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Velvet and Denise: Secrets revealed

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Velvet and Denise: Secrets revealedVelvet:While I was in LA, I decided to visit my first husband and our two twin daughters. They were both nearly 15 years old and it had been a while since I had seen them. I hadn?t been back to see my former gang members since I was using d**gs and about 5 years had passed. I had moved back to LA and was living on the streets, with my pimp, and hooking when I had decided to visit my ex back then. He had seen me and took me in to help, pressuring the man, who was selling me on the streets each night, to give up his interest in me. I began to recuperate and because he was no longer in the gang, I stayed out of trouble. Many of the guys, who were members when I had been their whore, were in jail, dead or had left after a certain age, so I was new meat to them when I went back and began partying once more. I returned to d**gs and was being gangbanged on a nightly basis, during that time in my life, so the d**gs kept me tolerant to my extreme sexual appetite. After nearly four months, they had pawned me off to a d**g dealer from Mexico, who had visited and found my former porn actress reputation to be intriguing. He had fucked me multiple times and I had sucked off him and his bodyguards also, so he loved my sluttiness. I returned to Mexico with him and once he had enjoyed his fill, he had sold me to a bordello to fuck for money. I was working in the bordello for another 5 months before Mikey came down to save me. I had gone from being a famous porn actress and low level C or D list celebrity, who?s reputation had made me one of the top female porn stars for two years and who had been dating and fucking A list movie stars and rappers, to being a 20 Peso girl who got fucked upward of 10 times a day by migrant workers and d**g addicts. I began doing live sex shows and my life spiraled out of control when my sexual addiction lead to sexual deviation. I was fucking everyone and everything before Mikey found me and I still remembered many nights when I would fuck 8 or 9 men and do 4 or 5 live sex shows for only a total amount of $30. Life was bleak back then, but now I was back to being a big star in Japan and had just begun a new American tour with my daughter. I walked in to find Denise sucking a young guy?s cock while the other fucked her. They were taking turns filming their fun with her on their cell phones and when they busted a nut on her face, she ate it for them as they finished filming her. She was just like her grandmother and myself. They gave her a handful of hundred dollar bills and she escorted them to the door as I lit up a cigarette and smoked it, before she came over to sit on the bed. I had watched and it had been a turn on to see my daughter behaving like a whore. I was fingering my pussy when both men had cum and the smell had hit me from across the room in my chair. I walked over and handed my cigarette to Denise and she took a deep drag on it as I sat next to her and wiped some of the cum from her breasts, subconsciously licking it from my fingers. I loved cum and I just had to have a taste. I let her finish my cig and then asked if she wanted to go with me to visit her sisters on our free day tomorrow. She said yes and then she went to shower while I called my ex-husband to plan our visit. I took my gang member jacket with me, as we drove to see my k**s. It had been so long it seemed and I still dreamed of my days fucking the entire Latino gang one at a time. I was their ultimate whore and fucking someone famous had made them admire me, even if they had just wanted to get a blowjob or fuck my ass. When I had become pregnant by one of their youngest members, they were proud of him and it had kept him in good standing, even when he had left the gang. My daughter knew of my life back then and I got the idea that she had been inquiring about my time in Mexico too. I didn?t want to tell her about all of my extreme sexual perversions, but I knew that she would understand. I was the epitome of an out of control sex and d**g addict during that time and one complimented the other. During our drive to see her twin sisters she asked a lot of questions and I finally answered her truthfully. Her father Mikey had spent a lot of money to buy the films of me engaging in so many live sex acts in the bordello, in which I had been a cheap prostitute and fetish freak. The owners had filmed me and the other women engaging in sex acts with large groups of men who had come down to experience the Mexican debauchery that was often thought to be rumor. Films of me being penetrated by multiple men, large objects and a wide variety of b**sts, large and small. I wasn?t proud of my past, but it was what it was and I had done it for nearly 5 months. Most of the women would quit or run away and some died before a month or two had passed, from d**gs and injuries, but I had endured and lived to make sure that my daughter did not follow in those footsteps of my past. I handed Denise my cell phone, after punching in my password, and pressed play on a video that I had kept from my past. I was sharing something that had kept me grounded and reminded me not to fall off of the wagon again, over the past 4 years. Mikey had destroyed all of the films that he had purchased, but this was a compilation of a variety of my live sex films and now she was watching it. Her eyes were wide, but she held back her questions as she watched a handful of the many shows that