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Best Roadtrip Ever

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Best Roadtrip EverBest Roadtrip EverSummer of 2014 my girlfriend and I were going to take a trip to California. We had planned just planned this and we were set and ready to roll. She then recently found out about her little cousin. Just graduated high school. Boyfriend broke up with her and had to head to college. Seems like a bad way to end your senior year. No celebration? We were late 20's and weren't much older but she called us her aunt and uncle. So being mature wee decided to take her along. It wasn't intended for a long trip we had already told her yet she decided to take up on our offer. My girlfriend was quite sick prior to departure but we still went along with it. It was quite a drive for us so we knew she could sleep majority of the time regardless. So the journey began just the three of us on the road.Hours on in I noticed everyone was sleeping. I had already drank one energy drink and with me having no one to talk to I had to wake up. April, the little cousin, was sleeping in the back. I didn't want to bother her so I decided to reach for the cooler myself and I hit something and I felt it move. It was her leg on accident. I turn around to see if I had woken her but only thing I saw was up her dress. She was wearing a light sundress just because the weather was perfect this time of year. I paused and realized I'm still driving. I grabbed the drink and focus back on the road. I take a look again and my girlfriend is still sleeping. She was wearing almost the same attire. She was crawled up in the corner of her chair. Her legs were lifted bringing down the dress showing me a lot of skin. It was hard for me to focus. I then take a look again in the rear view to see how April was. Still sleeping but in a different position. She was laying entirely down with one knee in the air and the other straight to the floor. I had a beautiful view of her snatch. I couldn't help but get excited. I began taking more and more glances towards the rear view. She made a sudden movement as if she had seen me. I thought I was caught for certain. She sat up and kind of put her hands pulling down the skirt as if she was embarrassed. She set up in the middle seat. Still tired I can see her dozing off again. She rested one foot behind my elbow on the arm rest. I didn't want to look too much but from what I seen she was still sleeping. I took a quick peek to make sure and she was. I titled the rear view just enough to see down her dress again. This was much better view as her legs were basically spread for me. She once again makes a sudden move but this was a different movement. She slouched just a bit with her legs still spread. Her hand moves slowly down to her bright pink thong. I shook my head knowing this was wrong. I decided to take a sip of my energy drink and just focus on the driving. 10-15 minutes later I wanted to make sure my girlfriend was still sleeping. Right after that I had to take another look to see if something was happening. I look and nothing but bare pussy looking at me. I was shocked. I knew know this was something different. I then angled the rear view to see her pussy and face. I couldn't do anything but shake my head. She began completely going off. She was only teasing me. Rubbing her pussy slowly. Never putting a finger in until she knew I was watching. I had my music somewhat loud so my girlfriend can barely hear me regardless. I began whispering to April.. ?Fuck you're so bad..? she just nodded and she stuck a few more fingers in. ?You sound so wet baby.. Let me hear how wet you are.? I begged her to slap her pussy and I can hear the juices overflowing. I couldn't help but moan. I had to focus on driving so I had to choose one or the other to watch. For our safety sake I decide to drive. All I can do is hear her breathing harder.. and harder... and moans that she had to keep quiet... I hear how wet she gets and all of a sudden I got sprayed and I look in the mirror and she has nothing but a bliss smile on her face. I couldn't really say anything but ?oh my god...? I shook my karşıyaka escort head again and stared at the road.. thinking wow.. what a catch and how dumb her boyfriend was. I laughed at how stupid he is and next thing I know is her fingers were in my mouth. She hooked me making and I licked her fingers. Tasting all of her juices. Her fingers stayed in my mouth as her juices dripped in my mouth. She tasted so good. Beautiful, fresh, young.. She wants it. Without hesitation she took her hand out and went straight for my cock. She dug under the waistline and found me hard. She rubbed her pointer finger all over my head, tracing it, wiping all the precum off and pulled it out to lick it as she made the 'pop' sound with her mouth and hand. She finds her way back in and wraps her fingers around my cock. She began jacking me off slowly. I saw a rest area coming up and couldn't help it. I decided to pull over.Only thing I can think of was to put my girlfriend in the back and let her sleep comfortably. She took a nyquil and was completely out. I opened the door to get April out she pulled my shorts completely down and stuffed my cock in her mouth immediately. I pulled her off knowing it wasn't the right time and in public like this. I took my girlfriend out and told her to sleep in the back and she couldn't do nothing but agree. As we go back onto the