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Sister Smokes (Chapter 4)

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Sister Smokes (Chapter 4)My mom and her friend Lori came home! I had no time to grab my shorts and shirt nor could I get the DVD stopped. The front door foyer is adjacent to the living room. I ducked down on the couch hoping they'd wouldn't look at TV and go into the den where the bar was.Lori is an attractive woman in her mid forties. It was Lori who put the idea of getting breast implants into my mother's head. She had hers done about three years ago right after she divorced her cheating husband. Why would a man cheat on a woman who looked like Lori? She's about 5'6", 120lbs, short brown hair, light hazel eyes, a decent body from what I've seen at the pool last summer. Belly ring, tattoo right above her ass crack. She was a wild one. Lori was 45 going on 18.Lori stopped in the hallway to light a cigarette when she must have glanced into the living room. On the TV were two girls eating each other out while the guy fucked the one of girls in her ass. The camera had a close up of the guy's cock sliding in and out."Danielle it looks like someone is watching something interesting in the living room" Lori told my mom.My mom walked back from the den to see what Lori was talking about."Steven are you home", she yelled out.I was lying on the couch, completely naked, porn movie on the TV and my mom and her friend standing in the hallway. What to do, I thought."There are clothes on the chair", Lori stated."Steven!" my mom yelled. "What is going on in?!"My mom walked over to the chair where my clothes were hanging and I couldn't hide anymore. As she approached the couch she saw me."Oh my god! Steve, what are you doing? Why are you on the couch with this movie on the TV?" she asked.Lori walked over to see my mom was talking about.She stood behind my mom, and took a long drag of her cigarette, exhaled slowly and smiled.I tried putting my hands over my erect cock but it was no use. My balls were hanging out and my cock was too erect to hide it behind my hands.My mom was about to throw my clothes over to me when my sister came through the front door with a 12 pack of beer and pack of Marlboro Lights tucked inside the waist band of her shorts.Not knowing Mom was home she blurted out "Steve I got the beer, I was thinking, let's go a little further than we did last time. Are you up for it?" Great question! But bad timing I thought to myself.At that moment she looked up and saw Lori and Mom standing in the living room. I was in the process of putting on my shorts, though the video was still playing. Lori seemed amused at the whole situation and took another drag of her cigarette. Mom wasn't sure what to make of it but I could see she was glancing at the TV a few times. Ashley stopped in her tracks with her mouth open, not know what to say."I'm going to fix myself a stiff drink, then I want to know what the hell is going on here" my mom stated. "Lori, I think you need one too". They both left the room to go to the bar.I finally got my shorts and shirt on. My heart was beating a thousand times a minute. I followed Ashley to the kitchen to help her put the beer in the fridge. She nervously lit a cigarette. Her hand was shaking as she took the Marlboro light to her lips. It was the first time I ever saw her nervous about anything.My mom and Lori were already on their second drink since they've been home. I'm not sure how many they had at the bar but it seems they were getting pretty drunk.Ashley and I walked in the den and joined them at the bar. As nervous as I was about what had happened, my mind wandered to the fact that I was with three very hot women, drinking at the bar, and smoking.My mom put a Marlboro light to her lips as Lori lit it with her lighter. It's always erotic when a woman lights another woman's cigarette. Ashley joined them, though she still looked nervous.As I mixed drink for Ashley, I could hear in the background moaning. Nobody turned off the DVD, though it seemed no one cared.Lori was wearing a black, low cut dress that showed off a lot of her paid assets. Though she wasn't wearing a bra, the dress was tight enough to push her tits together. I didn't realize I was staring.She took another drag of her cigarette and said, "Better view than the video, huh Steve?""Uh, yes. Yes it is", I stammered.She smiled. Ashley giggled at my response and my mom gave Lori a playful kick.After another round of drinks my mom, bring pretty drunk, asked Ashley what she meant when she walked in and said ""let's go a little further than we did last time. Are you up for it?""Lori turned to Ashley as I could see Ashley was not ready to answer that question. Lori put her hand on Ash's shoulder as to comfort her. Ashley took a long drag of her cigarette, blowing the smoke right over Lori's head."Well, um, we didn't know you were coming home so early. Um, Steve and I did something while you were away and um, well, we just wanted to do a little more I guess" she stammered"What do you mean you did something", she asked as she took a drag."Steve, you tell her" Ashley responded.I was taken back. Wasn't ready for that.I took a big swig of beer "Well, um, we kinda played around with Lisa at the pool. And it went far but not too far"."You and Ashley had