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The Games We Play

Post #1

The Games We PlayI enjoy sex. I?m not ashamed of it at all. I thoroughly love to fuck and think it?s one of the best things in the world. But, I also get bored very easily, so I don?t typically stick with a partner for very long. I figure it?s a me issue, because some of the women I?ve dated had the most amazing bodies with creamy cunts that you could eat for days, and some of the guys I?ve dated had massive dicks and techniques that drove you to quivering full-body orgasms. But, a different position isn?t exciting. A different place isn?t exciting. Adding a person isn?t really exciting more than once or twice and once things get repetitive and the thrill of ?new? wears off, I lose interest and seek out the next thing.Exciting is fear and adrenaline coursing through your body. It can be brought on by a trusted partner being given full and absolute control of your body, or it can be brought on by living out fantasies most would deem inappropriate or dangerous. I?ve only ever had that kind of relationship with one partner in my life, but he drops back around every now and then, and it?s always a surprise. This time I was walking home from the bar after a rather disappointing dark hallway encounter that ended before it really even began. A stain on my shirt was the sad remnant of a married man that got overly excited by a 25 year old and came before I even got all the way down on my knees. He didn?t even try to make up for it, he just threw fifty bucks at me and walked away. I was irritated by that and left. I wasn?t a sex worker, but if I was, I?d probably charge a premature ejaculator a surcharge for sexually frustrating me. The bartender had been slipping me drinks most of the night, and I probably could have given him a go, but he was kind of an easy lay and had a bad habit of removing agreed upon protection mid-fuck. Bareback wasn?t a problem with me, but some guys were higher risk than others, and that particular bartender had been with some questionable partners of late; a quickie wasn?t worth the risk. So I paid my bill and left, pouting the whole way home. Once I got there I put on some music and headed to the shower to wash away the day and disappointment. My building had been built a long time ago, so for some reason, there was this funky window right in the shower. I?m sure at one point it served as ventilation to avoid mold, but the bathroom had a fan vent for that now. Most people would cover the window with a shower curtain, or frosted plastic to block the view, but I?m not most people and I kinda liked thinking about people down below glancing up and catching a glimpse of me soaping up. I already knew my neighbor across the way had a bad habit of watching. And, considering he had to get into his tub to watch out of his bathroom window, there was no way it was just accidental peeks. I?d met him a few times getting my mail and he rushed away every time we passed on the street even with the barest of pleasantries. He was coated in ?I watch you get off in the shower every chance I get? guilt. The sad part is, all he ever had to do was ask and he could get me off instead. Tonight I was giving him a nice view of my profile when the lights in my apartment went out. I admittedly jumped as I wasn?t expecting to be plunged into pitch black all of a sudden. I looked out the window and could see that the street light was on, as was most of the other lights at my neighbor?s house. I rinsed my hair of the conditioner that was in it then continued washing myself up. Looks like the game between me and my ?drops in occasionally? friend is on tonight.I wouldn?t know exactly when he would grab me, but it always started with him flipping the breakers for my apartment. He had a key, so he could come in any time he wanted. Even with that freedom, though, he only walked in on an inopportune time once, and then he just watched from the doorway knowing I had seen him open it slightly but my partner hadn?t. That was when we came up with this game, actually. I?ve always had a thing for high-risk situations, so I told him about consenting non-consent fantasies I?d had. I thought it would be hot if he snuck into my apartment and we played a game of a forced encounter. We had a safe word, of course, neither of us would want the question of whether it was actual consent hanging over either of us. We both liked the idea of him catching me with someone else again and maybe taking it a little further by getting the guy to watch him force himself on me, we just weren?t sure if we would actually follow through on it, because such a guy hadn?t given consent to be included in such a game.The game was usually a few different scenarios: one he was a robber and he would sneak in and shut the power off in my apartment before pouncing on me, two was sneaking in while I was asleep and he would wake me up with sexual encounter, three was the compliant doll scenario where he got to choose how he controlled me whether it was that he wanted me to be a doll and fully pose-able or he wanted me to pretend to be hypnotized or chemically paralyzed or any other such situations where I was under his complete control, and four was an interrupted encounter. That