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Hot memories of watching other men fucking my wife

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Hot memories of watching other men fucking my wifeMemories of the times I shared my then very attractive hot wife are tattooed in my mind, the wonderfully erotic memories like pornographic movies of those oh so hot times. Following are some details of some of the more horny things that occurred over 15 years between my wife and I with those horny men we got together with. The major turn on for me was to watch my wife fucked and used by someone else, was my obsession. Her to let her hair down and enjoy the erotic adventures with another man other than her husband and to an extent to please her husbands desires. Read my other stories, all true as best I can remember and now get a high from sharing my memories with others.On our wedding day, never did we in our wildest thoughts as husband and wife did we think that in a few years into our marriage we'll be in a motel room with another extremely hung man having his total way with my wife while I watched on.Monica was very attractive and still is for her age, slim body with exotic looks, coffee colored skin, she looked near on a twin to the porn actress Destiny Deville, so not hard finding men lol.The first time she was touched by another I wasn't present, she hit the town with a friend while the US fleet were in town, at my coxing she was picked up by a horny sailor. After getting home at 7:00 in the morning, "god his cum was thick", which those words coming from my wife's mouth blew my mind and gave me an instant hard on. We rushed to bed where Monica filled me in, they kissed passionately, he licked her out, finger her and she jacked him off until he shot his thick cum over her legs, so she said. Later in the day as Monica slept from her late night out I felt a little uneasy due to the fact that she was with another man, funny feeling indeed, the thought of what happened and her state of excitement. Well I did ask for it but that feeling soon disappeared where my obsession increased, I wanted to watch my sexy wife with another man so bad. So, some few months later, we contacted a guy in the local papers personals section and ended up in a motel room with the object of sharing my wife with him. He was older than us and when Monica was so horny for it, dressed in suspenders, stockings and matching bikini g-string panties Eric went to work on her. Fucked her mouth and face, treated my wife like a slut (read that story for more details), Monica actually loved it even when he blew is cum in her face and inside her fucked mouth with his 8 inches of cock, I was in la la land watching all this, more than I imagined would happen and it turned me on big time. We later spit roasted her and I watched him fuck her doggy with his huge tool. After that we fucked like rabbits for weeks off the dirty talk and reliving the fateful hot night. 3 year break, after having a family, we were at it again, enter James. I placed an advert this time and received over 250 replies, we soon learnt that wife sharing was a hot subject. Rather than have Monica fucked by dozens of men we settled with James for the following 10 years. He was a super fucker, I could not match his stamina nor staying power which was so hot to witness, he fucked my wife black and blue, pumping huge loads of cum into her as I could obviously see it oozing out of her gaping cunt after he fucked her and the oh so sloppy seconds feeling. After the first meeting with James and watching in awe as he banged Monica like a rag doll, we met with another guy which prompted us to stay with the best. Gary was only 5 inches compared to James's 7 inches and my 6. But even with Gary was a hot session. He blew what must have been the biggest load of cum into Monica, I went seconds and ended up with so much cum over my lap as it leaked out of my wife's vagina that I had to go take a shower there so much of the stuff. Also, he gave Monica such a strong smell of cock breath after she sucked on his small uncut cock, I could smell it from a good 2 feet away. We found that quite horny in our later bed talk, Monica again soiled by another man much to my excitement.
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