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The Way I Dreamed It Part 1 Chapter 2

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Just so you people know I do NOT own Naruto, oh how I wish I did.
plz RnR
?Normal speak?
Written by Dragon of the Underworld
Revised by Evildart17/Darkcloud75
On to the story.
this chapter contains a LEMON with deep descriptions, all though I don?t think you care, that?s probably the reason your reading this story, right.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
The Way I Dreamed It
Chapter 2
Naruto and Hinata had made it to his apartment and went inside.
?Hinata . . .uhm . . You wait here while I go get your present ok?
?Uhm? Hinata only nodded.
Naruto went in to his room to fetch the present; he was there for a while and finally came out about four minutes later.
Naruto came out with a big box and walked towards her.
When he came to a stop he began to speak.
?You know ever since I?ve known you . . . I?ve seen you many times around the village, but every time I saw you were alone and always had a sad face almost as if people were setting you aside wanting nothing to do with you. You have a family but even though you have one I know you don?t get along with them and I think that?s why you tend to be alone, but take it from some one who has experience loneliness. Hinata being alone is painful knowing you have no one to depend on, to care for you, to come home to, to support you, to love you, I don?t want you to go through the same ordeal that I went through.?
?Naruto-kun? she said with a worried tone, as she got closer to him.
?That?s why I got you this? he said as he lifted the box.
Naruto held the box while Hinata opened it and when she did.
?Oh my god it?s a puppy . . . . . he so cute? said Hinata with smile as she brought the puppy up to her face only to have it lick her face.
?It?s a girl?
?Thank you . . . for the presents?
?I?m glad you like it? he said satisfied with her reaction to the present.
?Naruto . . . . . uhm you think that maybe I can keep her here at your place, it?s just that the clan doesn?t allow animal in the compound? Hinata hoped that he said yes that way she would have a reason to come to his apartment everyday.
?Of course you can come when ever you like to check up on her or to take her out?
?Thank you . . . . . . So uhm what?s her name??
?Uhm her name? I don?t know? said Naruto.
?What should we name her . . . . . . . . . . .? Uhm I know how about Yuki?
?Uhm I like it? Hinata only giggle again at his answer.
Hinata put the puppy down and looked at Naruto; the puppy just ran around them as it barked.
?Naruto-kun when you said that it was painful to be alone, I just want you to know [she reached for his hands and held them in hers] that you?re not alone you have friends and . . . . And you . . . you have me?
Naruto could only look in to her eyes and see all the care and love in them which got him to think about what she was thinking earlier.
?Hinata earlier you said something that got me thinking and . . . . . .?
?And what??
?Well you told me that one day I would find some one, and even after I told you about kyuubi you didn?t run away scared, and your not treating me the way the villagers do. You said that one day I would find someone that would see me as the hero that I am, and . . . . . . And before that you said that I was a hero, you?re the only person that has said that to me, you?ve always been great to me and. . . . I. . . . It?s just that . . . . . . Uh . . . Hinata do . . . do you like me.?
?Ah Naruto-kun I-I . . . . . . I don?t like you . . . . . . .? Naruto could only look down in disappointment but then he heard her continue.
?I don?t like you because. . . . . . I love you, I?ve loved you since the first time I met you, I dream about you every night, and I watch you just hoping that maybe, maybe you?ll feel the same way about me? she finished with tears now running down her cheeks.
?Hinata. . . I do; I do feel the same way. Hinata you?ve always been there for me, you understand me always knowing what to say, your always so nice to me, you make me feel happy, you make me feel wanted, you make me feel special, when I?m with you I feel like theirs nothing else that I need. How could I not love you your sweet, caring, gentle, nice, smart, and beautiful? he finished as he brought a hand up to her chin to tilt her head up as they looked at each other, their heads inching closer to each other with ever second that passed till finally their lips met.
The kiss was slow, but it was sweet and romantic, after a thirty second Hinata felt Naruto?s tongue licking her bottom lip asking for entrance, as soon as she opened her mouth his tongue darted in quickly wanted a taste of her, Hinata then did the same, their tongues fought over dominance loving every minute of it, this feeling that they were both experiencing they didn?t want it to end. What was a nice, sweet, romantic kiss was now a wild, passionate and lustful kiss.
The lust however was getting to Hinata as it always did whenever she was so close to Naruto, the heat was spreading all over her body and her womanhood started to ache, they finally ran out of air and separated staring at each other with love.
?Naruto-kun I can?t take it anymore I need you, I need you inside me, please Naruto-kun . . . . Make love to me, make me your?