last one we hadn?t done yet, partially because he hadn?t caught me with anyone else since that once and partially because we weren?t sure the guy wouldn?t freak out and hurt one or both of us.But we still play the game and he has to catch me off guard because I will fight back until he gets control of me and he knows it. Last time I kneed him in the stomach hard enough that he nearly threw up and he called a time-out to catch his breath. We ended up just laughing and fucking the rest of the night anyway, but without the game in play. I kinda hoped he caught me off guard tonight. I was all clean and freshly showered and this was the first time he initiated the encounter after I?d gotten in the shower. I needed a good fuck and he was the best I?d ever had. If he were interested, I?d drop everything to be with him, but he wasn?t the settle down type and, honestly, neither was I. I think he was just convinced that eventually I?d eventually get bored with him and he liked knowing I was still excited by him and his visits.I finished my shower and got a towel wrapped around me to head out to my bedroom to get ready for bed. I retrieved a flashlight from a drawer in a table just outside of the bathroom, then heard my doorbell ring. That definitely caught me off guard. He should have already been in the apartment unless he walked out after flipping the power off. I opened the door with a big smile to the concerned face of my neighbor. He looked incredibly uncomfortable, ?Your...your lights went out...I just wanted to make sure you were okay.? My smile turned to a smirk, ?How?d you know my lights went out??He blushed and I laughed a little.?I-umm...? he ran his hand through his hair and looked to the ground nervously, ?your apartment faces mine in areas...and you don?t have many curtains up...?I stood aside, ?You can come in if you?d like,? I figured this might be an opportunity to get someone to watch my friend tie me up and fuck me, and I already knew this neighbor liked watching me when I was alone. It might be a safe bet that he would get into the game. He was a bit awkward, but a fairly attractive guy with blue eyes and dark blonde, almost light brown, hair. He was about 6? 5? and on the lithe but toned side of body types. He smiled and came into my apartment and I handed him the flashlight. ?The breaker box is in the kitchen, would you mind, considering I?m still wet from the shower??He nodded and I closed the door behind him. I?m pretty sure our apartments were mirror images of each other, so instead of heading to the kitchen he went to the bedroom. I chuckled and he corrected himself and found the panel just inside the kitchen doorway. He opened it up and flipped the switch for me and the lights in my apartment all came back on at once. I stood in front of him, biting my lip as I looked him over, ?I guess your show got interrupted, huh??He looked away from me, so I moved over to be in front of him again, ?It?s okay, you know? I?ve seen you watching me from your bathroom...? He shook his head, ?You really should get curtains, our apartments aren?t that high up and we face the street.? I shrugged and hooked my finger in the beltloop of his pants, ?Wouldn?t you miss having that show available to you every night?? His cheeks were a deep red as he tried to pull free of my finger, ?And there are some psychos out there who might see it as an invitation.? I laughed a little, ?I?m a girl. Some people see the fact that I?m breathing as an invitation. Shaming myself over what someone else might do to me isn?t something I?m interested in.? I untucked the end of the towel and let it fall away from me, ?Are you saying that if I stand here like this and tell you I don?t want to fuck you, you would lose all control and fuck me anyway, just because I?m standing naked in front of you? I mean, you?re much bigger than I am, so if you really wanted to...? He shook his head and sighed, ?That?s not what I was...?I interrupted him, ?I know it isn?t what you were saying. But it is the implication. A man seeing my body might make him lose control of himself. I don?t buy that. I think a conscious choice is made by certain individuals that other individuals would not make whether I was standing naked in front of them or dressed head to toe in heavy cloth. There are plenty of men capable of looking, and enjoying the view, without ever needing to lay a hand on me, no matter how much they think about doing so,? I stepped closer to him and he took a step back. My finger was still caught in the beltloop of his jeans and I tugged on it just a little to pull him slightly towards me. He moved his hand down to my finger and pulled his beltloop free, ?You?ve made your point, will you please put your towel back on???How come you?ve never even tried to hit on me? You?ve watched me shower for over a year, we run into each other every now and then, and you just look away and leave after muttering a rushed greeting. I?ve told you my name. I even told you my apartment number and told you to stop by sometime if you?d like, yet you never have until now...Do I scare you??He shook his head and took a step back as I advanced on him again. I smirked and stood as close to him as I could without touching him as he backed up into my kitchen table, ?You