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Discovering Roshan

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Discovering RoshanDiscovering RoshanBy: Londebaaz Chohan Roshan was the most unbelievably handsome guy, in my high school senior year class. At 18, he was not as tall as I but never the less at least 5? 9?? and had a 135 pounds of teen jock body frame. His eyes were so green, they looked like marbles and had the most loveable dimples to show, when he smiled. Being a sports man and an athlete, he had the best choice of girls in the school as a reputation. His physical body was stunning and he was also aware of it and enjoyed showing it off often by going bare-chested under the jean jacket with the jeans, showing a clear outline, leaving nothing to any imagination. Figuring out that he was ?left-handed? was not at all difficult. In addition to all else, he was just about the nicest-mannered guy and everyone wanted to be close to him. I think, I was the lucky one that he was bending over backwards to be friends with me, I think only because of my reputation as the sexiest, horniest and whatever else-iest. I also tried to be near him as much and as often as possible while splashing out load after load every night fantasizing about Roshan but not actually being able to make a play with him. I was not as concerned for being found out, as I was for the possibility of losing the connection with him or ending the friendship. As I look back, I realize that I had given myself away with my behavior in his presence. He caught me looking at him often and grinned at me artfully or gave me a wink. Whenever we were together without anyone else, we spoke about sex to no end. He claimed himself to be a ?pervert? who never stopped to think about sex or actually pursuing sex. He bragged to have masturbated multiple times in a day. I think, he got off on being a good story teller and showing off his body as he would often take his shirt off when talking about his sexual endeavors. He also displayed his nudity in the locker room, challenging the boys to match his large size cock. In the shower stalls, if he would get hard, he would start k**ding around and chasing boys, threatening to give his boner to anyone, he caught and walked around waving the massive shaft length. He was so well-liked and amiable to get away with all that without anybody complaining of his conduct and most stayed ignorant. It was a weekend, when my parents decided to be away, leaving me alone at home. I planned a quick party for a small group of buddies including Roshan. By almost midnight, everybody was well beyond being dizzy and delightful, when a group of young girls waked in. Among them was new face Sana, a new girl in town and believed to be still un-fucked by Roshan. Although Roshan was pretty drunk but he immediately began putting his moves on her and soon both were seen walking towards my bedroom on the right side of the hall-way. Everybody was amazed but far more amazed to see Sana walk out of the room, straightening her clothes, cussing in whispers and walk out of the party after speaking some girls and all girls left. Most of the guys joked and laughed but nobody cared to go in and see if Roshan was fine and even on my asking, they left him as my responsibility. As the music got stale and the liquor bottles got empty, the boys began to leave and soon the party was done and over with.I went to my room, and looked in to find Roshan passed out, totally naked on his back in my bed over the sheets. His all naked body was absolutely perfect looking. Thick and wide shoulders above the well-developed chest and the rippling abs. His very healthy and powerful looking biggest cock in the group, was stretched like an arrow to the ceiling of the room. His skin was copper brown particularly around his groin drawing my attention to his beautiful cock and balls shaking with each heartbeat while standing straight up like a monument. I felt my 8?? now stiff as steel cock throbbing against my thigh and bulging pushing for release. Just for no reason, if I would not throw a blanket over him, I would have gone berserk and definitely crawled in with him but thankfully it removed the temptation. Somebody had whispered that Roshan could not get it up and passed out, making the girl go crazy and run away, but looking at the facts, there seemed to be no truth in that whisper. I simply could not keep my mind off the beautiful naked guy in my bed.I made sure that I had locked the front door and flew back to my room. Roshan was in the same position except that he had kicked off the blanket and now he was snoring loud and deep. His uncut cock was still hard and bouncing up and down on his stomach, making the wet sound due to the large pre cum drops oozing out of his pee hole. My blood was boiling too and gushing too into my painfully engorged 8?? inch meat rod. My body was all in shivers as I began to remove my clothes, only leaving my underwear on, that was already all sticky due to the flow of my lube. I eased myself into my bed besides Roshan. His body heat was making my very hard cock jump, spasm and flex in my underwear. If I was not