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Jerry's World - First Viewing Part 2

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Jerry's World - First Viewing Part 2?I can sort this out for you son? he said softly and I was so happy that a guy I had just met was happy to sort out some issues I have had for a while, ?Really?? I asked and my head felt so relaxed right now.He spun me back around and told me so technical jargon about interlinking muscles which quite frankly went straight over my head, ?A few exercises and gentle massage should make you right? he said smiling as I stood in front of him again, my only concern was my cock was bulging under my shorts however that didn?t seem to concern the old man as I am sure he had encountered such issues before in his career, I just felt lucky to be having this expert treatment for free.?I am going to start with loosening up your hips Jerry? he said softly as he slipped his hands up the inside of my shorts gently rubbing my hips in a circular movement, this was quite funny actually as with my cock not being very big it started to whirl around under my shorts and got dangerously close to the old man?s face as he concentrated on loosening up my hips, what made it worse was that with his hands up the sides it forced my shorts up tight against my balls and give more room for my erect cock to whirl around like a helicopter blade, ?Ooops!? I sighed giggling as I am sure my boner hit him in the face.The old man also saw the funny side of it telling me not to worry and his reassuring words certainly made me feel better although I was still very light headed which was a good relaxing feeling. I had never had this attention before and from a father figure it actually felt good.?Turn around son? the old man requested, ?I want to work those hips from the back? he continued and I was relieved to turn around as it took my erection away from his face.His touch was so soft as his hands went up the back of my shorts and rested on the cheeks of my arse for a few seconds before moving around to my hips with his thumbs trailing behind and then the circular motions started again and it was so relaxing.He took a firm hold on my hips, ?I am going to pull back Jerry and I want you to put pressure on your hips? he said and I felt him pulling me towards him, it felt like my arse was pushed into his face as I put pressure on my hips, I guess he knew what he was doing but my arse was definitely in his face and I am sure I felt his nose push my shorts between my crack, weird..We relaxed and he gently massaged my hips forcing the back of my shorts up high and wedged between my crack and to be honest with my head spinning I didn?t seem to care anymore.His massaging hands seemed to be working their way to my buttocks now and his gentle kneading felt very arousing, ?How does that feel Jerry?? he asked and I had to clear my throat, ?Good sir? I replied in a croaky voice. I had never been massaged before but was enjoying it and had to hold on to his desk for support as he kneaded the soft flesh of my arse cheeks and it didn?t seem to matter that his thumbs were not only widening my cheeks but prodding my hole.He moved his hands back up to my hips forcing my shorts up even further and not only were they tight up my crack with my bare cheeks exposed but I felt my balls hanging out.?Now Jerry, bend slightly as I pull you back and again apply pressure? he said softly and as I bent down still holding on to the desk he pulled back on my hips, OMG I didn?t apply pressure quick enough and my arse pressed hard against the poor man?s face, ?Sorry sir? I cried out but his kind words telling me not to worry made me forget about the fact that my arse was in his face.I could feel the pressure doing good but was concerned as Roger was stronger than the pressure I could apply and I was worried but I needn?t have been as he then wiggled my hips and although my arse was still against his face he was still in control.?Now hold that position Jerry, that?s good? he said and I felt his strong fingers pulling at my hips while his palms and thumbs pressed against my cheeks with his thumbs taking a grip which seemed to be forcing my cheeks apart, a little weird but in my light headed state I couldn?t care less.I could definitely feel his face against my bare arse and at one point was sure something licked my balls but I had trust that the old man knew what he was doing, rather him than me I thought giggling to myself.We stayed in this position for a good few minutes and I could definitely feel the benefit in my hips so when the old man suggested turning back round to finish of the front I was more than happy especially as the old man reassured me that my state of erection wouldn?t be a problem.He suggested we adopt a different position and got off his chair and sat down on the floor in front of the armchair and told me to stand close with