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For Starters (5)

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For Starters (5)CHAPTER 5Next Friday I took the decision to give Mike the suggested call ?when I was alone?. All the week I couldn?t forget how his huge cock had made me feel the last time. Even after my anus stopped to hurt after 3 days!He was glad to hear me and immediately told me he was coming to pick me up. When I entered his car, I saw that he was wearing only a top and a short and it was noticeable that he was happy to have me there, according the size of the tent in his pants.I started to touch his erection and was tempted to go for it right there in the car, but he didn?t let me arguing that he needed to concentrate on his driving.We arrived and entered and he started kissing me passionately, his tongue inside my mouth and his stiff cock drilling a hole in my belly. He started turning me around, his mouth wandering on my throat, and his cock pushing against my crack. I unbuckled my belt and let my pants go down, my briefs were in the pocket of my pants, when I left home I was ready for every thing. He took my dick in his hand and stroke it slowly, fondling my balls with the other. I didn?t know when he undressed, but there we were, both naked.I went to my knees and opening my mouth as much as possible started sucking his cock. Looking at his penis I was amazed that I was capable to take it all in the ass!Before I had the chance to make him cum (I was hungry for his cum) he told me to go upstairs. We took a shower and this time playing was allowed. After drying, we went to the bed and made us comfortable for our first real 69. Mike told me he sensed that I was going for it all and that at his age (said he was 55, even if he looked younger) he had learned to be patient. I really didn?t care for his concerns, I was hungry for his sperm and was going to get it. Most of my efforts I had to do only with my tongue around his head, because my mouth was totally stuffed up.He started to cum and I thought I was going to drawn, couldn?t swallow fast enough. At the same time I came into his mouth and he also took the charge completely.According my previous experiences, I knew that I had to give him a break for recovery. But at that age, patience wasn?t very strong. As soon as I saw him breathing normally, went again for his piece of meat. and as soon had it in my mouth, it started growing. As George told me once: As a cocksucker, I was a natural! As soon as he was of the right size, I rolled over and lay there waiting. Mike didn?t need further invitation, soon he was lubricating my anus with his tongue, making my growl with pleasure. One of his fingers followed, entering totally and expanding my asshole, being soon followed by a second. I begged him to use a third one, in order to be ready for his ramrod. When he had me the size he considered appropriated, made me go on my knees, exposing my lubricated ass. Slowly he started pushing until with some help from my side the head went all in. I was biting the pillow in order not to scream, It felt even bigger than when I first had him. He continued moving and each time his cock was entering a little more into my ass. When he finally was completely in, I was ready to explode and keep exploding, wasn?t feeling pain, only pure pleasure. I think he was feeling the same, accelerating his movements and going faster and faster. I noticed his cock was growing and suddenly he released his load in my ass. I already had unloaded all over the bed sheets.We lay there while I was thinking what I would like to do next. when i started fondling his balls, he put my hand away and said he didn?t feel capable to have another round. I couldn?t believe it, I laying there with a hard on and Mike telling me ?no way?.I kept waiting and started a second try, with no better results. I proposed him to turn around and let me fuck him, and here the big disappointment: He was ready to give me a hand or better a blow job but fucking him, no way. So I settled for the blow job and yes, I delivered my cum in his mouth and he swallowed it all, but it felt to me like if I was wanking.Finally we dressed and he drove me back near my home.I lay awake most part of the night, thinking what to do. Really I had enjoyed Mike?s big cock in my mouth and ass, but something was missing. I realized that the best sex of my short cock sucking gay life had been with George and Mike together.the next morning I called George and asked him if we were going to see us, We arranged to meet in front of his office either to have fun there or to go somewhere else. Internally I was hoping for this last possibility, images of last Saturday sandwiched between Mike and George going trough my head, but when we finally met we entered his office building. As in our best times, we kissed, sucked each other unloading our cum in each other mouth and finally I took him laying over his desk with his ankles around my neck. I couldn?t get him to fuck me and slowly we dressed to leave.In the elevator I asked him casually about Mike and he told me that Mike hadn?t time today for us.I had the feeling that my relationship with George was becoming to an end, with Mike it hadn?t really started and decided it was time to search new horizons.But that will be at ?After Starters 1?
04-06-2021, at 09:04 PM

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