I had done, sometimes upwards to 5 times a day for those long 5 months, during my many different live sex shows. My legs were spread wide as 4 men helped a large stallion to mount me on a padded table, guiding its bicep thick, 2 foot long penis into my lubed pussy and held onto it as it fucked me. It had gotten used to the routine and could nearly do everything on its own, after doing so for so many times and for so long. It?s pint of sticky, warm jizz poured from my gaping cunt as it finished inside of me on this occasion, and backed off of the table, showing me lying there, my legs still spread wide as I sampled tastes of its semen from my wide spread, cum oozing hole. That was just one of the many deviant sex acts, be they vaginal, oral or anal, that I had engaged in and now shared with my daughter. She watched for the next 20 minutes, small snippets of video that had remained from my shows. The footage was grainy and blurred, but it was very noticeable who I was and what I was doing. I had gained a reputation for my deviant sex acts during that short time there and I?m sure that there were still private films of me doing much more. I had been a star in that small sexual niche and a part of me had enjoyed the attention, the notoriety and even the sex. I was a sex addict of the extreme kind and I had loved sex of every freakish variety imaginable. Of course, I knew that my sexual addiction along with my severe d**g addiction, to both crack cocaine and heroin, şişli escort had been much of the reason. I hoped that she now understood and took her addiction seriously so that something like that would never happen to her. Denise: We rode in quiet until we got to my mom?s ex-husband?s home. The visions of what my mom had done would be forever in my mind. She seemed to be enjoying herself as she was fucked or sucking off the variety of a****ls that she had engaged in sex with. The crowd cheered her as she bucked her hips to take on the different types of penises, both large and small, that had penetrated her in various openings and positions. My mom had been a star in that freaky setting and it had all been during her battle with d**g addiction. The photos of her face covered in semen were true, since I had watched it all occur on her phone, as she sucked and stroked the different cocks off onto her face or into her mouth or as I watched her get fucked and ejaculated into by her various non-human partners. It definitely burned an image into my mind, but I let it go when I met my sisters in the front yard and we hugged. It had been at least 6 months since they had visited me and I didn?t get to see them as often as I would have liked. We shared many similar features, but we all passed as sisters, since all three of us looked Latino. I said hello to their father and we all went into the house to catch up. We spent nearly three hours chatting before my mom asked her Ex if he?d take her and I to meet the old gang. She had brought her jacket with her and I think that she wanted to personally give it back, to end her association with her difficult past. He still knew many of the members, so we left my sisters and went for a meeting. When we arrived, there were nearly 3 dozen men standing around in a large compound behind a fence, of what looked to be an abandoned warehouse. The gang hung out inside, so we entered and there were at least a dozen men whom my mom remembered and who remembered her. Word got around quickly and soon we were all surrounded by the entire group at hand. Many of them eyed us like meat and it was kind of a turn on. My mother had taught me Spanish and we both spoke it fluently, so I was able to understand their comments. They all figured that my mom had come back to party and fuck, but their attitudes changed as she explained that she was here to turn in her gang jacket. Some looked pissed off, but I stepped in to stop any of them from getting too angry, by telling the members that when my mom said passed on, she meant not quitting, but passing on the mantle of Putita to her daughter, the current top young porn star in the adult industry. They seemed happy as I reached for the jacket and stepped out of my tight dress and put the jacket on over my fully nude body. Their eyeballs widened and my mom tried to stop me, but her ex understood and pulled her back, as I walked off with two members and motioned for the others. I was led back into the warehouse where the matresses and furniture were kept for lounging about and partying and soon I was being fucked by each and every member in the building. I had stayed on all night when my mom had left and in between fucking and sucking off the more than 3 dozen tatted gang members, I had partied with them too. I had smoked at least 5 full bongs of weed and was still getting a cock stroked in my slippery, cum filled hole early that morning. My cunt was sore and my asshole swollen as I made my way to the bathroom and sat down to pee and drain the semen from my openings. All night long I had swallowed cum, been jizzed in and fucked hard, but I had truly enjoyed the danger of doing so. The thought of all of these thugs stuffing their cocks into my willing holes had pushed me over the edge as I got high and fucked. I was so tired and I just wanted to sleep, but I had to wait for my mom?s ex-huband, Bennie, to pick me up. He came alone and took me back to his house where I cleaned up. My sisters were in school and when I came out of the shower I fell onto Bennie?s bed and laid there naked. He walked in to see me and I smiled at him, still high from the night