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Sissy discovers (Part 5)

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Sissy discovers (Part 5)Part 5 of the story about Sissy and her sexual awakening ****************Night rideBrad did not hesitate when invited to go over to Lisa?s. Sissy was not surprised. What young male would not want to hangout with a girl who flaunted her nude body in front of him only hours before. They decided to take the pontoon boat over as it is ten minutes by boat and almost 40 minutes by car. Evening cruses was a family specialty and Brad was good at handling the boat. As they pulled up to Lisa?s family dock Sissy stared at the huge house. Lisa?s dad had owned a few businesses over the years and sold the last one for a fortune, and she can see where some of that money went. Stone columns hold up a large deck that went the whole width of the house. Behind the deck is a wall of glass that stretched up into the high roof and a warm glow of lights inside spilled out into the dusk. Under the deck was a patio in front of the basement recreation-room and home theater. Lisa had on the dock lights and a row of small lights lit up the path to the house, and she stepped out of the basement and waved to them to come up. ?How the fuck are you two? she gave her usual greeting while hugging Sissy and then Brad. They walk into the basement that has a pool table and bar, were Lisa grabs a beer for Brad. She is drinking a blood red frozen drink and she pours one for Sissy out of a large pitcher. ?Follow me ? I?ve got some great new movies here.? She leads them into another room with a giant wrap around sofa facing a huge movie screen. The lights are dimly glowing around the ceiling edge and music is coming from hidden speakers. Even with the music there is a hush of a room that is full of sound deadening and you have the sense you have been transported to Hollywood directors private screen room. Brad sweeps his eyes around the room and says ?daaaaaamn? this is great. Lisa is telling them about the movie choices as they plop down on the couch three in a row with Brad in the middle. Lisa picks up a remote the size of an iPad and begins pushing buttons. The music stops and the sound of groaning and panting fill the room. Sissy looks up with a surprised look on her face and Lisa begins laughing and both crack up at the unmistakable sounds of some serious fucking coming through the speaker system at concert level. ?Holy shit? What the fuck is this?? Lisa says as the screen warms up and the image of a blonde face fills the screen. Her head is rocking back and forth from the pounding she is getting outside of the camera?s view. Then she looks off camera and smiles and opens her mouth as a dick comes in from the side and slides onto her waiting tongue. The image fades and then starts over a gain in a loop and she notices the menu at the bottom of the screen for the DVD and the title ?Co-ed Cock Lovers.? ?My fuck-nut brother.. He left this in here? Lisa yells and she turns down the volume some. ? he was up here last week with his buddies and must have left this in the player . What a num nuts!? He is lucky I found this and not Mom ? she would have a shit fuck of a time if she saw this!? ?Mmmmm let?s see here? Lisa navigates the menu to the scene selections that are all animated with videos of various girls getting a cock in various ways.?What do you say Brad ? see any girls here you like?? Slow to take the bait? he says something about liking blondes. ?Good answer buddy ? you?ve got two hot blondes here already tonight!? Lisa laughing at her joke. She picks one scene to play and says ?Let?s have a quick look at the competition Sissy ? see how we stack up to sexy little co-eds? The screen goes black and then comes into focus in a dorm room with a blonde sitting at desk, writing a paper with a pencil, wearing a tank top, panties and calf high socks. ?Hey shit head, buy a computer ?Lisa tells the girl on the screen. This action is slow so Lisa fasts forward to when boy has come into the room and has pulled the girls top off and she is keeling down in front of the boy.?OK this is what your good at ? not writing the English paper? jokes Lisa. Sissy is laughing, and looking at the large cock the boy has. Brads is bigger. The girl is actually very pretty and her boobs are only a little bit on the large side. She glances over at Brad who has clamped his legs together and holding his beer in his lap. Ohoh she thinks. He is getting a boner from this. Lisa stand up in front of the huge screen, and mouths like she is giving the blow job to the dick that is the size of her head. Sissy notices that Lisa has on a tight tank top like the girl and short shorts and socks. She narrows her eyes and wonders how much of an accident this was. Lisa stops the blow job mime and pirouettes for Brad but turns to Sissy and asks