can touch me if you want to. You can even kiss me if you?d like.? He looked me over but kept one hand on my table and the other balled up in a fist at his side. I let him take in my body and waited for his gaze to make its way back up to mine. When it did I looked him in the eye and leaned a little closer, ?Would you object if I kissed you??He shook his head and I leaned up onto my tippy-toes and pressed my lips to his lower lip. He seemed almost terrified of me. I admit, I came on a little strong and heated and I may have been a little bit dominating, but once my lips connected with his and he let me part his lips with my tongue, I felt his hands on my sides, sliding up my back, and I smiled. I pulled my lips away from his and he started to follow me, but stopped himself and looked me in the eye, ?My name is Charlie.? I smiled, ?Hi Charlie, I?m Bethany. May I undress you now?? He just nodded and I slid my hand over the bulge in his jeans as I moved to unfasten them and pull them off of him. In just a few quick movements he was standing naked in my kitchen with me. I bit my lip as I looked at his cock. He wasn?t very large, but he wasn?t exactly small either and he had a bit of girth to him. He moved towards me and kissed me again, he took control of our movements and I let him. His hand cupped the back of my neck and pulled me closer to him and his other hand slid down my back to grasp my butt. His tongue was exceptionally long and I found myself wondering what it would feel like on my cunt, but for now, I liked the game of tag our tongues were involved in. When he pulled his lips from mine, his hand moved from the back of my neck to my shoulder and he gently guided me down to the floor in front of him. I immediately took his cock in my mouth. I started with slow bobbing just on the head of his cock and he ran his hand through my hair and twisted it around his fist, pulling at me as I teased him. He leaned against the table and put both hands on the back of my head and pulled my mouth roughly down the entirety of his shaft. His cock head pulsed against the back of my throat and he held me there for a few seconds before letting me up to cough and catch my breath just a bit. A thick line of saliva trailed from his cock head to my lips and my eyes were watering as I looked up at him. He was smiling, ?Again,? he said.I obeyed, taking his cock deep into my mouth and pressing my tongue against the underside of his shaft. After a few seconds he grabbed my hair and pulled me away and I again caught my breath and looked up at him, awaiting my next instruction. His dick was glistening with moisture and he guided me to kneel on all fours. I knew my pussy was absolutely dripping wet, so I did as he instructed. He rubbed his cock head just around the opening of my vagina and dipped it in just slightly. Then he pushed me down to the ground by the back of my neck and pulled my hips up as he stood above me. His legs were on either side of my hips as I felt the wet tip of his cock push against my asshole. I looked back towards him, watching his expression as I cringed and yelped and he continued working his wet cock head against my ass.His eyes were closed and he had such a look of relief on his face as the head popped into me. He moved just ever so slightly at first, his hand was curled around my waist, rubbing my clit and fingering my pussy to get me to relax a little more. He wasn?t super well endowed, but I felt every bit of it as he slowly pumped himself into me. I tried to push back against him a little, but he smacked my ass and told me to stay still, so I did. ?Bethany,? he said breathily, ?I?m going to lift your hips a bit more, but I need both hands to do it. Can you rub your clit for me while I do that?? he asked. I nodded and put my fingers to work, moistening them in my pussy then moved the slicked fingers back and forth over my already swollen clit. I felt his hands on my hips and I felt him lift them and angle them slightly differently. Then I felt him pull his cock back to having just the head of himself in me, and he came back down against me hard. My hand moved down to brace myself on the ground. He quickly adjusted me and held a firm grip on my hips as he started taking deep and hard thrusts into me. I got my hand back up to my cunt and I tried to not move as he came down hard on me, my left hand was taking the brunt of the force against the floor, but he was pulling me back to him almost as firmly as he was pushing down into me and it was hard not to shift at least a little with the impact of it putting so much pressure on my wrist. My face was pressed against the cool tile of my kitchen and my fingers were rubbing my pulsing clit quickly as I neared orgasm with his cock filling my ass. He felt me tense up in his grip and could feel my muscles contracting as he pounded me. I was moaning and squirming in his grip. I?d actually completely forgotten my friend was in the apartment somewhere. Then I felt him pull free of my ass with a suction breaking pop, and turned to see my friend pinning Charlie to the ground and zip tying his wrists with a very quick and fluid motion before also zip-tying his ankles together. My friend was fast, like he?d practiced the move just in case he ever got the