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An Early Snowfall by loyalsock

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An Early Snowfall by loyalsockIt had been a long week so at the last minute my wife Karen and I decided to get away for the weekend to the cabin we co-owed with my friend, Eric. The cabin is in the woods on a lake it's nice but somewhat Spartan. No phone one large room serves as kitchen, living area, and sleeping quarters. While the cabin is simple it does have electricity, heat, and plumbing so it's a great getaway.The weather was great when we left but as we drove an early snowfall began. At first we thought it was pretty. Everything all covered in clean white snow but it quickly turned into a storm. We stopped and loaded up on provisions just in case. Our cabin is on a dirt road and not one of the first roads cleared.When we made it to the cabin everything was blanketed in two inches of wet snow and we played in it like c***dren. By the time we went inside we were soaking wet and chilled to the bone. I started a fire in the fireplace, turned up the furnace, and made some hot rum; While Karen took a hot shower. After that we spread our wet clothes out to dry and curled up on the couch in front of the fire under a blanket.We began to kiss and laugh the week seemed so far behind us all our thoughts were on each other. Soon Karen kuşadası escort was on top of me riding my cock and she looked so sexy with her long blonde hair and lovely breasts bouncing with each thrust.I had this strange feeling as she continued, it seemed she was in some sort of competition with the storm outside the louder the wind howled the faster she road me. I was just about to blow when the door flew open and two frozen figures stepped in, Eric and a friend of his we didn't know. Karen screamed jumped up and tried unsuccessfully to cover herself as she ran to the bathroom.After much coaxing and assurances from Eric and Ken that from what they saw she had nothing to be ashamed of she agreed to come out. After putting on a long flannel shirt she borrowed from Ken. The shirt covered everything, but certainly made the imagination work over time.Eric's car had ended up in a ditch just up the road. We decided with the storm we would all be staying at the cabin so we might as well enjoy it. Expecting a long weekend we started drinking and playing cards. With what Eric and Ken had seen when they walked in and the way Karen looked and was dressed it was impossible for them not to look at nazilli escort her and the more we all drank the more open it became, many lewd comments were made. Strip poker was suggested and you could tell Karen was turned on by the attention even though she kept refusing.I have to admit to the reader that I wasn't all that disappointed that Eric and his buddy had shown up. I've always had this fantasy of seeing my lovely wife being fucked by another man. I realize that it was just a fantasy that Karen and I shared when making love sometimes, something that turned up the heat when we fantasized, but the unexpected way they found us and the way they acted made me super aroused even though I knew that deep down nothing would come of it.I really thought our little fantasy of a gang bang would come true when Karen started to become more and more uninhibited from the alcohol and the guys attention to her, but as it got later and Karen turned away every awkward advance it was clear it wasn't going to happen.When we turned in for the night her passionate kiss told me she was as hot as I was but she refused to go any farther with others in the room. I reminded her of our fantasy and she said she söke escort had been thinking of nothing else all-night but she was just too nervous to go through with it so it wasn't going to happen!Shortly after falling asleep I woke up as if in a dream my wife's hot lips were wrapped around my hard cock and she was bobbing up and down. When I reached down to stroke her hair she crawled up me, kissed me lustfully, and said, "I can't take it so be quiet and I'll do you then you do me." With that I watched as she returned to my hard cock. While she worked her magic I unbuttoned her shirt then ran my hand down to her soaking wet pussy and inserted my fingers and began playing with her ass hole and worked two fingers in there all the time rubbing her clit keeping her right on the edge of orgasm.When I shot my large load into her mouth she swallowed licked up the few drops that tried to escape, and then came up to kiss me and trade places. I enjoyed making her crazy with lust, all the while trying to make her cry out so she'd waked the guys who were sleeping only a few feet away.I have to hand it to Karen she was just barely able to get through her orgasm with only a grunt or two. Then we lay in each other's arms and fell asleep.The next morning when Eric and I were outside rustling up some more fire wood he said, "Man that was quite a show you guys put on last night. I really enjoyed it."I had to make him promise not to say anything to Karen because she'd have gon ballistic if she knew she'd just put on an x-rated show for my buddy.
10-09-2021, at 10:21 AM

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