before. ?Thanks.? I said as I winked at him. ?I didn?t want any trouble and my mom giving up her jacket seemed a bit on the dangerous side. I knew that she was trying to teach me a lesson and put that part of her life behind, but I wanted her to be safe. Plus, I think the guys liked me.? I said with a laugh. ?You remind me of your mom so much.? Bennie said as he plopped down next to me and then ran his hands over my breasts, ?Just much younger.? He stated as he squeezed my right boob and leaned in to suck on my hard nipples. After a few minutes of making out, Bennie was on top of me, his dick driving me into his mattress. I was moaning out and bucking back while he fucked me, when my sisters came in to see the commotion. We didn?t see them for a while, but one of them cleared their throats while they stared. Bennie told them to close the door and leave and he continued to pound my well used pussy before he filled it with his spunk. I licked and sucked his cock back to life and then he mounted me from behind to thrust rapidly into my vagina for the next 25 minutes. Another load filled my cream dripping gash and I felt a bit strange when we returned to the room to see my sisters staring at me with disgust. ?You?re just like mom aren?t you?? one of them asked. ?I heard that you were doing porn now, but I wasn?t sure if it was true.? My other sister said. ?Yes.? I answered, to both questions as I reached into my purse and pulled out a cigarette to place between my lips. ?We?re more alike than I would like to admit.? I said as my mom?s film footage flashed through my mind and I pictured myself as the cheap whore in the brothel, taking part in the many sex acts that I could imagine my mom doing. ?I?m going outside to smoke if you want to talk more.? I said. They followed me and now it was their turn to ask the many questions as I divulged all of my sexual secrets to my twin sisters. Now they knew that not only had I just fucked their dad twice, but I had also fucked nearly 5,000 other men. I explained how I was in the adult industry since I was 16 and how my grandmother?s husband had provided the paperwork for me to do so. They were both 15 years old and would soon be 16, so they deserved the truth. We talked until late that night and I had finished off a whole pack of cigarettes before the late evening news came on. I had a shoot in the morning with my Mom and Grandma, so Bennie agreed to take me to the location the next morning. I joined my sisters in their room that night and when they fell asleep, I left and joined Bennie in his room where we fucked the night away. I was tired the next morning and just had time to shower and smoke a cigarette before I made it to the set. I kissed Bennie goodbye and entered mecidiyeköy escort the set with my two porn idols and then we proceeded to take on a total of 12 cocks each. I was in heaven and we would be shooting another three films over the next three days before we left for our next scheduled town. I was kneeling on a hotel pillow, my head bobbing on a long, hard white cock and a camera videotaping my blowjob while my client?s wife fingered my pussy from behind and rubbed my ass. I had met a couple in the club, that we had been scheduled to work, and they had hired me to go back t their room for some fun. The wife wanted me to suck off her husband while she played with me and I had done much more with others, so I accepted their offer. They were an attractive couple and seemed like a middle aged husband and wife adding some spice to their sex lives. ?I love that sexy, round, black ass of yours.? She said as she quickly thrust three of her fingers in and out of my wet twat. ?Watching you suck my husband?s big cock is so hot. I might come and join you too.? She said before she smacked my buttocks hard with one hand. Her dripping fingers pulled out of my slit and then I felt her lips kissing my butt cheeks as she made her way between my legs. ?You taste so good honey.? She mumbled as her tongue lucked my moist crack. I spread my legs farther apart as I continued to suck off her husband, allowing her to get her face closer to my sweet peach of a cunt. Her tongue darted in and then a finger slid in as she licked me. It felt so good and her husband grabbed a handful of my hair to jam my head down onto his rock hard pole. I deep throated him and he groaned out when I pulled back off to breathe. I kept sucking as my pussy got licked and looked up into the camera while her husband filmed me. ?Do you want to cum in my mouth or all over my face?? I asked him as I ran my tongue down his long, white shaft and began sucking on his hairy balls. ?All over your pretty face. Now stick your tongue in my asshole and lick it.? He told me, so I ran my tongue down his gonads and made my way to his sphincter. I stoked his throbbing cock as I licked his hairy ass and began to cum while his wife massaged my g-spot. Half my tongue was up his ass when he pulled me up by my hair and sprayed my face with his cum spurting cock. One stream after another shot across my face and open mouth as I attempted to get some of his semen onto my tongue. He kept cumming like a stallion and it reminded me of my mom?s Mexican films, as my face got coated with streams of warm jizz. He jammed his dick back into my mouth and I licked him clean as I glared into the camera, my left eye closed with a teaspoon of thick spunk. Cum ran down my face and soon his wife was there to kiss and lick it off of me. We shared mouthfuls of his sticky sperm and then he mounted her from behind and began to fuck her. I slid down and