opportunity to actually use it. I started to scramble under the table and my friend, Gavin, grabbed me by the ankle and pulled me back to him. He was significantly larger than Charlie was, and it hurt when he pushed his cock in my still slightly contracting pussy. He moaned as he entered me and I looked back to him and cringed as he pushed himself as deeply into me as he could in one thrust.He gripped my hip in one hand and with the other he turned Charlie over so he could see me cringing and trying to pull away from Gavin. It made Charlie struggle with his ties a little bit, but it was largely fruitless as my friend fucked me doggystyle until I was moaning as much as crying, and squirming as much as I was trying to pull away and feign a lack of consent. Gavin groaned as he stopped to grind his hips against my butt, then reached under me to grab and squeeze my breast as Charlie watched, his cock twitched as he made eye contact with Gavin. My friend picked me up by my thighs, his cock still buried in my cunt and he carried me over to Charlie and started playing with my pussy, tugging the lips and rubbing his fingers in the creamy liquid seeping between his cock and my hole. Gavin practically growled in my ear, ?Spread your pussy open and let your date here see what a filthy horny slut you are.?I did as I was told, rubbing my clit with my thumb as I squirmed on Gavin?s cock, whimpering and moaning as he bit and sucked on the back of my neck and shoulder area. Charlie was struggling with his ties again and Gavin lowered me back to the floor, my knees were on either side of Charlie?s head and my pussy was directly above him as Gavin knelt behind me and starting pounding his cock in my creamy cunt again. His cock was making wet sucking sounds as I moaned and squirmed just above my neighbor?s face. Then I felt Charlie?s tongue flicking my clit back and forth then sliding down around my hole as it was being stretched by my friend?s cock. Gavin paused and moaned as he felt Charlie?s tongue on him as he licked us both. Gavin?s movements slowed down, and each time his cock slid away from me, Charlie licked my juices from Gavin?s skin. Gavin grabbed my breasts used them to grip me as he started fucking me in hard, deep thrusts. I felt Gavin?s tongue make its way back up my slit until his lips closed over my clit and he started suckling on me gently. I gasped and moved my hips towards Charlie, which got my ass smacked by Gavin. I sat up and Gavin shifted under me slightly, practically sitting on Charlie?s chest to keep me impaled on his cock. Gavin started kissing and biting the back of my neck and shoulder, groping and squeezing my breasts. I was hovering just above Charlie?s talented tongue as Gavin bounced me on his cock. My hand slid down to my clit and started rubbing it as my other hand held my pussy lips open still. My fingers slicked over my clit and Charlie fought them to get his lips clamped down on my nub and his tongue darting back and forth over it until I managed to get my fingers over it again to rub quickly as my whimpery moans got Gavin to turn my head towards him and kiss me deeply. Charlie?s tongue was lapping the creamy fluid gathering at the base of my friend?s cock and then moved back up me to fight my fingers for control of my clit. I let him have control as my body tensed up and I pushed myself down hard against Charlie?s lips and Gavin?s cock. I was panting and Gavin held me firmly, moaning in my ear every time my cunt contracted on his throbbing cock. He pushed me back down to the floor and thrust himself incredibly roughly into me, pushing me forward and breaking the suction Charlie had on my clit. I felt the warmth of his cum filling me. The way his hands gripped my hips as he held himself deeply in me made me certain they?d be bruised when he let go.I was kneeling over Charlie still as Gavin slowly pulled his cock out of me, as he did Gavin lifted and licked the tip of his cock then brought his tongue up and into my cunt, scooping and curling his tongue within me to retrieve Gavin?s cum from my pussy. I was barely holding myself up, so I just lowered my hips slightly and let him get the prize Gavin left for him.I looked back to Gavin as he began to cut the zip ties off of Charlie. Within a second of freeing his hands, Charlie moved to pick me up and lay me on the ground on my back as he dipped his tongue quite deeply within me to see if he could get any more of Gavin?s cream from my cunt. Once he was satisfied that he had as much as he was going to get, he climbed over me and leaned down, kissing me roughly as his tongue coated in my friend?s cum slathered it all over my lips and tongue. I happily shared the flavor of my friend and myself with my neighbor in a deep kiss.I hungrily kissed him back and clasped my hands on the back of his neck as he twisted his hands into my hair to trap me in the kiss. Gavin grabbed my legs and pulled them back and open as Charlie?s much harder than earlier cock pushed deep within my ass in one go. I cried out, but his lips were tightly pressed to mine and they muffled it. He tugged my hair a little and pumped his hips against my ass. He kept eye contact with me as he fucked me, every time I cringed or made a pained noise he?d tug my hair and kiss me again