her ? ?So am I as hot as miss big tits?? Brad downs his beer. Sissy says? well mmmmm? she acts like she has to think about it, ?Let me see your ass? she orders Lisa, going along with the fun. Lisa complies and turns her butt toward Brad and arches her back into the classic swimsuit model pose with her ass pointed right at Brads face. The tank top pulls up showing her smooth flat belly, and the shorts are softie style rolled over at the waist so they are ridding up her crack. She slowly bends over at her waist using her dancer skills and grabs are ankles. Her short shorts ride up her butt cheeks that slowly emerge and her pink panties start to peek out of each side of the crotch. Brad is mesmerized. Sissy has to admit that Lisa?s skinny little body looks pretty good. She says with authority ? ?your ass is way better than the slut on the screen.? Lisa almost falls on her head laughing and hops up and grabs her drink. She runs into the bar and gets Brad another beer and drinks for the girls. They are all looking now as the guy has the co-ed sitting on the desk and is eating out the girls pussy. Lisa pauses the video on a close up of the pussy and the guy?s tongue just flicking on her clit. It is really big on the screen and detailed ?Now listen to me young Brad, see that?? Pointing at the 3 foot high pussy on the screen. That is a skill you should master ? and you?ll get all the girls you could ever want!? ?OK? ? says Brad ? then trying to play along ?so how do I practice that?? Lisa and Sissy squeal laughter at his cleverness. And Lisa takes the bait to play along. ?Well you have to know a few girls who can let you practice on them? and teach you all the right moves? First you need to know the basics. You can?t start right off on the pussy baby!!!! She stands up in front of him again and runs her hands over her body ? ?you have to warm up a girl you know.? She pauses with her hands on the little points on her chest and then gives then a vigorous rub. Sissy laughs at the show, but Brad is all eyes and he is leaning forward. She notices he has moved his beer and hands out of his lap and a tent is definitely visible. Lisa then slides her hand to her crotch and says, ?you have you earn your way down here boy? with a husky growl. They all laugh at this and the tension of the room easies a little. Lisa says I?ll be right back ? got to pee like a damn filly? She does not stop the porn and the girl is getting a serious fucking from the guy now on the bed. Brad looks away ? and Sissy türbanlı kırşehir escort jokes, Looks like last night eeehh?? Brad laughs and he looks at his sisters tits in the dim light and sees her nipples are poking through the white scoop neck shirt she is wearing. Sissy reaches into his lap - forgetting for a moment that she was trying to set him up with Lisa , and runs her hand on his bulging pants and says ?getting a little fired up tiger?? He says ?yeah ? I?d like to go soon,? and lifts his eye brow in a sly way. She is surprised to hear this. He wants to fool around with me and not Lisa! She will have to work on that?.?Nah we just got here baby ? lets have some more fun with Lisa ? we can watch the movie, umm the real movie?Lisa returns with yet another round of drinks for everyone. They are getting a bit drunk. ?Now where were we?? She asks ? ?Oh yeah. ?How to get a girl hot.? ?Well kissing is very important.? Let me show you? ummm on Sissy here.? Sissy say?s ?whaaat ?? But Lisa commands her to stand and they face each other. Lisa continues ? Your hands are very important.? ?They have to naturally wander to the right places.? As she says this she pulls Sissy over to her and gives her a little peck on the lips. ?see slow at first?Then Lisa puts a hand in the small of Sissy?s back and one behind her head ad gives her a long passionate wet open mouth kiss, and slides her hand up to her breast in a slow deliberate motion, and gives her boob a good squeeze. Sissy is giggling and then lets out a loud moan to show Brad how good that was.Inside her heart is pounding and the drinks have her head swimming with the kiss. Brad is all eyes and his shorts have a large bulge. Sissy thinks her may not be so eager to leave at this point. Lisa turns to Brad and says the predictable thing, ?OK, now your turn ? show me what you have big boy.?Brad hesitates and then stands up in front of Lisa. He gives her the peck on the lips, then pulls back. ?OK ? good, now part two.?He wraps his arms around her waist. Lisa pulls him tight to her thin body and closes her eyes to receive her kiss. Sissy can feel the heat in her panties from watching this as Brad gives Lisa a full French kiss and their head tilt and mouths part. Lisa does not let go of Brad and she takes one of his hands and guides it to her ass, and then the other she pulls up onto her hard puffy tit that is only covered by the thinnest t-shirt material. Brad