road She only teased me again. She had her panties off and stuffed them in my face making sure I got a good scent. She played with herself more. She squirted again all over the dash onto the windshield. I couldn't believe it. She was making everything wet. In my head I just came to a conclusion I found someone completely hornier than my girlfriend and I. It was great. She can still see how hard I was and she was tugging at the waist trying to take it off. It was hard for me maneuver and take off the shorts and drive at the same time but it got down. She leaned over and began sucking me off. Each time she bobbed her head it just got louder and sloppier. Each slurp with more and more saliva. I had to turn up my music. One hand on the steering wheel while the other pulled her hairs and she loved each and every pull I gave. She was a horny fuck and I couldn't help it. Finally arriving at the hotel I couldn't help but think about her beautiful pussy. We check in and my girlfriend hated the humidity and called on the shower first. We arrived late night just about midnight California time. We had got a beach house. It was beautiful and right outside there was the beach, the ocean. Beautiful bliss. My girlfriend took long showers and right when the door closed April jumped on me once again. She dragged my shorts all the way down to the ground. I wasn't even hard at the time but she got it hard pretty quickly. She licked my balls and stuffed my soft dick in her mouth. It grew as her hot breath was on it and it became fully erect. I decided to take her onto the balcony. I threw her hands onto the balcony railing and lifted up her dress. I stuffed it in her without any hesitation. This was nothing new for her as we began fucking right there on the balcony. Staring into the ocean no one on site. I lifted one leg up hoping to hit that great spot of hers. She still had both hands on the railing while I cupped both of her perky little tits. I fucked her harder and harder until she came all over her leg and squirting all over mine. She let go with one hand to cover her mouth from moaning too loud. It was such a pretty little moment because we had to hide this entire scene from my girlfriend. She fell to her knees because she was so weak from squirting. It literally left a puddle on the floor and had looked like it just rained outside. We heard the shower shut and we reacted quickly. My girlfriend was in a towel wrapped around her body and hair. April jumped up and said ?Next!? My girlfriend seemed annoyed and just rolled her eyes. But once the door closed she crawled over to me and laid on top. She began kissing me and the towel unraveled. karşıyaka escort bayan Her bun also came undone and her wet body and hair was all over me. She stuck my dick inside her and began riding me slowly. She would usually ride rough but that ended up with a lot of screaming and moans. We played it slow yet very passionate. This was a different feel compared to fucking someone as hard as possible. She didn't notice I was already hard I guess she assumes I'm always hard. She knew we didn't have much time and I can still see she was tired so she rides me until I cum inside her. She was on the pill so we didn't worry too much about it. She gets off and licks the juices off. She gave me a kiss and threw on some pjs and laid down for sleep. April finally got out and I had to shower I pointed at her then my girlfriend to make sure she doesn't go inside while I'm showering. Luckily enough I got through the shower just fine. It was finally bed time and we were all asleep.. Or so I thought. April didn't want to sleep alone so we moved the couch into the master bedroom next to the bed. My girlfriend slept closely to me she was basically laying on my chest. I felt a hand go down my waistline once again. I thought it was my girlfriend so I gave her a kiss on the forehead and that triggered my girlfriend to trace her hand against my chest. I knew now it wasn't my girlfriends hands. They were Aprils. She began blowing me off again. She was slowly enjoying each and every inch of my cock. I couldn't cum though. The pressure of my girlfriend being there and my cock having so much action today I just couldn't do it. She went on for about an hour of just pleasing my cock. When she knew it wasn't going to happen she got up and whispered in my ear ?It'll happen before we get back into down.? She kissed me gently on the cheek and we went to sleep peacefully.The last day of the trip wasn't too crazy just shopping. We spoiled April as much as we can. The day went by smoothly except for one small interaction that happened. They were trying on bathing suits to see what one another should wear. They both were asking me ?How we do we look? I didn't want to answer in the wrong way so I told them each one looked fine. After about the 3rd try of bathing suits.. April made a move and said ?Okay! How about this one?? I said it's fine and then my girlfriend stands next to her and says ?How about this one?!? This one was quite sexy but I had to once again say that it was just fine. April then looked and said ?Yeah right! I Can see your nipple? she gave it a little poke and my girlfriend got shy and only retaliated by pushing her nipple back. They laughed but April gave me a devious look. The trip was a success and now we're on our way home. It was the same set-up as before except April insisted on sitting in the front the entire way because the cold water only got my