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Becky Made Me Do It

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Becky Made Me Do It(MF, MM, BI, MMF, 1st-gay-expr)Hello, my name is Jason, and I'm gay. This story is essentially about a gay experience I had, or more accurately a Bi-sexual experience that I had a couple of years back. I thought it was unusual enough to share, so here it is... It all started when I met Becky Anderson. She was a real hotty! She had a body that a guy might dream about while masturbating, you know the type; big innocent eyes in an exceedingly pretty face and a body that would be at home naked on any topless beach in the world. I knew that girls like her existed, but I never thought that I'd ever have one. I met Becky at work. I'd graduated with a bachelors in Business Economics and found a job after only a few weeks of searching. It was at a well-recognized auto parts company in the corporate office. Well, Becky was working as the administrative secretary to the head dude, the president of the company. And since I was working in the accounting department our paths crossed on a regular basis. I still don't know why but for some reason Becky glommed on to me right from the start. I can still remember the first time she said anything to me. It was when we were both on our way out to lunch and we kind of bumped into each other at the front exit. She looked at me and said, "Looks like we're both in a big hurry to get out of this fucking place, huh?" I was totally shocked that this beautiful woman who up until that moment had always looked so efficient and professional... That she would say the "fuck" word in the lobby of her place of work and to me a perfect stranger. But what really threw me off more was what she said next. "Why don't you let me buy you lunch new guy. It'd be fun to get to know you I think." I was nervous because I was new and she worked for the boss so I agreed even though under normal circumstances I would have preferred to spend my time alone, or if I had to share it I would have preferred Sid, the handsome guy from the mailroom. We actually never did eat lunch that afternoon. What happened was that Becky told me that she would drive and we ended up in a vacant farm field about three miles away from work with her hand in my pants. When we first pulled off the main road and then down a dirt one I said in alarm, still not knowing what was in store for me, "Hey, this isn't the way to Denny's!" Becky glanced over at me and smiled saying, "Yeah I know. I thought I'd have a special meal today if it's okay with you." Believe it or not I still didn't have a clue what was coming, but I soon found out when she pulled the car up under a bunch of tall trees and turned off the engine. We sat there for a moment listing to the hot engine ticking as it cooled, then Becky scooted over next to me so close that I found myself scrunched up against the passenger door. She pulled my face to hers and gave me a long deep kiss. I could feel her tongue pressing against my closed lips as if she was trying to force it into my mouth. I finally opened my mouth and she jumped up against me and started to really kiss me like she wanted to climb down my throat. Well, I'd never even kissed a female before, other than my mother and a couple aunts, and this was something I'd never even thought about in my life. I found to my embarrassment that I couldn't breathe and was about to black out from a lack of oxygen, or maybe fright. I almost did, I think I fainted for a few seconds because I don't remember Becky opening the fly to my pants, but I certainly remember the feel of her hand on my dick as it came alive from the wonderful friction her "jacking" motions were causing. Yes I know that I'm gay, but hey, stimulation is stimulation and she was good at it. Up until then I'd only had two sexual experiences, both with guys. One was at summer camp when I was 13; my folks sent me to a place in the High Sierras called Unalyee and I met another boy who was just as horny as me. That camp had things set up so that two boys shared a tent. They did the same with the girl's camp across the stream. Anyway, my tent mate Rob and I got along pretty well and things were normal until we were into the second week and there was some fuss about one of the camp counselors and a girl camper. That little incident got Rob and I talking about sex, while we were lying in bed after lights out one night. Being 13 and boys we tried to impress each other with our great knowledge of things sexual, until he finally blurted out that he was a virgin. At first I couldn't believe that he'd said it. I mean I was a virgin too, but I would never admit it to a fellow teenager. Then when he said he hadn't even jacked off yet I was sure that I was in the Twilight Zone. It started with me telling him what he was missing and ended a week later with both of use giving each other manual and oral sex every night. You know, when you're 13 years old, whether you're gay or straight a guy can't get enough sex. At least we had nothing to regret in the volume of sex we had with each other. I know that I was in heaven; I'd always wondered what it would be like to be with another boy and actually touch him and play with his body. That week was something that I'll never forget no matter how long I live. The freedom I felt with Rob; he'd let me do just about anything to him and I did. Just about. We never did do any anal stuff, but everything else you could imagine two teenage boys doing, we did! Then it was time to leave for home and we packed up and while waiting in the area for the buses to show up to take us back to civilization, we could hardly take our eyes off each other. I know that I was in love. Even if it was a shallow love it was still love. I loved his body, and what he let me do to it, and I also loved what he'd done to mine. After camp we met one other time and had a furtive little tryst that although was physically satisfying, was less than what we had at camp. Rob lived quite a