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My Online Encounter (full)

Post #1

Part One

My name is Steve and I?ve been living in this boring town for what seems to be ages. Being 25, not having very many friends and no girlfriend can make days really dull around here. Not to mention that its been a while since I?ve gotten any.

Being a Monday there really wasn?t anyone around to hang out so I hoped onto my computer to find something to look at. I find myself getting hornier every day passing. Then an idea popped into my head. I have heard about these ?dating? sites but I?ve never been on one before. So I typed in dating sites on Google and clicked on the first one. The name Fishes and the Sea seemed kinda corny but I thought to give it a try.

After a couple of hours and no replies, I had decided to take a break for tonight. Logged onto my Facebook page to see who was online. Just for fun I always look at the people you may know section if I see anyone. There she was, Tiffany Kat. I had recognized her from the dating site before. Not really knowing her I clicked add to see what would happen. Nothing so I stepped away to shower.

After drying off I had gone back to check my Facebook. She accepted! Before sending anything I looked through her profile. Hot body, sexy legs, big boobs. I was drooling looking at the screen. So I started a new convo with her.

Me: Hi

Tiffany: Hi

Tiffany: Who is this?

Me: I was on and saw you on there

Me: Thought you were pretty and wanted to say hi :$

Tiffany: Awe thanks. How are you tonight?

Me: I?m ok just bored at home lol

Tiffany: Same here

Tiffany: Just got back from staying the weekend at my friends house

Me: Oh nice

Me: How was that?

Tiffany: It was so much fun!

Tiffany: We do everything together

Me: Everything?

Tiffany: Yup!

Tiffany: Last night we even showered together

Me: Oh wow that?s so hot!

Me: How was that?

Tiffany: It was so hot and wet!

Tiffany: So much fun just thinking about it makes me wet

Me: Oh ya?

Me: Do you like hung guys

Tiffany: Mmmmm I love them!

Me: mydick.jpg

Tiffany: OMG your huge!

Tiffany: I don?t know if I could fit that all!

Me: Want to come over and give it a try?

Tiffany: OMG yes!

Tiffany: But I?m eating dinner soon

Tiffany: Can I come by later tonight?

Me: Sure here is my address

Me: 74 Evegreer st

Tiffany: Can I cum by at 12?

Me: Of course!

Tiffany: OK see you later hehe

I logged off my computer and sat there thinking. ?Oh wow. Did that just happen?? I thought.

Part Two

I?ve been pacing back and forth in my room now for what seemed to be hours. I looked at the clock and realized that is was only 9pm. Only three hours more to go, I thought. Nervousness began to set in. Thoughts of her not showing swarmed through my head. I head to the kitchen to make myself a small snack.

A little after 12 I hear a small knock at the door. My heart races as I head towards the entrance. I open the door and there she was. Tiffany wasn?t very tall at five feet and had a super slim frame with a tight waist. She was wearing a black slim dress to show off her sleek curves. Also, I couldn?t help but notice her DD breasts that looked like if you squeezed them a tiny bit they would pop out instantly.

?Wow, you look amazing!?, I said. ?Come on in. I was just about to put on a movie.

?That sound fun. Can I use your bathroom?? she asked

?Sure, it?s just down he hall?, I said pointing in the direction.

As she walked away I took some time to admire her backside. The back of her dress was almost fully open exposing her luscious skin all the way down to the top of her scrumptious round ass. It took me a few seconds to notice her staring back at me. ?I?m going to go start the movie?, I said and quickly rushed off towards my living room. I heard her giggle as the bathroom door shut.

I could feel my cock slowly growing in anticipation. I could just imagine bending her over and sliding my cock into her warm tight pussy. I heard a flush and the door opening.

?Steve?? she called out.

?I?m in the living room. I put on a scary one is that ok? I asked.

?Sure. Just as long as I get to snuggle up with you?

She was standing there looking cute and shy with her arms swaying gently by her waist. I motion her to come sit next to me on the couch. When she sits down I put my arm around her and start the movie. By the time the movie was half way over she had her head buried in my chest. I couldn?t wait any longer so I pulled her chin up to look at me and kissed her. Her lips felt better than anything I had expected. They were so warm and soft it made want to kiss her harder. She climbs onto my lap and looks me in my eyes.

?Are you ready to make me cum?? she asked with a mischievous grin.

My cock shot up instantly and I almost came right there.

?Uh, ya lets go to my room?, I stuttered.

She smiled, took my hand, and led me to my room. This is when the night I could forget began.

Part Three

As we walked to my room I could not help myself from staring at her ass again. Watching it sway back and forth as she walked. I was mesmerized how it subtly bounced like fresh Jello. I shut the door behind us and move towards the bed. She pushes me onto the bed and then pulls off my pants exposing my huge hard cock.

?Oh wow. You?re even bigger than I thought!?, she says in excitement.

Before I could say anything my cock had disappeared inside her mouth. I was shocked that she could take. I leaned back and couldn?t help from moaning. Then she started to bob her head up and down. It took a lot of willpower not to cum down her throat right then.

?Lets get the bra off?, I said.

She sat up and reached behind her back unclasping her bra. It was like time slowed down for a few seconds. Her breasts did not move an inch when her bra dropped. They were the perfect hand size to cup and play with. I pushed her down onto the bed and started sucking on her nipples. They were so soft and warm in my mouth. I look up and her head is arched back. I could hear her starting to moan softly. After a minute or so of that I slowly start kissing down her body. Her moans increased and started to become louder. When I got to her pussy I spread her lips with my two fingers. She was soaked and I could smell her delicious wet pussy from a mile away.

With her pussy spread open I start licking the outside of her lips to get her worked up. After hearing subtler moans, I shove my tongue inside her. She shrieked and moaned in ecstasy as I tongue fucked her. Tasty juices flowing down my throat let me know that I was doing a good job. After I make her cum a few more times I sit up and position my cock at her pussy and press it against it.

?Ooooh baby please fuck me with that huge hard cock. I?m so horny and I need it bad?, she moans.

?Well you asked for it?, I replied. I slowly push the head of my cock inside her tight wet pussy. I didn?t think she would be this tight. As I entered her pussy her moaning turned into screaming as my hard cock stretched out her pussy.

?OMG!? she screamed. ?You?re so big, aah, fuck me harder baby!?.

?You asked for it? I said. My rhythm grew faster as I fucked her harder and harder. Not only that but she was also moaning increasingly louder as I continued. The sound her wet pussy was making as I fucked her made me so horny. After what seemed to be only five minutes turned into four hours of hot, loud sex. I was going to cum soon. I could feel my balls swelling up and becoming very tense. I shoved my cock as far and as hard as I could inside her soaked tight pussy.

?Oh my god I?m going to cu??

Streams of my hot cum flooded in pussy as she arched her back screaming in absolute pleasure. I continued to fuck her until I went limp inside her. After pulling out I laid down beside her. Looking over at this hot, sexy, out of breath woman I wonder how I got so lucky.
09-11-2021, at 08:43 PM

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