seems to like this. Lisa finally lets him come up for air and smiles, ? well that was not too bad was it Sissy?? ?Yep grade A? says Sissy?That was a pretty god-damn hot-ass-fucking kiss, boy.? Lisa grades him. His hand is still on her ass and tit. And Lisa says ? OK you got that pretty good, now for the next lesson.? And she gently moves his hands and lowers him onto the couch. She looks at his crotch and sees the massive bulge?.She has just realized that Brad must have a giant cock. They all take a drink, and Lisa turns to Sissy and says ? I need my assistant again. ? ?Now Brad - this may be a little strange, but you have to know that you can?t go straight for the puss with a girl, you have to work your way down.? She turns to Sissy and gives her a kiss on the neck, and rubs her back with her hands. Then to Sissy?s surprise her mouth lowers down her neck to her chest just between her boobs in the scoop top and kisses her cleavage. She is not surprised at this until Lisa?s hand move to her tits and she pushes them together so she can kiss them and nuzzles past the shirt to take her left nipple right into her mouth. ?mmmmmm? coos Lisa. Sissy is not sure what to do. Brad has seen her tits, but Lisa does not know that. She wants to keep going but she is afraid Lisa will wonder why she would do this in front of her brother with out a fuss. She grabs Lisa?s hands and says ?whoa there.? Lisa smiles at her and says, ?To much for baby brother?? Brad interrupts her and says ? ?Hey don?t stop because of me, I?m OK ? I need to learn this stuff? he says with a fake goofy sounding voice to keep the girls going.Lisa laughs and winks at Sissy, who gives her a look back like ?why not??Lisa ? ?That?s my boy, and grabs the bottom of Sissy?s shirt and pulls it up over tits now covered by a thin bra. She pulls the bra to one side and says ? you have to give the nipples just the right amount of attention. Both the girls sink down onto the couch right next to brad who is watching like he may miss something. Lisa has pulled off Sissy?s top and bra and is now giving each breast a solid sucking and licking. She then says ?you know you have to give her a little something to look at too? and then to make her point she pulls off her top and her lemon sized puffy tits are in full view for Brad for the second time today. She kisses Sissy on the lips again and fondles her boobs. Sissy is getting very hot now and is grinding her leg into Lisa?s shorts. Brad has moved over so he can see better and has dropped his hand onto his cock and is absently stoking it through his shorts. Lisa glances down at the large outline in his pants and lifts her head from Sissy?s tits with a big exhale ?whheeeew.?She rubs Sissy?s crotch through her shorts and is thinking if she can eat out sissy in front of her brother. She decides this is too weird but she wants to get Brad?s pants off. She moves over between Sissy?s legs and leans back on her like a chair with her back on Sissy?s chest.And announces ? Now for the final lesson.?Brad is not sure what is going to happen, but his dick is hard as a rock and he is dizzy with the excitement of the show. Sissy has reached her hands around Lisa?s waist and is moving up over her small tits and rubbing them gently.Lisa points her legs straight into the air and slides her shorts off exposing her pink panties that he can see have a damp spot on them already. Lisa commands him to get on his knees in front of her. ?Now this is a pussy? she says with the voice of an instruction video. ?It is a beautiful instrument of sex and must be treated with respect.? The girls are laughing and Brad has a large grin. She pulls his hands to her panties and slowly helps him rub her lips through the thin fabric. Brad is in heaven. Sissy is in heaven too ? she can?t believe Lisa is going for it. As he rubs her, he notices a small protrusion ? like a bump right at the top of her pussy. She guides his finger to it and shows him how to gently make a circle motion over it. In her instruction voice she continues ?This is the main Female sex organ for pleasure, the Clitoris, and it is the secrete to achieving the female orgasm.? ?Now this example is particularly lovely and large?. On some poor girls you can hardly find it.? Sissy is looking over Lisa?s shoulder at her brothers hand rubbing the clit through the panties. As he is kneeling in front of Lisa his shorts have pulled tight on one side and his cock has made a small wet spot at the end of his head. She is rubbing Lisa?s tits during the instruction and thinking what could possibly come next that will not be embarrassing and yet hot as hell? Lisa say to Brad, ?Kiss it boy.? He obeys and his lips pucker-up and he gives the bump in her panties a tentative kiss. She puts her hands on his türbanlı kırşehir escort bayan head and keeps his lips on her clit as she helps him move back and forth over the