ways from my house so we just never got back together again after that. The second time I actually had sex was when I was drunk out of my mind on weekend during college and ended up being fucked in the butt by several grad students who thought they were "doing" a straight undergrad who was just too drunk to put up a fight. ***So now that I've explained my lack of experience and my sexual persuasion, you'll understand a little better what a mind blowing experienced Becky's little "lunch date" was for me. Although I didn't really "like" girls her mouth worked wonders on my throbbing boner and when she'd made me come and looked up into my face for my "approval" with my come smeared on her lips, well what could I do but give it. I think she knew that I was different, but she didn't say anything. And after that afternoon, even though I'd try to avoid her, she would waylay me whenever she was horny and we'd either end up at motel 6 down the street from Corporate Headquarters or down a dirt road in her car. I quickly realized that I "could" perform in bed with a woman. I didn't enjoy it all that much, not like Rob at summer camp, but I did "get off" a few times and at least I could pretty much stay hard long enough to get her off, at least when she was on top doing the work. I still don't really know what attracted Becky to me, but I kept wishing that she'd stop bugging me, although I never said it because after all she was the boss's right- hand person and had his ear. Then things changed. I noticed that Becky was stepping out with another guy. Chad was a handsome fellow from collections and I had to admit that he looked like a stud horse in the crotch area. I'd noticed that the first time I saw him standing by the water cooler. There was an obvious bulge running down one leg of his pants even though he didn't look like he was aroused. I guess Becky had noticed the same thing and had taken Chad to "lunch" within a couple of days of his starting work at the company. I was relieved, but for some strange reason I was a little jealous. Was it because I knew she was screwing Chad and I wished it was me doing him? Or heaven forbid did I feel jealousy because another man was plugging her. I was confused, and pretty much in a bad mood until one afternoon Becky stopped by my cubical and told me that she wanted to see me that evening. Then my face turned bright red when she continued, "I've decided to try something new. I want you and Chad at the same time, what do you think about that?" A threesome? With Chad? Well, I guess I should have said no. But if I was going to do that I should have done so several months before when Becky was bent over my crotch sucking me off. So I asked, "Is Chad alright with this?" Becky looked a little board and said, "I'm not telling him. You just show up at my house around 9 and I'll have Chad eating out of my hand. I really want to do this Jason and I'm expecting to get your help. Chad has already said no to a threesome, but you know me well enough to know I don't accept no for an answer." Normally I'd have said okay and just not shown up, but I was interested. The thought of seeing Chad naked and fucking Becky, well, it really turned me on. I could imagine in my mind's eye Chad's huge cock gliding in and out of Becky's slick pussy. I even imagined myself reaching down there and grasping his big dick in my fingers and feeling him humping her. "Yes Becky, I'll show up. But I'm not sure that even you can make someone do something against their will." But I secretly hoped she could. ***I showed up on the button right at 9 pm. And Becky was there to open the door for me. I soon found out how Becky had gotten Chad's compliance. Actually she hadn't she'd just kept plying him with alcohol laced with some over the counter sleeping aid. I couldn't believe it when she told me that. What the fuck did she thing she was doing? But I soon forgot my indignation at her caviler and frankly dangerous behavior when I walked into her living room and saw Chad comfortably slumped on the couch with his legs spread wide and no pants on. Apparently Becky had been working away with her magic mouth and Chad was half out of his mind from the alcohol and d**gs he'd been given. I knew that this was wrong, but I also knew that I was going to get a piece of this handsome straight guy. I didn't think that Becky realized what I had on my mind, but looking at studly Chad's naked organ waving in the wind and his well muscled tan body lying there I just couldn't hold back. Becky giggled and admonished me at my hesitation, "C'mon in Jason meet Chad. Chad this is Jason, and he'll be your lover for the evening." Chad was too far gone to understand what Becky had just said, but I wasn't. "Becky, want are you doing?" "Nothing you don't want me too." She looked up at me with those innocent eyes. "I've decided that I want to see two guys doing it, and I pick Chad and you. This will be really neat, I've wondered what it would be like to see for positively years!" "But Becky, this isn't right..." I started. "Fuck, Jason both of us know you want to do it. You want to fuck him and I want to watch you do it. So where's the problem? Ol' Chad'll never know what happened look at him; I don't think he was even aware that I was sucking his weenie a few minutes ago. Well, maybe he was," she realized when we both looked down at the woozy figure on the couch. His huge dick was still standing at attention and Becky had stopped sucking on it at least 5 minutes earlier to open the door for me. I didn't say anything; I knew that she was right. I hadn't known that she knew I was gay, I guess I hadn't been as smart as I'd thought. So I pulled off my sweater and shucked my pants. (That's all I'd put on knowing what the nights business was going to be.) By the time I was naked Becky had also shed her robe. I had to admit that her body was exquisite, so smooth and perfectly proportioned. She moved over next to me and rubbed her front against my side impatiently, hugging me. "Well, how does a guy get started