?Hinata don?t you think . . . that. . . You know we should wait?
?Naruto-kun I?ve waited for you for so long . . . . . . . I can?t wait any longer . . . . . please Naruto-kun take me?
Naruto could see in her eyes the need she had for him.
?Ok Hinata . . . . . after tonight you?ll be mine . . . . An??
?And only you?re . . . . .? Hinata finished Naruto?s sentence, ?that?s all I want?
They leaned in to each other and began another passionate kiss as Hinata quickly began to take off Naruto?s jacket and under shirt, then she unzipped his pants till they dropped, she could feel him doing same for her except all he needed to do was untie her kimono when he did Hinata just shrugged it off. All she had under was he bra and panties, ?It looks like she was ready for the occasion, was she expecting this to happen? thought Naruto.
Naruto brought his hand from her cheeks down to her ass as soon as Hinata felt his hand their she jumped and wrapped her legs around his waist. Naruto was now holding her in place by her ass, that sweet ass. Naruto then began to walk in to the room without ever letting go of her lips. Once they were in the room Naruto closed the door with Yuki outside.
When they were in front of the bed Naruto let go of her and playfully tossed her on the bed. Hinata was on the edge of the bed with her legs hanging off, Naruto then kneeled down ready to do something to her but then Hinata grabbed one of his arms and pulled him on to the bed while she moved as they switched places.
?Hinata . . . .? was all he said as he could feel his boxer being removed.
Naruto?s dick was already erect but not fully, after being amazed by it Hinata took it in to her hand and began to stoke it so it could fully erect only to get groans from Naruto as he fell flat on the bed, Hinata saw how much he like it but wanted to give him more.
She brought her head down and took him in her mouth; she began to move her head up and down as she sucked his dick, she got many loud moans from Naruto.
?Oh my god . . . . . .Hinata . . .that feels so good? every time that Hinata would come up she would give his head a good lick and suck which would make Naruto moan the loudest. Naruto then brought both his hand to Hinata?s head when she brought her head up he would push it down for her. Hinata knew that Naruto was a nice and great guy, but being aggressive during sex was something she?d hope for, that would make things more interesting.
Naruto continued to moan Hinata?s name, which only made Hinata go faster and suck harder. As Hinata continued Naruto could feel himself getting closer to cumming. God he didn?t want Hinata to stop he wanted to cum, but he knew that he wasn?t the only one that loved this he could hear some loud ?Mms? coming from Hinata.
God Hinata was good at this; it was the part when she went up his shaft and on to his head as she would like it and shuck that would bring him ever so closer to cumming.
Hinata knew he was getting closer to cumming that when she began to take him deeper in to her mouth reaching her throat.
?Ohhhhhhh HI . . . NATA arrrggghhh? Hinata loved the response she got.
This is it he could feel it; he knew he couldn?t hold it in any longer.
?Hinata ugh . . . . I?m . . . cumming? He tried to get her off but she resisted and stayed were she was as he came in her mouth.
The initial cum was a lot, much of it was leaking out her mouth and down her chin so she began to swallow it. Naruto?s orgasm hadn?t stopped so Hinata continued to swallow and suck up all cum that was still coming out, the orgasm lasted twenty seconds.
? . . . .Naruto-kun . . . . . . . . You taste really good?
Hinata brought her head up and Naruto could see some cum on her mouth and chin, she brought a hand up to swipe it off and then took it in to her mouth as she gave a loud ?Mmm?.
Naruto came up and kissed Hinata as he hugged her as he unhooked her bra and let it fall, then he brought he hands back and quickly cupped her breast as he began to rub circle around her nipple with his thumb, he knew that Hinata was loving it, he could feel and hear Hinata moaning in his mouth, Naruto then laid back on the bed with Hinata on top of him as his their legs hung off the bed.
Naruto flipped them around as he was now on top, he let go of the kiss as he brought his mouth to one of her breast and began to suck on it as he continued to play with the other one with his right hand. Hinata began to squirm from the instant pleasure she was getting. As he licked and such one nipple he would pinch and rub the other one only to get loud moans from Hinata. It was getting hard for him to do this since Hinata was squirming a lot, but he was just ganna have to up the antis. ?Uhhhhhhnnnn ohhhhhh?
Naruto grinned as he began to slowly bring his left hand down her body, as he reached her pussy he began to rub her clit through her panties.
?Uhhhhhhh Naruto-kun unnnnhhh oh god.? Their wasn?t a moment were Hinata was not moaning, Naruto was loving the noises she was making.
