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Mom and dad's secret sex

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MOM AND DAD'S SECRET SEXI was down in the basement rummaging through a few cardboard boxes that were in various states of decay when I found one which contained about six dvd discs. They were unmarked and the couple of the jewel cases had been smashed by some rough, insensative handling. I put them aside for the moment and continued digging through the boxes but found nothing of any interest. I was upstairs when I rememberd about the discs and ran back to fetch them. I just suspected that they were nothing more than boroing old home movies transfered over onto dvd and gave them little thought until later in the evening whne I was sitting in bed surfing through the tv channels looking for something of any interest and finally turned of the tv and tossed the remote control aside. I spotted the discs on my dresser where I had just dropped them earlier. I switched on my laptop and slipped in the first disc. I sat suddenly upright and watched with stunned silence. DISCS ONE (my own innumerations) The room was instantly recognizable as my parent's bedroom. The camera operator was not immediately identifified as it swung wildly around and headed toward the door that lead to their private bathroom. A cushion of steam immediately spilled out as the door was pushed open and the yet unknown guide proceeded in. It was similar to any number of cheap horror film where the killer is slowly stalking his next victim. An arm reached out from the left side of the frame and clutched the shower curtain, ripping it suddenly back to reveal my mother standing there naked in the shower stall. She gave a startled shriek and instinctively crossed her arms over her body to cover herself. She then laughed and threw the bar of soap and my father (or so I assumed it to be). He stepped back to get Mom's entire body in frame. She was a lean and athletic woman in her late thirties, with nicely tanned skin and blond hair that was trimmed very short to give her a tomboyish look. Once the initial fright had passed she played to the camera, soaping her petite breasts. She smiled devilishly as she started to finger her pussy, running one finger down through the full blond bush just below her belly and disappeared into her cunt, drawing it slowly in and out as he smile widened. "You like watching me get myself off, don't you?" she said. "You've got the hottest pussy, baby," responded my father off camera. "The best pussy you've ever had?" "The absolute best." She turned around and spread her round buttocks apart and the camera zoomed in on her soapy asshole. She pushed one finger up inside. She exhaled a soft but obviously theatrical sigh like the insincere responses you'd hear in any porn film. The camera suddenly shook and for a moment or two the image was an incomprehensible blur. Dad had made sure that they would be in frame. He strode towards the shower stall, removing his pajama pants and t-shirt and joined his wife. He already had a full erection. It jutted straight out from a thick cloud of pubic hair. Mom immediately grabbed his cock and pushed it down towards her pussy. Her arms wrapped securely around his next as he began to fuck her. Her body was nearly lifted off the floor on several occasions. This went on for several minutes when he withdrew from her and turned her around. Again she took his cock in hand and guided his cock. I could see very little actual penetration and was left to my imagination. In my mind's eye I saw his impressive cock pressing apart her buttock cheeks and slowly advancing up her rectum. She moaned and squirmed against Dad as he pumped furiously away. When it was over dad papped out of the shower towards the location where he had set down the camera. His cock was still quite erect but was slowly beginning to loose density. The image cut abruptly off. DISC TWO That had to be an earlier recording. Although it is still their bedroom, mom seems a bit shy revealing herself to the camera despite dad's persistant excouragememnt. The camera panned suddenly down to reveal his swollen cock which he was stroking with his free hand, pulling back the foreskin. He wrung it with slow measured motions of his hand. "Are you gonna just let me stand here and jerk off," he said. Mom started to crawl across the bed tward the camera, reaching out one hand and take hold of his cock. Her thumb rubbed the precum over his swollen tip. She shot him up a look and then took his cock into her mouth. A soft wet slurping sound was very audible now and increased and she continued sucking him off. "Ah, fuck, yeah," dad groaned softly off camera. The focus was too tight on her head and all that was on the screen at that momnet was a great blur as her head bobbed up and down with increasing acceleration. He them zoomed out just as her face turned up to his and she smiled up at me, her mouth overflowing with his come which dribbled down her chin and onto her breats. Dad reached down and rubbed the come over her tits and nipples. Mom continued to kiss and suck his cock even as it was wilting away. Dad was panting softly. "You give the best head, I swear," he said. She looked up at him and gave him another wide smile. "Better believe that." The image ends here. DISC THREE Sadly this disc proved to be unplayable. It had acquired some serious deep scratches. What images did appear were scant and became giometric patterns that froze or just stopped playing all together. Dad was fucking mom in the ass. She was on her hands and knees and dad was behind her. The image occasionally trembled as he thrust his body into hers while trying to hold the camera steady. He withdrew his cock a moment and got a quick shot of her expanded asshole before plunging his cock back in. What little there was just a repeat of what happened previous. By the way mom cried I out I wonder if this was her first experience with anal sex. She often sounded like a wounded a****l. Their two bodies smacked loudly togehter. DISC FOUR The location has changed from their bedroom. We were now in a forest back behind our house. It was deep, dense, and offered a lot of preivacy. Once again dad was behind the camera. Mom was walking ahead of him. She was wearing a sleeveless blouse that was knotted just beneath her breasts and exposed her soft belly. She has a sexy little pot belly which she is a little self conscious about and rarely ever exposed it. The faded jeans she wore molded perfectly to her legs and ass. As she walked along the trail dad frequently panned down and zoomed in on the sweet ass. She looked over her shoulder at him and said,"I need to pee." "Okay, then go," responded dad. "Your're not going to film me pissing, are you?" "It's hot." "Seriously, you're not that perverted, are you?" The camera nodded up and down in a silent affirmative response. Mom looked around and satisfied that they were completely alone she tugged down her jeans and squatted down close to the ground. Dad hurried around to get a better view of her. He zoomed in slowly. After a few patient moments a long steady stream of piss burst from her pussy. He reached out and ran his fingers under running stream, flicking her pussy. "You are twisted, mister," said Mom. "That's why you fell in love with me, isn't it?" "Yo're never dull," she said, chickling. She rose and had just started to hitched up her jeans when Dad stopped her. He was obviously attempting to open his pants when Mom interceded and assisted him. The camera pans down at her tugging his jeans down his knees. He already had a semi-erection, but not for long. Mom sucked him into a full erection. His cock shimmered with her saliva. She stood up and leeaned against the tree. He started fingering her pussy. One finger and then two. The foreplay was short and he stuck his cock into her. Muffled pants from both could be heard. Mom's cries became higher and sharper as she was about to come. The camera suddenly panned down to show the thin trail of come dribbling down her leg. DISCS 5
04-06-2021, at 11:47 PM

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