my legs either side of him, at least I wasn?t the only person having erection issues. I stood in front of him without a care in the world with a definite buzz while his hands went up the inside of my shorts and rested on my hips with his fingers spread across my butt cheeks which again forced my shorts up giving more room inside for my cock to flop about not that it could do much flopping in its hard-throbbing state, he suggested I lean forward and hold on to the back of the chair which in doing so seemed to squeeze my balls out and I felt them against his forehead which made me giggle.He wiggled his hands around my hips and his fingers seemed to be pulling my cheeks apart as he tried to get a secure grip and with me bending I found myself pressing my erection hard against his face as my position had forced his head back.What was funny was that as he wiggled my hips my boner was rubbing against his face and with my hanging balls banging against his chin and nose I was surprised I didn?t suffocate the old feller but I trusted that he knew what he was doing and apart from the embarrassment factor which with my buzzing head had long gone my hips were feeling pretty loose.As I held on to the back of the chair my head was spinning and to be honest I had no strength to push my hips back and with the old man gripping my arse cheeks tightly pulling me towards him I was certain my balls ended up in his mouth because I felt his tongue trying to push them out, I was powerless.With his hands now gripping my arse cheeks tightly pulling them wide under my shorts I felt his fingers probing my crack and as he wiggled me again it managed to free my balls from his mouth, I felt him let out a sigh of relief but it was a bit like out of the frying pan and into the fire as I now felt my boner pressing somewhere it certainly shouldn?t be, I tried to move but only made it worse as I had no strength, I was just glad the button on my shorts was fastened because his hand movement seemed like I was grinding against his face, it was so amusing I didn?t have the strength to giggle.I don?t think the old man realised where his fingers were because I was sure they shouldn?t have been pushing into my back hole, I was getting flashbacks of how my father used to clean me back in the day but somehow the old man?s finger felt different. As we continued the gyrating movement not only was my shaft rubbing against his face but his finger seemed to be going deeper into me and what?s more I was actually enjoying it.I don?t know how but the button on my shorts must have got caught in the old man?s mouth somehow because it felt like he was trying to free it with his tongue which was a good call because he succeeded but only at the expense of undoing the button.This was not good because now my cock had popped out the unbuttoned gap which must have been uncomfortable so I tried to push back a bit to give him more space, OMG that was the wrong move as the movement only succeeded in pushing his finger further up my arse and with my boner swinging freely in front of his face, I wasn?t sure if the old man panicked or what but with his finger firmly lodged up my arse he seemed to wiggle me about until OMG I felt something really warm envelope the head of my cock.Bloody hell not only was his finger wedged up my arse but my cock had now somehow got into his mouth, I couldn?t move and to be honest, did I want to?I was about to try and pull away but the old man didn?t seem to be worried about it and whenever I tried to pull my cock out he seemed to be pulling it back in, it was a lost cause and with his tongue flicking around the shaft sending feelings through my body I had never felt before I knew this wasn?t going to end well. I was a teen full of testosterone and producing semen like it was going out of fashion and I was in a position with a finger up my arse and my cock in a mouth, I was going to blow and blow soon and with my balls banging against his chin and feeling the suction I could hold it no longer, ?OMG NOOOO!? I cried out as my hot seed shot out of my pulsating cock straight into the old man?s mouth.OMG I was so apologetic but he couldn?t answer as he was struggling to swallow my mess and even when I finished I could still feel him sucking the head, how weird.My cock started to soften and he released his grip on me and I took a couple of steps back as the old man licked his lips as he smiled up at me, ?How does that feel son?? he asked, ?Do they feel looser?? he continued and it I was honest I would have to say that they were, I actually felt great albeit quite tired, my head was still spinning.?Fancy another drink son?? the old man asked and with my head still spinning I have no idea why I agreed but sill fucking me did and the old man went out to refill our glasses and for some reason gave me the bigger one, cheers!Roger was up front about the fact that what would be my room should