until I quieted down. As his hips started thrusting against my ass harder, Gavin knelt over me, I sucked lightly on Gavin?s balls as he stroked his cock. I couldn?t see exactly what was going on, but given the deeper thrusts against my ass and Gavin?s moans, I?d wager Charlie was sucking his cock to get him hard again. I moved my hand to the base of Gavin?s cock and felt Charlie lick my finger as his lips lowered down Gavin?s shaft with ease. Once he was hard Gavin pulled himself free of Charlie?s mouth and Charlie resumed tugging my hair in an almost angry fashion as he held his dick deep in my ass. Gavin stood up and moved to the side of me and Charlie, he leaned down and sucked my nipple and kissed my lips as my eyes watered and Charlie started fucking my ass harder and faster. Gavin started rubbing my clit as he watched my neighbor fuck my ass, he was edging me closer to another orgasm while Charlie seemed intently focused on getting himself off in my ass as he pulled my hair and tipped my head back with each forceful thrust.As Charlie got closer Gavin leaned over and kissed him hard on the mouth, one of his hands cupped Charlie?s balls, the other was three fingers deep in my pussy with his thumb expertly rubbing my clit. Gavin felt my pussy contract on his fingers and watched me tense up as Charlie pushed into me deeply and rocked himself in my ass. I felt the rush of his cum and the warmth of it spread through meWhen they pulled free of the kiss they were both laughing a little. Charlie pulled his cock from my ass, releasing a flood of cum that pooled beneath me. They both went to wash their cocks and I just lay there, panting and looking up at the ceiling with a giant smile on my face. When they got back to me, they each took turns kissing me and groping my breasts, but they also kissed one another and stroked each other?s cocks with me. I was, admittedly, incredibly horny and I was hoping we?d get just one more go together for the night. They both managed to get hard again and Gavin picked me up and started working his larger and thicker cock in my ass as he held me up by the backs of my thighs, Charlie stood in front of me, his dick pushed its way into my pussy, both of them throbbed within me. I moaned and whimpered and they each started thrusting into me, pinning me between them. They groped my breasts together. Gavin kept moving his hand down to rub my clit to get me to squirm on them as Charlie clamped his lips on my nipple and sucked on each of them aggressively. They kissed over my shoulder and became more aggressive in their thrusts into me. I kissed Charlie and Gavin kissed the back of my shoulder and neck, then I turned my head to kiss Gavin, and Charlie bit and sucked on my breasts.I had one arm behind me and wrapped slightly around Gavin?s neck, pulling him closer to me as he kissed and gently nibbled the back of my neck and shoulder. My other arm was on Charlie?s neck, also pulling him closer to me as I kissed him deeply. My whole body shivered and trembled as Gavin played with my clit and Charlie got his cock as deep within me as he could go. I was moaning and squirming on their cocks and I felt them both release within seconds of each other. We all collapsed into a pile on the kitchen floor, cocks still in me as our hands caressed and soothed one another. I laughed and looked from one of them to the other, ?Gavin, meet my neighbor, Charlie. Charlie, this is Gavin, a dear friend.? I looked at Gavin, ?I think I?d like it if Charlie could play our game too.? Gavin nodded, ?I think I?d like that too, but I also think I?d like to lose the game sometimes and have him pin me down and fuck me in the ass like he did to you, love.? Charlie smiled, his hand was groping my breast, his thumb rubbed over my nipple and he leaned up on one elbow to look at Gavin, ?Give me about two hours and some food...? ?And what do I get to do during this?? I asked with a fake pout. Charlie leaned down and nibbled on my earlobe before whispering to me, ?I think you deserve to be tied to the bed with your pretty little cunt getting impaled by his cock every time I thrust into him. How?s that sound?? I looked at him with a smirk and he kissed me wantonly. Gavin pulled free of my ass and patted my hip as he did, ?Looks like you need another shower. Go get started and we?ll join you in a bit, we need to go over some ground rules for future games with you.? I started to get up but he grabbed my hand and pulled me over into a kiss. When he pulled his lips from mine he brought his lips to my ear and whispered, ?I think next time I want to be your date for the night, Bethy.? I smiled and pulled free of his grip as Charlie pulled his cock from my cunt. There was a pool of cum drying on my floor and I went to hop in the shower again. It wasn?t long before they joined me and completely took over cleaning me up, their goal was to wear me, a sex addict, out with my handheld shower, but I could handle the bruising and soreness that would come from repeated orgasms and I?d yet to reach a maximum number of times I could get off before I begged for it to stop. It often got to a point of significant tears and neediness, but try as they might, they hadn?t broken me yet.
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