sex with Lisa? Mom asked."No, not sex just oral sex" I explained."So why did you say you want to go further when you walked in Ash", Mom asked. "Lisa's not here".Lori lit up another cigarette. She was very interested as to where this was going. She massaged Ashley shoulder to comfort her more."Well, um, we got a little crazy when we played with Lisa. I watched Lisa give Steve a blow job and being drunk at the time, I kinda joined her." Ash explained.My mom took a drink and laughed, "I don't believe you. That's a funny story Ash. You giving a bj to your brother"I kept very quiet. Though it was a weird conversation to be having with your mother, I was getting aroused at the fact Lori was massaging Ashley's shoulder and all these hot women in skimpy clothing were smoking, talking about sex."Steve, is this really true? Is this why you two have been acting strange these past few weeks?" she asked."It only happened once Mom" I explained"Tonight would have been twice?, she asked.At this point I just wanted the truth out already, so I answered, "Yes, it would have been. That's what we were planning. That's why I was naked when you came home"With all the alcohol in her system she blurted out "So, who's stopping you two".Lori, feeling no pain added, "I don't believe any of the stories anyway".Ashley grabbed a cigarette from Lori's pack and put it to her lips. Mom proceeded to light it for her, which blew me away for a second. Ash took a nice drag and exhaled it facing down. A lot of the smoke lingered around Lori tits. My cock wanted to rip out of my shorts at this point.Ashley point at me to go to the couch that was behind her. Being as drunk and horny as I was I didn't argue. As I sat down she took off my shorts and underwear in one motion. Was this really happening? She was about to do what I think she's going to do in front on Mom and Lori?My question was answered with a warm mouth. She began by licking the head, flipper her hair around so Lori and Mom could get a better view. She still had her Marlboro light in her right hand, which made this blowjob extra, extra incredible. Her warm mouth went over the head of my cock. If I wasn't completely hard before I certainly was now.Her tongue outlined the shaft of my cock, making it glisten with the light hitting it. She took a drag of her cigarette and slowly exhaled as she opened her mouth to take in all 7 inches. I never had a smoking blowjob before. I have to say it was amazing!At this point, I noticed Lori standing real close to my mother, her hand on mom's leg messaging it every so softly as she sat at the barstool watching her daughter suck her son's cock. I would catch Lori's hand would going up mom's dress as her legs opened up a little more.Ashley had a good rhythm going, her head bouncing up and down the shaft of my cock. The way she sucked Dan the other night. As I wasn't as big as Dan, Ash was able to deep throat my whole cock without a gag.She stopped and went to the bar to have some of her vodka and seven. Lori walked over to Ashley and kissed her on the lips. "Mmmmmm, he tastes pretty good," she said.Lori then went back over to my mom and began French kissing her. Lori's soft hands began to undress my mom until she was completely naked on the barstool. I just sat on the couch and stroked my soaking cock while I watched what was transpiring.They seemed to forget about me for a few minutes because Ashley went over to Lori from behind and began feeling Lori up over her dress. Immediately, Ashley pulled Lori's clothes off as Lori simultaneously undressed Ashley.Three beautiful, nude women were groping and fondling each other at the bar in the den. Two were my mom and sister! Amazing, I though to myself.Ashley took the only lit cigarette in the ashtray and held it to mom's mouth. She took a sensual drag and blew it towards Ashley tits. Lori crouched down on her knees and began to lick Ash's perfect ass.She spread apart Ashley's ass cheeks so she could plunge her tongue deep into her asshole, while her finger explored Ash's warm, hairless pussy. My mom watched, caressing Ashley's tits and running her fingers through her hair.I couldn't take it anymore so I got up and grabbed Lori from under her arms. Bending over with her hands on the bar, she rose her ass to a position to invite my cock. I inched my cock slowly into her pussy. She was so wet I slid right in. I began pounding my cock into her, the flesh of her ass checks bounced in the rhythm of my thrusts.I moved Lori closer to my mom without taking my cock out of her pussy. My mom, still sitting on the barstool, spread her legs so Lori's mouth could begin licking her wet, swollen lipped pussy. Ashley took the last drag of the lit cigarette and left the room.I continued to fuck Lori doggy style while she continued to eat my mother's pussy. Ashley came back into the room and we all stopped what we were doing to look at her. She strutted in the den, like a model strutting on the runway. Smoking another cigarette. All three of us were fixated on what she had on.She must have gone to her room, because when she came back, the on the strap-on she showed me a few weeks back was around her waist"Oh my god! Where did you get that Ashley"? Mom asked"Adult store on 110", she responded.
04-06-2021, at 11:47 PM

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