I agree was still being decorated so he gave me the choice of either the sofa or sharing his bed, what a dilemma to be in.With it being a strange house and the fact I am a heavy sleep I decided to share the old mans bed as I didn?t fancy sleeping on a sofa.?Bring your drink up with you son? he said in a soft voice and taking a quick sip told me it was stronger than what Sam had made but still tasted nice. We headed upstairs and he showed me the room I would have and it looked nice and then we went into his room and OMG.. it was awesome AND it had a TV.I took another gulp of my drink and my head was buzzing and I felt damn good, the old man smiled as I put my glass on the night stand and he turned the TV on, the room was cosy. ?I usually sleep naked son, is that OK?? he asked and the fact that I usually sleep naked and the warmth of the hospitality I happily agreed and even took the lead by pulling my boxers off, my half hard cock sprung out and I did catch the old man take a sideways glance. I jumped on the bed giggling and quickly pulled the thin sheet over my naked body while the old man removed his boxers, OMG seeing him naked gave me flashbacks of my father again when he used to put me to bed and cuddle me until I fell asleep and it somehow made seeing the old man standing there comforting.I turned over to get my drink as the old man got under the sheet and I was not only feeling woozy but also quite tingly, it was a weird feeling but I felt totally safe with Roger next to me. It was only a small double bed so we were quite close together as we got comfortable and there was the inevitable contact which was no real problem as my head was spinning.Roger was sitting up watching the TV as I finished my drink, damn I was buzzed up which the old man thought was quite funny but the weird thing was I snuggled up to him with my head on his chest and he could see how chilled I was and even put his arm around me to comfort me.I was getting very sleepy and bless him I felt him running his fingers through my hair and as he adjusted his position my head fell down onto his lap, he could see I was drowsy so just continued running his fingers through my hair which was so comforting that it gave me more flashbacks. The old man even adjusted our positions to make it more comfortable for me bringing my arm up so my hand was sort of under my head but I don?t think he was aware that my head was dangerously close to his cock which seemed to have got erect but I did manage to move myself which was not the best idea because now I had his cock against my face, I tried to move but had no energy.My hand seemed to have rested between his legs against his balls but it was actually comfortable plus I couldn?t move it if I wanted to, hell I couldn?t even lift my head but the old man made sure I was comfortable and my head ended up on his belly which apart from the fact that his boner was pressing against my face was actually quite comfortable.I could actually smell the tip of his cock as it was right under my nose and for some reason I actually found it arousing and then for some reason he moved my arm up a bit and left it on the shaft of his erect cock and I didn?t know why but my fingers seemed to just wrap themselves around it which I think made the old man jump as then next thing I knew his cock head had entered my mouth, OMG.. where was my energy?I think the old man must have been nodding off himself because the hand that was on my head seemed to get heavy pushing my head downwards which resulted in his cock going further into my mouth, well there was no way it was all going to go in there and as I tried to pull up the weight of his arm seemed to push me back and at one point I thought I was going to choke.I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew I was dreaming of having a warm creamy milk shake of something like that because my mouth filled and tasted kinda salty but was so tasty that I swallowed it down quickly and even ended up sucking on the straw afterwards, weird dream.?Good morning son, how did you sleep?? came the voice from the side of the bed, the smell of freshly brewed coffee filled the room as I opened my eyes and focused on the old man sitting on the edge of the bed looking down on me smiling. I felt like shit as my eyes half opened and I tried to focus on the old man in front of me, ?How do you feel son?? he asked with a wicked grin that I actually found comforting, I liked Roger.I smelt the coffee and immediately started to feel better and as I reached across to take a sip, ?I?m ok sir? I replied and we both giggled as I tried to sit up in the bed totally moving the thin sheet off me exposing my customary morning wood, ?Ooops? the old man sighed looking down at my boner.?Do you think you will enjoy staying here Jerry? he asked sweetly.To Be Continued?.
04-07-2021, at 02:31 PM

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