Tony and George, they both work at the office with me. We set this little charade up for you.? ?Tony and George have fucked me on several occasions on the table in the boardroom that I haven?t told you about, but I thought it was now time to tell you. Please don?t be angry.? I told her I wasn?t also that I had been scared at first but as soon as she had taken Tony?s cock into her mouth I had started to get excited.We all had some wine and later I got to see two men?s cocks in my wife at the same time while John got his cock sucked and I cum over her tits again. I think we have set up another adventure involving a trip on the river, I wonder how that will turn out.
04-15-2021, at 01:47 PM

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