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AdoptedI am so glad I was adopted. Some k**s think it's bad, but for me it's great because the alternative is to be an orphan still! Also, I love my adoptive parents, especially my dad.My mom and dad died when I was young. I really don't remember them. I remember I cried a lot and didn't want to talk to anybody. Probably that's why nobody adopted me back then.I went to live in the Spencer School. It was OK there, I had good friends. Richard was my best friend. We both played baseball.When I met the Mitchells, it was not that simple. First, they come into the office and meet with the social worker, then after the adults talk for a while they bring the k** in. Then if they like you, you go to their house for a weekend for a trial visit. Then if they still want to adopt you you go live with them. Then it is 30 days they are on probation and you can be sent back if it doesn't work out. Then you are adopted.I went to the office to see a lot of parents when I was real young. But I was still sad and didn't want to talk to anybody so I didn't get adopted. Then when I was older the Mitchells came and wanted to adopt me. But by then I wasn't so sad any more and talked to people. So they decided to adopt me! I was very happy. The Mitchells both hugged me and it was very nice.So then I went to live in their izmir escort house for the weekend on the trial visit. I was very good during the trial visit so they would adopt me. I even didn't break anything which I would normally do a lot since I am so clumsy. They are rich and have a lot of nice stuff. They don't like me to say that they are rich though.One thing I really liked on the trial visit was sitting in Dad's lap. Of course, then I still called him Mr. Mitchell. At night I would sit in his lap in my pajamas and he would put his arms around me. So I would sit in his lap and watch TV and he would hold me. Mrs. Mitchell would just smile at us, and I would smile at her. She was nice too. Dad would kiss me on the head and hug me a lot.They decided to keep me after the trial visit. I was so happy they actually would adopt me!They have another son Andrew which I didn't meet on the trial visit since he was away at college. Later he was at home so I met him. He is really nice. He plays ball with me in the backyard, which is huge! Like a real ball field. I am better at catching than throwing, but Andrew is helping me so I am getting better.He likes me to sleep in his room at night. Which I am not supposed to do since I have my own room. But I don't get punished for it. When I sleep with escort izmir him we both take our pajamas off and sleep naked. He sleeps behind me and puts his penis in my bottom. Then he hugs me and moves his penis in and out. He puts stuff on it called KY to get it slippery first. At first I didn't like it because it hurt me but now it doesn't so I like it. Sometimes he leaves it in me after he shoots his stuff out and we go to sleep with him in me. That is really nice because he is hugging me while I am asleep and I have his penis in my bottom too. Sometimes I have bad dreams, but I never have bad dreams when I sleep like that.One time Dad came into Andrew's room while we were asleep with his penis in my bottom and saw us like that. Andrew says he gets hot at night and kicks the covers off. I don't get hot, but when he is hugging me I stay warm even with no covers. So Dad saw us and I thought I was in trouble because I was in Andrew's room. But Dad wasn't mad, he just said I should sleep with him the next night. I thought that was even better than Andrew, since I like sitting in Dad's lap more than in Andrew's lap.So then the next night I went to sleep with Dad. Dad and Mom have separate rooms since their house is so big. Dad and me got naked like I did with Andrew. Dad has a really big penis, izmir escort bayan so I wasn't sure I wanted it in me, but he said it would be all right. First he had me lick it, which was different from Andrew. Then he put some KY stuff on his finger and put it in my bottom, which was different also. Then he put the KY on his penis. Then he put it in me. It did hurt some because he was bigger than Andrew but not too much. Dad kept kissing me on the head and cheek and massaging (sp?) my thighs. He went real slow, and eventually his penis went all the way in my bottom and it didn't hurt too bad. After that he hugged me and moved it in and out like Andrew. He didn't leave it in like Andrew, however, he let me lay on top of him which I couldn't do with Andrew, and it was pretty much as good. I didn't have any bad dreams with Dad, either!Mom was so happy after I slept with Dad I couldn't believe it! She made all of us waffles, which I like more than anything. For breakfast, anyway. She kissed Dad and me and said she was glad for both of us. Andrew kissed me too, which made me blush since he doesn't usually kiss me unless we're sleeping together.So that is what being adopted is like. If you are not adopted, maybe you can find an older boy like Andrew to put his penis in your bottom. But you don't want to have a man like my dad do it first since it would probably hurt too much. It is a lot of fun to do and then you sleep with them hugging you, which is even better than sitting in their lap.And that is the end of my report.
10-19-2021, at 03:20 PM

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