licked her pussy and his cock as he slid deep into her dripping vagina. She was loving it and exploded as she screamed out and came, her juices spraying from her cunt and covering my face. Her husband re-entered her soaked hole and pumped her hard as my mouth and tongue worked them both. After quite some time, he filled her with another load of cum and I proceeded to suck it from her fuck hole and eat it for the camera that he held to film me. ?That was so fucking hot.? His wife said as she sat back against the headboard of the hotel bed. I was still between her legs, licking her pussy while her husband rubbed my ass and squeezed my butt cheeks. ?I?d love to fuck her tight, black ass sweetie.? Her husband stated, but she just told him to keep on dreaming, since a blowjob was all he was going to get. He licked his finger and then slid it into my asshole and raised his eyebrows at his wife, whose clit was now being worked by my professional tongue. She had closed her eyes and was moaning loudly while I sucked on her clit and then she came again, soaking the bed and my face. Her husband had straddled my ass and was now sliding his growing erection between my butt cheeks as she opened her eyes to smile. ?Please honey? I?ll let you have your fantasy of a big, black cock on our next night out.? He said to her in a sweet voice. His cock was moving faster and he was fully erect again. She moved down to his cock and took it into her mouth to suck and spit on as I laid there on my stomach, under her husband?s weight. He spread my ass cheeks and she guided his wet dick until it pressed against my anal sphincter and then he slid it in all the way. I moaned out as he began to pump my ass and his wife moved back to her seating position with my head between her legs. I returned to licking her vagina while he ass fucked me and eventually he came inside of my rectum during her next orgasm. They had gotten their money?s worth and I was tired after I left their hotel and returned to mine. My mom was already sleeping, but my grandmother was in her bed, with a young guy from the club. He legs were spread wide and pointed into the air as he drove his hard cock into her and bounced her on the bed. I smiled and walked into the bathroom to clean up and get ready to go to bed and when I returned, my grandma was now on top and riding her new lover like a sex fiend, holding her huge tits and bouncing on his dick. I watched and found myself rubbing my clit as I did so. It was so hot to see her enjoying sex at her age and hoped that I would too when I got older. Her lover couldn?t have been much older than me, maybe around 22 years old. He finally came and I watched his semen run down his thick shaft as my grandma continued to slide on his pole. It dripped from his nads and onto the bed and I wanted to lick it up so bad. She fell across his chest and looked back at me smiling. ?Feel free to join us if you like Denise.? She said with an evil grin. It didn?t take me long to drop my robe and have my face buried between his legs, licking up the cum from the bed, his nuts and my grandmother?s gaping cum hole, his semi-hard prick still buried deep inside of her. My grandmother and I fucked her young lover until early that morning and had devoured two more loads of his cum before we finished. He left and we shared a cigarette before falling asleep and being woken up by a phone call, not more than 2 hours later. I was tired, but we all had a shoot today and another promotion that night. This road trip was going to be very busy, not only with our scheduled events and videos, but with our private clients and the men whom we picked up on our own. We showered and were on the set about two hours later, getting our makeup done before we took on 10 different guys in an orgy film. My cunt ached, but two of the internal cum shots that I took, more than made up for the uncomfortable pounding I had gotten from each of the actors. We had all swallowed some cumshots and let esenyurt escort a few of the guys cum in us, so the sex had been wonderful. I couldn?t wait to get back to the hotel to rest and hoped that I had the energy to keep going tonight. My grandmother left the club with another young guy that night, while my mom and I accepted a job to dance together at a private bachelor party. We left with our new clients, riding in their vehicle to the party?s destination. My mom didn?t hold back at all and was sucking cock in the back seat as we made our way to the party, so I followed suit and sucked off the driver while I rode in the front seat with him. He used his cell phone to film some of our action and sent it ahead to his friends before we arrived. Now they knew for sure what to expect from the two professional porn stars and hookers when they arrived. I was proud of my mom, avoiding the pot and the booze at the bachelor party. It was nearly 3 am when we began dancing for the 9 guys, who were waiting for us and their three friends, who hired us at the club. We had been in Dallas for nearly three days and we had already shot one porn scene for a movie, we had engaged in sex with a handful of men on our first and second evenings in town, and now my mom and I were entertaining a group of young guys celebrating their friend?s bachelor party. My mom had tried to tell me, when she wasn?t dancing privately with one of the guys or had a cock in her mouth, to avoid the temptation, but I was young and just had to indulge. 