damp pick cloth. ?meemmmmmmememm? she coos and tells him to use his tongue. She pulls the panties to one side and he now see the pink little clit ? and he thinks it looks almost like a penis with a hoodie on it?s shoulder. The end of the clit is shiny, smooth and just below the folds of skin is a darker shade of pink and wet with juice. They open up to a dark opening that is her pussy. She says ? there try that? and her dives down again onto her clit and pussy. Is it musty and smells like nothing her has smelled before. No hint of the fish smell his buddies always joke about. It is magic. He is not sure if he is drunk but the sounds of the room recede and everything around him gets soft and glowing in the dim light. He is only aware of his stiff tongue lapping up the wetness in her pussy as he drives it in as deep as he can. He can feel the soft skin and flesh give way as he probes and pushes his tongue trough every part of Lisa?s wetness. When he reaches her clit again it is harder and longer than before and remembering her instructions work over it with care and purpose. ?Oh yeah baby that ?. that is it. Keep it there for a minute ummm yeah? she instructs him. Her hips begin to gyrate and squirm uncontrollably, and Sissy is relentless on her nipples. She can feel a rush a pleasure coming over her, but she has another plan. She grabs his head and pulls him up. She wants to see his cock. ?OK ? I think you have the idea.? That was really very good. Was that really your first pussy eating???Um yeah? he saysShe pushes him upright on his knees and runs her hand on his cock through his shorts. Aawwww baby ? look at you. That is not fair is it?? She unsnaps his short and pulls them down with his underwear and his massive hard cock springs into the room.Sissy give an ?ohhh my? whisper into Lisa?s ear. Lisa lets out a whistle and exclaims ?holy mother of fucking cocks!? Look at that beauty. ??Take off those shorts boy.?Brad stands and pulls them off, and Lisa leans forward to examine his cock now even with her face. She takes it in her hands and gently rubs her fingers over the large head and down the hard shaft, tracing the bumpy path of blue veins. She has never seen a cock this large in person. ?God damn, this is as large as my arm.? She bends it up against Brads stomach and it passes his belly button. She holds her arm up with her elbow at his balls and his head is even with her wrist. ?That must be 11 inches, and look; it is the size of my wrist!!? Sissy is giggling now as her plan is working perfectly and Lisa?s surprise is all she had hopped for. Brad is smiling like the proud parent now instead of the embarrassment his dick has always brought him in the past. Lisa starts to stroke the long shaft and looks at his large pee hole. The black opening is nearly the size of a pencil but is perfect proportion with the rest of his enormous head. The ridge around the head is smooth and sharply defined with all the blood pulling his skin tight, and the cleft from the hole to under his head blends smoothly into the shaft. It is a thing of beauty. Lisa leans forward and with her tongue pointed flicks the end of his dick while giving him a tight tug on the shaft working from the base all the way out to the ridge like milking a cow. A bubble of clear liquid syrup forms at the end of his pee hole and a large droplet grows at the end that she lets fall on her tongue. She slurps it up and then for the first time slides her lips around his head and takes the large gland into her mouth. Brad wants to look but he closes his eyes to focus on the feeling her has dreamed about for so long. He looks down again and Lisa has her mouth stretched open to fit his head in and she is trying to slide more of his dick into her mouth. She works it in and out slowly as she tries to get use to the enormous proportions of his dick. And after a few moments she has about four inches in her mouth as she strokes his shaft and balls with her other hand.Sissy is still sitting behind her and can only see Lisa?s head moving in and out. Brad is in heaven his face is alternating in smooth open mouth sighs and furrowed brow as waves of tingles move through his young body. Sissy slides to one side to see the action and slides her hand into her shorts and begins to rub herself in a hurried back and forth movement. Her pussy is sopping wet and she can hear it in unison with the slurping sound of her friend?s mouth on her brother?s dick. She can see the hard cock sliding into Lisa?s mouth. Her jaw is stretched open and her tongue is flattened under his dick as she tries to take more and more of the cock into her mouth. Sissy imagines Lisa?s throat is actually bulging as she is getting almost half of Brad?s dick into her. She gags and strings of saliva are poring from her bottom lip. She pulls off his dick and strokes it and a tear rolls down her face. ?God damn? she