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Mother and son 4

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Mother and son 4A few days later and I was up for more fun with Michael.As soon as he returned home from college I asked him if he wanted too. Of course mum, when?Tonight okay? Get yourself an early shower and I'll get a take-away ordered so we can start early.Dinner over and a quick freshen up and we were ready Up in the bedroom we were both naked, Michael's cock aroused and erectMichael I want to try something different, okay?'Why not', Michael said 'what did you have in mind'Well I haven't mentioned it but I like a little BDSM, are you shocked?No not at all, I knew anyway mum I've seen inside your toy cupboard, interestingI went to the cupboard and selected my favourite suede flogger and cuffs for my wristsI showed Michael how to use the flogger. Like this Michael as I swished it in a figure of eight against pillow on the bedNow you try it, Michael took up the flogger and soon was using it quite expertlyOkay I think you have the idea. As for the paddle if you use it on my back, avoid the spine. Everywhere is is goodStart on my arse thenI leaned over the arm of the leather chair in the corner of my bedroomMichael swished his flogger through the air inches from my arseTen strokes now please Michael. He started the first. The flogger coming down on my arse hard but not too hard Thud. Two, slightly harderAnother thud, this time a little more forceful. My boy continued to flog my arse increasing the force ever so slightly with each strokeFinally blow number ten, I let out a gentle gasp. Ten, thank you young MasterI went to the cupboard and fetched a pair of nipple clamps and a smooth vibratorI climbed onto the bed and knelt near the edgeMichael attach the clamps to my nipples and tighten until I say it's goodHe tightened them very slowly, come on Michael more please until I gasp Then I lay down on my back awaiting the swish of the floggerMichael took the flogger and started to whip my tits Over and over again, tits stinging but feeling so greatThat's really good Michael, my pussy is getting nicely wetKeep going please I need more pain, harder strokesNow I raised my body up as high as I could with legs apartMichael take the flogger again and commence whipping my pussy My cunt was beginning to smart and I was sort of pleased when he stoppedMichael take the paddle in your hand and hit my cunt hardThwack, the paddle crashed down on my pussyThwack, the paddle crashed down againOver and over again stinging my cuntMichael stop now, that's goodOkay Michael release the clamps from my nipples pleaseMichael get a couple of restraining chains from the cupboardAttach my wrist cuffs with the chains to the headboardI want you to lick my cuntWith which Michael proceeded to lick and tease my clit and cunt with a passionSoon my cunt was drippingGood. Insert one finger then two in my cuntNow and another and another until your whole hand is inPerfect. Now thrust your hand in and out, I want to scream with pleasurePick up the smooth vibratorInsert it into my wet cunt to moisten it Now put it in my arse and switch it on to lowNow put your hand back into my cunt, slowly at firstMy boy was soon pounding away furiously at my grateful cuntNow turn the vibrator up to maxMichael was fisting my cunt so enthusiastically obviously enjoying the whole thingI was close to orgasm. Finally I was cumming, over and over again??.I slumped back and closed my eyes to re-compose myselfUntie me nowCome cuddling with me for five minutes whilst I get my breath backFinally recovered I got on all fours arse in the airMichael I want you to fuck my cunt please He then mounted me and inserted his cock into my eager pussyHe fucked me gently at first then gradually building up momentum until he was pounding away at her cunt He saw I was close to cumming. Michael saw this and eased off allowing me to regain some composure. My boy was learning fastQuicker and faster until he could see I was readyThen an almighty groan from both of us as Michael came in my cuntFinally we all collapsed in a heap on the bedI switched off and removed the vibe. We crawled under the bedclothes and snuggled in each other?s arms soon to sleepWe stayed together in my bed until the morning again
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