5 of the guys had gotten me to join them in a beer shot game, while I sucked each of their cocks as they surrounded me, pouring one shot after another as my head bobbed from one dick to the other. I did a shot between each change of partner and my head was swimming after only 15 minutes. I began doing bong hits between cocks entering my mouth and the pot smoke poured from my lungs and out of my mouth and between my lips while I sucked each stiff rod. They filmed me giving them pot smoking blow jobs and I began fingering my twat as I blew them. My mom was in the other room being fucked by the other members of the party, so I took advantage of my time away from her to drink and smoke pot. I was hammered after just 30 minutes and soon they all had me bent over the arm of the couch and were fucking me in the pussy and ass at will. One after the other they switched in and out, tag teaming me and pumping me hard in each of my openings before another person tapped in. One of the guys shoved an empty beer bottle in my ass as he fucked me and then another stuffed his cock in my mouth. I was stuffed with two cocks and a glass bottle while I moaned out loudly as he shoved it nearly all the way into my ass and came in my pussy. Cum dripped from my snatch and the next guy pulled the bottle from my butt and stuffed his cock into my rectum. He pumped me hard as another reached his hand up under my stomach and began to slowly insert his fingers into my cream filled hole. Soon my ass was full with a hard cock and the guy had all of his fist in my stretched cunt. I swallowed a cum load and licked the long shaft clean before my ass was filled with jizz and another two cocks filled me. My ass was being fucked again and so was my mouth as one of the guys began to stuff an empty liter bottle of vodka between my legs. My pussy was sopping wet with two cream pies as the tip of the bottle slid between my labia and he pushed harder. His friend kept pumping my ass and I kept sucking the cock in my mouth as I felt the bottle?s rounded edge slowly spread my lips wider and plunged into my cum soaked, gaping slit. He pushed it in and out and soon half the bottle was shoved into my vagina as the last two guys filled my ass and mouth with more cum. I fell onto my stomach, my legs spread wide and my ass up into the air as they fucked my pussy with the liquor bottle and then slid the beer bottle into my ass. I felt like I was going to be spit open, but I writhed and moaned in ecstasy as they fucked me with their empty booze bottles. My cunt and ass oozed sperm and my stomach had swallowed 4 loads of jizz that evening, but I was buzzing and my sexual addiction was peaking. One of the guys was erect again and was soon trying to slide his dick into my ass, along with the beer bottle. His friends cheered as he pushed hard and his stiff prick slid in next to the glass bottle. He was straddling me as he jammed his dick into me and his friends were taking photos. My eyes watered as I screamed out for him to fuck me harder. I had to have more, but physically I was at my maximum. My mom walked in at that moment and came over to break up the extreme sex show. The guys came back to reality and I felt the bottle pop from my twat, leaving my vagina looking like a huge crater between my legs. My asshole was stretched and gaping too, when the bottle was removed from my behind, and I begged my mom to let the guy finish fucking it. She let him and he filled my ass again, after just a few minutes. We dressed without cleaning up and my mom helped me to leave as I staggered from the room, drunk and high and still extremely horny. We got into the car and I took a deep drag on the cigarette that my mom had given to me, as we began our drive back to our hotel at nearly 6 am. I rubbed my clit as I smoked and my mom tried to get me to talk about what had just occurred. ?You can?t let the d**gs control you honey.? She said, as only a caring mother could. ?That happened to me when I was younger and you saw where I ended up, as a cheap hooker and side show in Mexico.? I tried to understand, but my mind reeled at the feeling I had enjoyed of being stretched and used by all of the men. I was only 17 and I had been sexually active for nearly 6 years already, I had been in the porn industry for just a little over a year and had shot almost 150 film scenes. I had recently become an escort and stripper and I was loving my new life. Having fucked 5,000 men in my short life, 2500 of them in the last year and a half, had allowed me to engage in such extreme sex and even though it had been painful, my mind had reeled for more. My sexual addiction was getting stronger, if that was even possible, and now I knew how the d**gs had made my mom and grandmother do the things that they had done in their lives. It didn?t keep me from wanting to enjoy the sensation, but I had to somehow try to make my mind overcome my physical urges and my addictive mental urges. At this minute though, I wanted more and my mom understood. She led me to our room and I fell into bed, the ceiling spinning above me as the booze and pot stoked my buzz. She stood over me with a huge black dildo and spread my legs, her mouth and fingers finding my swollen clit and labia. She licked and sucked on my cum covered twat until it was clean from the spunk of my previous lovers and then she made me cum multiple times as she worked both of my holes with her mouth and the giant dildo. After nearly an hour, I was spent. My mom was a professional and she knew exactly what I had needed and I passed out after my last orgasm, waking the next afternoon to do one more film scene before we left for Dallas.
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