says for the fourth time. That is the largest cock I?ve ever tried to suck.?Sissy is looking at the dripping cock and thinking she has ever had a cock that large either ? ?I know she says.? As Lisa turns her head to slide her lips down the side of the shaft and faces Sissy. She stops and grins and says to Sissy, ?You need to help me.?Sissy says ?Oh no I?m just here to watch? ? but she is thinking she would love to suck on her brothers hard dick. She can?t bring herself to do it in front of her friend. Lisa says ?hey it.? is just a little suckky nothing too serious.? Lisa pulls Sissy?s hand out of her short and puts it on Brad?s dick.?You don?t mind do you Brad?? Brad is in such a state what he mumbles the girls don?t understand. ?See? It?s OK with him?Sissy is stroking the damp cock for the second time in two days. Lisa?s other two hand rides up and down with hers. They still do not cover his entire dick with three hands. Lisa slurps on his head and then runs her tongue round and round the ridge and then his pee hole. Lisa is looking up at him as she does this and sees Brad?s face is screwing up like he is not going to hold back much longer.She pulls off of him and let?s go of his cock and grabs his head in the palm of her hand and gives him a tight squeeze. ?OK boy time to slow down, I want to try one more thing.? She motions Sissy to move back behind again like a couch pillow and leans back pulling her long slender legs high into the air. Her pussy is shinny with wetness and pointed right at Brad standing between her legs. His dick is bouncing in anticipation. She commands him to get on his knees, and takes his dick into her hand again.Sissy is looking over her shoulder and can see Lisa?s hard erect clit facing off against the Brads massive tool. Brads head looks impossibly large, like a fist on the end of a baseball bat. Lisa pulls him closer and rubs the end of his dick around her mounds and then slides it up to her clit. The black dot of the opening in the end is rubbing against her clit.She rubs around the pee hole with her clit then forces the clit into the hole in the end of his dick. It fits in with a türbanlı escort kırşehir little effort and she begins to rock her hips. Sissy can?t believe what she is seeing. Lisa is fucking Brad?s dick with her clit. Lisa moans and coos about how good this feels. Brad is not sure if this is good for him or not but likes the look on Lisa?s face. The clit slides in and stretches the hole like a pussy getting a large dick. Her clit disappears into the hole pushing the hood and folds of skin out of the way. She is rocking her hips now and panting as she fucks his dick with her clit. She speeds up the motion and she can feel the nerves in the pussy scream as her body racks with spasms and she lets out a laugh as she cums from the feeling on her clit. Brad is standing there looking a little uncertain about what to do as Lisa lets go of his dick and roles her head back on Sissy?s shoulder. Lisa looks up at him smiling and says, ? that was fucking awesome Brad.? Your cock is a dream. Now put it in me.? Brad can?t believe this but is does not hesitate. Lisa sits back, letting go of the control she has exerted on the party from the moment Brad and Sissy walked into the house that night. Brad looks down at his hard cock, and takes it in his hand at the base and rubs her camel toe lips with his shaft like he has seen in porn movies. He does not try to put it in yet. He pushes forward and slides his dick on top of her belly. As the bottom of the shaft reaches her clit and his balls are on her pussy lips the head of his dick is nearly up to her tits. She says ?That?s right baby, take it slow.?He slides his dick back down the slit of her pussy he can feel her still hard clit pushing on the bottom side of his dick. Sissy is watching this intently still in a little bit of shock at the click fucking. He makes a few more slides with his dick then pulls it down further and rubs his head around her pussy, pushing the folds of silky skin around with the head of his cock like a k** playing with his diner.Lisa?s hands slide down on either side of her pussy and pulls open the mounds of skin and lips so her swollen pussy is open wide like a black cavern. ?Put it in me, ? She begins to plead.Brad slowly moves his throbbing head to the dark opening between her fingers. Even with her spreading hands, his large head still has to force the flesh aside. The tip disappears and the lips strain open and wrap over the rest of his glands, the pussy lips sliding tight around the ridge of his head. Lisa lets out a moan. Sissy snakes her hand into her pants again whishing she had pulled them off earlier. She is looking at the shaft slowly slide into her friends pussy and it looks impossible that it will all fit in. Only a inch or so has slide in and it occurs to Sissy that from this point of view it is like