?AhhHhh yes uhhhh Naruto-kun?
?Your loving this aren?t you? he asked as he took a small playful bite on her nipple while pinching the other one.
?Ahhhhh uhhhh Ahhh yes . . . . Yes . . . . It feels good uhhhnn please don?t stop?
?Well don?t get to comfortable cuz there is more coming? said Naruto as he stopped what he was doing to Hinata?s disappointment.
He slowly moved his head down to her pussy he could see that her panties were drenched. He brought his hands down to her panties and began to remove them. As he finished removing them he saw the small strip of curls on her pussy, oh god he loved it, it was so hot.
?She is so turned on, look how wet she is, she probably wants it badly right now? Naruto tried to resist just putting it in now.?
?Hinata look how wet you are . . . . . . . . Don?t worry I like it?
?I. . . I always get that wet?
?Uhhn . . . . . What do you mean?
?Oh. . . No-nothing?
Naruto got a grin on his face ?Hinata . . . . . . Do you masturbate??
?I. . . N-No. . . No. . . . Ahhhhh uhhhhh??Naruto began to rub circle on her clit not believing her answer.
?Hinata don?t lie to me . . . . . Do you masturbate??
?Ahhhhh uhhhh yes ahhhhh I do uhhhnn masturbate, ohhhh god? Naruto continued to rub circles around her clit as Hinata arched her back only to have Naruto press down on her belly to bring her down.
?Ohhhhh. . . Hinata you?re such a naughty girl? Naruto stopped rubbing circles then took her clit in his mouth as he began to do with his tongue what he did with his finger, then he slowly began to insert two finger in to her pussy and slowly began to pump in to her. Hinata began to moan even more then before.
?OHHHh god oh god oh god . . . . More please more ahhhhhhuuuhnnn. Oh god that feels so good . . . . . . Naruto-kun don?t stop?
Just then he stopped ?So Hinata tell me what do you masturbate to and how many times?
?I. . . . I. . . . .? she was hesitant to respond, then Naruto began to lick her clit and pump his finger in again.
?Ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhh uhhhnnnnn you uhhhhn I think of you Naruto-kun ahhhhh every night before I go to bed uhhhhhhhhn I. . . I ahhh I rub myself and shove finger in to my pussy? Naruto stopped licking her clit and pumping his fingers.
?Really . . . . . how long have you been doing that??
?Since I was fifteen? ?great he probably thinks I?m a fuckin weirdo?
?That. . . . . . . Is such a turn on? said Naruto before he went back down as he rub her clit with his finger and put his mouth in to her pussy as he shoved his tongue deep in to her pussy as he licked her insides as he wanted to get a taste of her, he wiggle his tongue making Hinata moan.
?Ahhhhhhh uhhhhhhn ahhhhhhh? ?this feeling I can?t hold it much longer?
Naruto had to wrap his arms around each of her legs to keep her in place so he continue eating her pussy, Hinata just couldn?t get enough of it so she began to grind her pussy in to his face so that her clit would get attended to as well and not just her pussy.
?OOHhhhhh goooooooood?
Hinata reached her climax as she exploded cumming right into Naruto?s mouth.
Hinata got worried she knew he was down their and when she came everything was coming out of their which meant.
?Naruto-kun . . . . . .? when she sat up Naruto face was already there to meet hers with a grin that had some of her cum trickling down off of it.
?Hinata. . . You taste. . . . . Amazing? Hinata quickly leaned in and kissed him licking the cum that was on his chin., she then laid back down with Naruto on top of her she could fell his dick touching her pussy, his chest touching her breasts and his tongue touching hers.
She then felt his hand move down to his dick as he grabbed it and positioned it on her entrance. He let go of the kiss and looked at her. Hinata nodded both knowing what was coming next; she could feel him slowly entering till he came to a stop.
?You ready? Hinata came up and hugged Naruto knowing what was going to happen as she embraced her self. Naruto wanted to make it quick so in a matter of seconds he rammed his dick in to her as she let out a cry of pain and dug her nail in to his skin.
Naruto continued to hold her in his arms not wanting to move and hurt her more; when Hinata finally gave him a nod he laid her on the bed and supported himself with his arms on each side of her. He slowly began to pump in to her so that she could continue to get use to it, as he did Hinata suddenly gasp from the immense pleasure she was now experiencing.
Seeing how much she was loving it, he began to ram his dick in to her faster and harder, Hinata?s gasps turned to moan, this was way better then having Naruto taste her.