paying extra attention to prevent my building orgasm, I would have shot my load. My breathing was out of whack, quick and shallow thinking of being naked with Roshan in my bed. I simply could not deny myself as the a****listic intent and lust took over. I knew the risk but it was impossible to refuse the possibility. My hand softly moved all over his hairless smooth torso and my fingers pinched his almost black nipple and lips moving on the other. I was extremely aroused, perhaps like never before.I immediately froze feeling my throbbing cock touching his hand. There was no reaction, so I brought my hand to his raging. My fingers got all wet with his juice and carefully, I licked them clean. His pre cum was salty enough to make me moan. I do not know, what took me over and I reached over purposely gripping his fat juicy meat piston, sliding my hand up and down on the shaft. Seeing more cream pulse from it, I pulled his extra-long foreskin over his dangerously engorged dark brown cockhead and dipped my tongue in the warm pre cum filled cup formed by the silky soft folds of his foreskin. Slowly, I was sucking his cock head in my mouth, swirling my tongue around it stretching the foreskin down on to the shaft. My mouth was getting filled with his pre cum, repeatedly, making me suck him harder. Realizing Roshan?s regular breathing becoming quicker, I stopped sucking him, being afraid to wake him up but almost immediately, I felt a hand on the back of my head, applying pressure and making my mouth push back on his cock.?Don?t stop now?. I heard Roshan whispering above me. I was sucking the boy of my dreams and he wanted more. I was extremely happy to service him and do even better. With revived passion I lunged onto his tasty meaty cock.I could hear Roshan complementing my efforts, ?That is so fucking good?. He pushed his balls in my mouth and moaned while his both hands pushed me to take his balls. I handled him like a pro, until I felt his hand fumbling around my dick, trying to release it from the sticky confines of my underwear. I took his balls out of my mouth and readily help him to get my cock naked for him. As I pulled my underwear down, Roshan rolled on top of me and began grinding his dripping cock into mine and we began kissing above. His soft tongue was probing deeply into my mouth. Then he sucked my tongue in his mouth and began sucking it. His hands were cupping my ass balloons and mashing them very rough while our cocks rubbed on each other. I was feeling quite close to the imminent danger level of blowing my load, making me pull out my tongue out of his mouth. Roshan whispered, ?This is fucking so hot?.He showed me a very nasty / mischievous grin, quickly lifted off me, turned around and began sucking my hard cock to the balls. As my mouth opened wide to gasp, Roshan very skillfully, inserted his cock his cock in my mouth in 69 position and we were lost in the ecstasy with hormones raging through our young bodies. My hands were constantly pulling his ass down, making him reach beyond my tonsils. Roshan was being over frenzied and sucking me wildly on my over stimulated cock and also thrusting his meat deeper in my throat. With a renewed passion, Roshan pulled his cock out of my throat, turned around again, straddled my chest, brought his hands behind him to hold my stiff cock aiming his hole and lowered his body on it. My brain shorted and my body convulsed in ecstasy, feeling the warmth of his rectal oven. I began fucking him. His stiff hard on was jumping off my chin while his balls hit my chest with each thrust from my cock in his tasty ass. I fucked Roshan in his ass while he maneuvered to fuck my mouth for hardly 5 minutes when our last restraint was also gone and we both let loose the most intense orgasm of our youthful life releasing our male juices, pulse after pulse. I swear of seeing stars, I shot so hard in Roshan?s ask to breed him while he also did wonderful feeding me his creamy thick silky nectar. I was feeling his blasts on my tongue and hoped, he felt my cock flexing very hard, expanding and squirting to the farthest ends of his ass chute. He straightened his body above mine, his hands brought our still roaring cocks together and began rubbing them gently up and down. His face moved closer to mine and we were kissing again. We rolled our bodies on the bed, rubbing and hugging each other. Suddenly, he was on top of me and ensuing to suck the remnants of my mind and with the same flow, taking my tortured hard on and sat down on it again. Fucking his cum filled ass was another very unique and different experience and within next 10 minutes maximum, he had me ejaculating once again inside his hole as he jerked his second load on my face and chest. With my hardness still impaled in him, he leaned over, licked his cream from my face and body and we shared it before he consumed all of it alone. Slowly we both softened and I heard Roshan say, ?We should do it again soon? and sure we did it repeatedly.The End. Your comments help me to write better for your entertainment. Londebaaz Chohan June 1, 2020.
05-05-2021, at 08:38 PM

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