her brother is fucking her. She looks at the pussy and tries to imagine that large cock sliding into her. Lisa?s large clit is rubbing on the shaft of the cock and Sissy takes her free hand and reaches down to rub the clit against Brad?s dick.He pulls back a little and then slides more in. He slowly begins to pump in a gentle rhythm going a little deeper each stroke. Lisa is really gasping for breath and letting out sighs and moans at every plunge. ? Oh yeas that is good, damn? Sissy watches the inside of Lisa?s pussy lips pull out of her every time Brad?s cock slides back, the wet slime on his cock marking how far inside her before going back into the wet hole. Lisa stiffens a little as about ¾ of his dick is in her. ?Oooohh? she says. Her body is having trouble finding room for this mass of stiff flesh. He feels the pressure and slows the pumping and does not go deeper for a few strokes. Lisa?s face is serious and with her eyes narrow she looks at Brad and says ?it?s ok? don?t stop?. put it in? please fuck me.?Brad pumping gets a little more intense and he is working his dick further and further into Lisa?s body. Her legs are splayed out one foot on the coffee table behind Brad and the other on the floor. She slides down a little to make her body flatter in the direction of Brads thrusting. Sissy?s hand is cramping in her shorts trying to satisfy her own craving with the weight of Lisa?s body on her. The thrusting is sliding Lisa back and forth on Sissy and it is strange sensation of being fucked through her friend. Sissy moves the cushion form behind her and both girls lean back more. Sissy rotated her pussy up into Lisa?s back and the bony hips and butt are rubbing her now every time that Brad pushes into Lisa. Damn Sissy thinks ? he is practically fucking me. Brad is nearly all the way into Lisa, only a about an inch is still dry. She reaches up and grabs Brad?s ass with her hands stops the thrusting, then slowly pulls him closer to her body. His stiff cock slides deeper and goes all the way in until his thin fuzzy pubic patch is grinding into her clit and pussy mounds. She has him buried in her body. She lets out a thin crying sound and through her teeth tell Brad?. ?FUCK ME?Brad follows the order the begins to pound her pussy with his hips. Sissy feels her orgasm coming and is helping the motion above her with her hands on Lisa?s hips. Her knees pointed so her pussy is rubbing right on Lisa?s back. She cums in fits of spasms. Lisa feels her friend?s body rack behind her and it pushes her own body give up another orgasm and both girls are laughing as Brad is fucking them silly. Lisa can see that Brad?s face is screwed up into a knot and his muscles are tense as he is about to let go. She comes up with one final command,? Shoot it all over us Brad!? Cum on my tits.? The sultry command must have been all that Brad needed and he pulled out his cock and without even one stroke with his hand a lump of cum boiled out of the black hole onto her stomach. Lisa is surprised that that is all that came out. Then Brad lets out his breath and his dick jumps again and again as three large spurts shoot out of his cock like jets of white lava. The first shot lays down a trail of white cream that did go right over Lisa?s right boob just missing her nipple and stopping someplace over shoulder. The second was a bulls eye for Lisa?s chin and cheek, and the third went wide and just did miss Sissy?s face, grazing her shoulder. The cum continued to pump out of his dick for a few more spasms making puddles on her stomach, the sticky streams simply oozing out leaving strings from the tip of his dick to her belly button. Brads fell back onto the carpet and let his arms fall out on either side of him.Lisa lets out a loud ?HOLY FUCK, that was awesome Brad!!!? The girls laugh again the tension of the session completely drained from them and Sissy give her friend a big hug.Lisa ? Circles her finger in the large thick puddles of cum on her belly and traces the stream over her breast. Sissy reaches over with her finger and sc****s off the dangling white drops off of Lisa?s chin. And Lisa grabs her hand and sucks the sticky cream off of her fingers. ?Mmmmm ? I love the taste of warm jizz.? Want some?? Sissy scrunches up her face, ?nah? Thinking she still wants to look like she is not a creepy brother fucker?. Maybe not eating his cum will help. They look at Brad on the floor, his cock is finally drooping a little. His eyes are closed and he is not even looking at the girls.The surrounding slowly creep back into their consciousness and the screen is back on the main menu of the DVD, looping to the girl turning her head to get the giant cock, and the honky-tonk music playing. The video finished while the three of them were making a sex scene as hot as any ever filmed. More to come .....
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