girlfriend a little more under the weather. Not so much sick just not feeling so good. Only about an hour into the drive April kept to her promise. No tease or anything she made me maneuver to take off my shorts. She bent over and once again the sundress was rising. I pulled it up just enough to see her bare ass while she was giving me roadhead. I spanked her quietly and she moaned but looked up and knew it was a bad idea to spank her. The look in her eye made it so hard to resist. Her ass moving in every movement as she sucked me harder and harder. I slide a few fingers in. Such a tight pussy. Only two for the time being until I felt her getting more wet. I slide three fingers and she moaned over my cock more. Four fingers in. I knew she was loving it. I had to keep driving so I couldn't finger her, drive, and get head all at the same time. I pulled back and let her lick my fingers knowing she was tasting her own juices. About fifteen minutes into me getting roadhead I hear a smack. It was my girlfriend. It wasn't that 'WHAT THE FUCK' smack but a nice smack on Aprils butt. April moaned and didn't back away from escort karşıyaka me. I hear another smack and next thing I notice was my girlfriends head between the car seats.. Whispering.. ?You like this huh you little slut?? I thought I was completely fucked on this one. My girlfriend then grabs Aprils head and forces her to suck my cock. Not letting her to get up once to breathe she was choking on my cock. I couldn't help it but to pull over. We pull over to what looked like a mini canyon over looking the freeway. A few other cars and semi's pulled over but it wasn't a major rest area. I could only mumble a few words trying to apologize to my girlfriend but she insisted it wasn't my fault at all but her little slutty cousin. ?We're going to teach her a lesson.? I'm not sure what was going to happen next but we ended up three in the back seat. Now this car wasn't the largest of large but it was enough to sit three. I was sitting down and my girlfriend made April sit on top. Riding me as hard as she could. My girlfriend smacked her ass harder and harder. I think my girlfriend was under the impression this was going to hurt her but this only turned her on more. I tried to add fuel to the flame by telling her to pull her hair. April moaned and cried. Tears were flowing but these were definitely tears of joy and she continued to beg for mercy.. ?I'm sorry cousin.? I couldn't do nothing but grab Aprils asscheeks and make her bounce on my dick as my girlfriend had intended. She began smacking her ass again. So hard it was missing and hitting my hand. That shit hurts! But April enjoyed it. My girlfriend then wanted me to lay down and having April ride me. She did and my girlfriend did actually ride me better. She knew it's not how I like it.. She told me to raise us both us.. Grab her hips and fuck her as much as possible. I did as she said.. I fucked her hard until she finally came. She came all over my body. My girlfriend was a bit shocked.. cause she never had squirted before.. ?Oh?... So you're a squirter eh?? I'm assuming she never witnessed this before and she demanded me to do it again. As commanded I made her squirt all over me. My girlfriend began sticking her tongue out to get a taste. She seemed to enjoy it.. She began feeling on her little cousins perky tits.. ?Well I guess you can do something right little cousin.? I never knew what the beef was between them but it seems to be going away now. I thought they were cool before but they seem to have grown a deeper bond than before. As my girlfriend was dazed at Aprils body riding me she was caressing her perky boobs. I began lifted my girlfriends dress up and she began to lean forward as it went up. She made contact with Aprils boobs and began licking, sucking.. This was beyond the line to cross already so I didn't hold back. I stuck my fingers in my girlfriends pussy just as I always would. She began moaning and April began moaning. This was a beautiful thing going on. Since my girlfriend was the better riding I interrupted their kissing and foreplay and made them switch positions. Now my girlfriend was riding me just the way I like while I made April sit on my face. She was grinding on my lips and tongue while her pussy slid all over it. I stuck a few fingers in to make sure she would cum for me. I fingers her hard and deep until she finally came. Her body began jerking as if it was enough she can take. Same with my girlfriend as her riding began very slow. They were making out. I couldn't believe it........ They forgot about me! I make them get off of me and have them kneel in whatever position they can in the car. I slouch so my cocks right in the middle, in the air for them. They take turns sucking and spitting all over it. This was the craziest shit ever but it was happening. They kiss with my cock in between. They began moving up and down my shaft with their lips connected. Faster and faster they move up and down my shaft individually using their tongue at different times. I couldn't help it. I came all over their faces. Eruption of happiness. They moan on how much fun they had they lick each other clean and go back to sucking me off until there was nothing left. They cleaned and licked everything up and come up to kiss me. It was weird feeling knowing my own cum is somewhere in between this but we made out as three and went home happily.
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