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Our first meeting

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Our first meetingby sheer coincidence and an accidental text I found you...A month has gone by and a thousand additional texts since then... Text that started off innocent enough then the mental attraction began.. You sent me your picture and I realized how beautiful you are.. In the last month I explored your innermost desires, the desire to give yourself to a stronger man you can trust with your heart and your body. You want to explore those darker fantasies you have but are afraid to share with people you know.. Afraid of being labeled something other than curious.In your mind you have explored so much with me... you have learned to trust me, that I will take you to your edges but respect your freedom of choice.. We have explored your desire to be claimed.. then taken... then used for the pleasure of another - the act of giving your reward for the ride. While trying to sense your limits I am surprised that you have so few, that you are game for most anything we talk about...The night arrives... the night you are to give yourself to me.... you have never seen me, not even a picture of my face... how will you know me.. how will you react to my touch... so many questions racing through your mind as you sit there at the bar.. Just like I instructed... avcilar escort Wearing the black dress cut to mid thigh just as I instructed... You look at every guy in the place.. surveying them.. wondering if they are the one who will claim you... so many.. and none that you feel worthy.... you are almost disappointed as you sip your wine.. wondering if this was a good idea....You feel fingers running through your hair from behind... your instinct is to turn but the fingers hold your head in place - staring straight ahead... a strong hand has taken control... you feel warm breath on your neck right before you hear my voice.... Thank you for coming... You will not disappoint...I pul your hair slightly to open your neck to me.. i feel you freeze as my teeth touch your skin... I bite. not hard enough to draw blood.. but enough to where I feel you tense beneath my fingers.. I grab your hair a little tighter and hold you in place.. The unspoken command has you relax a bit and accept my little gift...I tell you that we are about to leave.. If you want to come with me that is a choice... one that holds as much promise as it does consequence.... do you wish to leave with me... your voice is cracking as you say "Yes!!!"I şirinevler escort tell you to close your eyes... it is not time for you to see me yet... You are to keep your eyes closed until I tell you that you can open them.. You will do as I say for the remainder of the evening or I will bring you back to this club to go back to your ordinary life - do you understand? "Yes!!"I stand you up and navigate you to the door, You feel my strong hands on your shoulders.. You are nervous but feel safe in my arms.. You are afraid at what might happen.. and you have every reason to be... you don't know me well at all and you are freely allowing yourself to be claimed by a stranger. We get to my car and before I put you in I take out a black blindfold... I tell you what it is as ask if it is ok that I put it on you. You agree... and your sight is taken from you... all you have left is the sound of your heart beating in your chest and the clean scent of my cologne. I lower you into the passenger seat of the car and you feel surrounded by warm leather, the pur of the engine and the way it weaves in and out of traffic you know this isn't a cheap car. When we are on the road I tell you to raise your skirt.. I want to see the taksim escort tops of the stockings I told you to wear.. You do.. and they are very sexy.. good choice... and I can also see how wet you are.. this drives me a little crazy... I reach down and touch your thigh right above the hose.. the bare skin.. and you feel an electric shock jolt you straight to your clit... then its gone....We get to my house and I lead you in.. soft Jazz plays in another room.. other than that no noise.... you smell candles and feint flowers... You are afraid but for some reason comfortable... I lead you to my bedroom... and leave you standing at the foot of the bed.. I tell you to stay there and not to move... I leave to get a bottle of wine... when I return you are still in position.. Legs apart and hands behind your back.. i reach around and untie your blindfold... Your eyes see me for the first time and you are amazed... You had no idea I would look as i do.. 6' tall.. blonde hair with a touch of grey, very muscular, and ruggedly handsome... You are now more glad you took this leap... you look around the room and see many things laid out for experimentation.. You see nipple clamps, silk ropes, different crops/paddles, handcuffs, things you aren't sure what they do but they send a chill up your spine regardless... I ask you to choose a safe word... then I tell you to lie back on the bed and let the fun begin...This story was written for someone... if she likes the beginning.. Ill write an ending for her....Comments appreciated
10-07-2021, at 08:10 PM

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