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First encounter at the disco

Post #1

First encounter at the discoI?m at the disco dancing to some fine techno. I catch you looking at me and give you a friendly smile. To my surprise you don?t smile back. Instead you wet your lips with your tongue and signal me to follow you. I?ve never met you before but decide to follow you. Hey, what?s the worst that could happen, right?You take me to a room in the back of the club. Once inside, you lock the door. This is getting interesting?You?re in front of me, with your back towards me. I get behind and start kissing your neck. You feel my cock getting harder as I get aroused from your soft skin and sweet smell..You turn around. Our tongues touch: such a wild and wet kiss! I bet you like it dirty?My hands are around your neck, squeezing, always a bit harder until you almost can't breathe. You gasp and moan. My şişli escort god, what a horny look on your face!My hands go down now, in between your tits, slowly circling inwards until I touch your nipples. Fuck, they are hard! I'm biting your neck, one hand on your hard nipples and tits, the other hand goes down, sliding between your legs. No panties?! Why I am not surprised?OMG, you're so wet!!!My dick is as hard a rock now and my mouth goes down, licking and biting your nipples. Aw, that must have hurt! My tongue slides further down, over your sexy belly to your pussy. I start licking your clit and you moan loudly. I put one finger in your pussy. Two fingers in your pussy!! Three!!! And I lick your clit very fast now!You get totally crazy now, I put a finger in your ass too! But you want more! mecidiyeköy escort So you'll get more!!I'm laying on my back now and you come sit on my face... Mmm you?re still so incredibly wet... You take of my pants and go down on my cock start licking the tip. Precum is what you taste! Meanwhile your pussy juice is still flowing into my mouth, the best I ever tasted!I'm standing now, and take your head by the hair, pushing your mouth over my cock. You're such a dirty slut! I'm forcing my cock deeper and deeper into your mouth until it's all in!!!You gag and your spit is running down my fat cock and big ball. You're been such a good little slut! I slap you in the face!!! Forcing you on my cock again! Mmmmmm, all in your mouth, you're sucking me really hard now, faster and faster? I slap esenyurt escort you on the ass, 1? 2? 3? each time is slap a little harder!You're pussy is so wet and wide now, I put all of my hand in it! Mmmmm, you still deepthroat me like the dirty little whore you are and I fistfuck you hard! You can't take it anymore and you cum again, pussy juices running down my arm!!! That?s it!Aaaaah, I can't take it no more and shoot my cum all on your face, into your mouth! Wooooo, you're the hottest slut ever!!!Now it's time to fuck! I put my big fat cock in your wet pussy and fuck you, harder and harder!!! With one hand I grap you by the neck, almost making you run out of air. With the other hand I grap your tits and pinch your nipples.Mmmm, this is clearly what you like. It's the best fuck you have ever had!I'm slapping your ass and fucking you even harder! HARDER! HARDER!!!!Your pussy is surely going to hurt tomorrow...You're such a good slut! The perfect fuck!Aaaah, I cum again!!!! What a big load!!! I shoot it all in your soaked pussy...I hope we?ll meet again next week at the disco ;-)
10-07-2021, at 07:48 PM

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