with another gay?" she asked excitedly. "How the fuck should I know?" I said a little irritated. "C'mon Jason, I know you're into guys, a girl can tell those things." "I won't deny that I like men better than women, but I haven't had all that much experience with it." That's when Becky made me tell her "about" my experiences. When I'd finished she said, "Hmmm, I think you should do what was done to you in college. I think a good fucking would be very entertaining to watch." I couldn't argue with her, relating my experiences had brought back all those feelings that I longed to experience again. And fuck it, if I had to **** a straight guy for this woman's pleasure, then I would. Actually I could have cared less if Becky was even in the room as I moved toward Chad's slouched body. As I sat down beside him I could smell his arousal. The testosterone was fragrant in the air around him. Not caring whether or not Becky was still there I leaned over on to Chad's lap and sank my lips down over his still hard dick. As his hot cock-flesh slid past my lips I realized that this was something I had missed greatly. I began to bob faster and faster onto Chad's huge boner. I took him in deeper with each downward movement and began some tongue action around the head as I almost released him each time I came off him. I could hear Becky's gasp as I started to really go to town on Chad's vulnerable cock. There was nothing he could do about it. He was so wasted that even if he realized what I was doing to him he wouldn't have been able to stop me. I had a momentary pang of guilt as I ****d Chad's dick with my mouth. I guess I did a good job of it because only a minute into my blowjob Chad grunted, thrusting his hips up at my face and groaned a long low guttural sound as he gushed his seed into my throat. I swallowed his come gladly. I was glad that I'd brought him off. It would make us a little more even for what was coming next. To my surprise I realized that Becky had been licking and sucking my dick while I was doing Chad. I guess I'd known it but then she'd done it many times and my attention was on this new cock. This cock that was mine to do what I wanted with. This body for that matter. A straight guy getting gay sex, it turned me on so much that I had to push Becky's mouth away from my dick or I would have had an orgasm then and there. I wanted to save myself for what I knew I was going to do to Chad. After the hapless Chad was done coming I disengaged myself from his lap and gently lifted him off the couch and onto his hands and knees on the floor. He moaned softly as Becky took his flaccid dick in her hand from underneath and began to squeeze it like she was milking a cow or something. I didn't care I was centered on what I had to do. I wanted to fuck Chad like I'd fucked Becky and no one else. Chad was a little conscious, awake enough to stay on his hands and knees with my help. I wasn't sure what would happen so I figured that the sooner I did what I had planned the better. I crouched over Chad's back and took my now totally semen soaked cock and positioned it at Chad's hetro-butt hole. I pushed, while at the same time running my slimy cock-head up and down his crack. God it felt good! The feeling of his smooth crack all slick with my pre-come. The feel of his ruffled butt hole as my sensitive cock-head ran over it from time to time. Yes, fucking wonderful! Then I shoved and jabbed the head of my rigid cock into his yielding hole. Chad moaned in protest. I noticed that Becky was still working on Chad's dick and that she'd crawled underneath him to get closer to her work. He was still just dangling there in her hand. Then I was home! Oh it was fucking fantastic! I was in this straight guys ass, all the way to the hilt. I could feel his ass-hole contracting then releasing my cock as his body tried to accustom itself to my invading shaft. God it felt so good to be balls deep in Chad's ass. He was much tighter than Becky ever was and the feel of his masculine body under mine, as I began to pump him was a heady experience for me. I could hear Becky's muffled voice under us as she kept saying things like, "Yes, this is fucking great!" or "God Jason this is so fucking sexy I'm gonna come soon." All the while I could feel her fingers playing with my cock, Chad's ass-crack and sometimes my swinging balls. I had to admit that Becky was adding something to the experience. Then I was brought off by her heavenly massage. Chad's ass-hole began a frantic tightening and release motion that actually milked me into a super-come. Something I'd never even dreamed about before. Apparently Becky had been busy underneath Chad and with the friction of me in his butt and her jacking and sucking him, he'd come again! His orgasm made his ass-hole spasm and forced me to unload the most intense come I'd ever experienced deep into his body. It felt like my orgasm went on forever. Usually they're too quick, normally I could stand to come much longer than nature allows. But this night I felt every little spasm from head to toe and my come lasted until I was ready to black out. Actually I did finally collapse onto Chad who in turn fell onto Becky, who yelled at me angrily for a while until I could muster the straight to move and dig her out from her covering of naked sweaty male bodies. ***That was our one and only threesome. I never saw Chad again. He didn't show up for work on Monday. And although I had sex with Becky many times after that she apparently didn't need to see me perform with another guy again. About 3 months later Becky left the company under a cloud called "sexual harassment" nothing to do with me, because I never complained to anyone about her. I never saw her again after that, and until this very day I have been celibate. But do I have memories. They're so hot; they keep me warm on cold lonely nights... THE END I originally wrote this story under a different author name, but it is mine and no others.
04-06-2021, at 09:04 PM

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