?Ahhhhhh ohh MY GOD uhhhhh faster ahhhhh that feels amazing Naruto-kun uhhhhhh faster? Naruto complied and began to ram in to her even harder and faster making Hinata feel that same feeling in the pit of her stomach and the pressure increasing every second.
?Oh god uhhhhhhh please. . . . . . . Please don?t stop uhhhhh? She really didn?t want him to stop, the last two times she didn?t want him to stop he did. ?Ohhhhhhh god yes, yes, yes, uhnnnn. . . Fuck my pussy!?
?Hinata your pussy uhhh feels amazing . . . Uhh you?re so warm and tight? Hinata could only blush deeply at his comment, she was just happy that he loved all of her.
?Uhhhhhhu ohhhhh fuck!!!! That?s so good? screamed Hinata. Hinata couldn?t believe what was happening, she was making love to the man she loved, she had confessed to him and he too was in love with her, they were making love because they loved each other, a decision they made together. This wasn?t a one-night stand, and that?s why she was happy, there was going to be more then just today.
Hinata was now thrusting her hips in to him matching his rhythm; their hip would meet in powerful thrust making Naruto?s dick reach as deep in to her as it could, making the pleasure unbelievable.
?Uuuhhhhhhhhhhhoh god that?s so fuckin deep ahhhh god? man Naruto loved the things that Hinata was moaning and screaming, she is so normal and weird but while having sex she totally different.
?She?s so weird, but that?s the reason I love her, she?s different from all the other girls, and this naughty side of her is a huge plus? thought Naruto.
She couldn?t hold it anymore ?Uuhhhhhnnn . . . Naruto-kun. uhhhh . . . I . I . . . I?m cumming!!!? as she reached her climax, her juices were leaking down her ass.
Even though she came the pleasure she was experiencing had not stop, if anything the pleasure was even greater. Naruto was still ramming his dick into her and Hinata could only moan Naruto?s name. Hinata could feel the pressure again, and now that the pleasure had intensified this time it was coming even faster, she could feel Naruto getting tense as he too was reaching his climax.
?Ooohhh god . . . Naruto-kun . . . I?m cumming again!!!!!!? ?uuhhhn . .Me too Hinata? ?Naruto-kun . . . . Lets cum together? Naruto nodded and in a matter of second they both moaned each others name as Naruto came inside of Hinata which cause her to cum as well.
Naruto fell to the side of Hinata as they were both beat.
?Hinata-chan . . . . . . Your were incredible?
Hinata blushed ?You too Naruto-kun? ?There she goes blushing again just like the Hinata I know and love, I wonder if she even realize that things that she screamed during sex.?
Naruto leaned in to her and kissed on the lips. Hinata broke the kiss ?Naruto I have to go . . . . My father will get mad and its? already late?
?Wait don?t go . . . . . . . . I already took care of that . . . . . . Trust me?
Hinata only looked in to his eyes ?Ok . . . . I?ll stay with . . . . . . I?m glad, I?m beat and I don?t think I could have made it back to my house?
?Hinata . . . . . I know it?s probably a given but I still want to ask . . . . . Will you be my girlfriend?
Hinata giggle at him they had just finished making love and he was asking her to be his girlfriend.
?Of course Naruto-kun? she leaned in and kissed him.
?Hinata there something I need to tell you just so you know, that way tomorrow morning you wont think that I just left and wanted nothing with you?
?What is it??
?I have a mission tomorrow; the mission is eight weeks long?
?Naruto its ok, I love you and I will wait for you to come back, besides it?s just two months?
?I?m ganna miss you, but I will also be thinking about you all the time?
?Me too?
?Oh . . . . Hinata . . . . Happy birthday?
?Thank you . . . . . . . I loved your present the best . . . . And I don?t mean the puppy? said Hinata while she snuggle up to Naruto, her head in his chest and her breast on his stomach, and their legs intertwined. Having her naked body all over his was turning him on again. Hinata could feel his dick getting hard.
?As much as I want to have sex again I don?t think I can I?m so tired, and Naruto completely satisfied me, but I guess it wouldn?t be fair I don?t satisfied him? Hinata reached for his dick and began to stroke it, all Naruto could do was look at her and moan.
Hinata slid down on him till she reached his dick, she was tired but sucking his dick was something she could do; besides she definitely wanted another taste of his juice. Hinata took him in her mouth again and began bobbing her head up and down his dick, Naruto was rendered useless all he could do was place his hands on her head and moan her name. Hinata was doing a better job then the first of giving him pleasure. Hinata also knew that she was doing a better job. She was going to make him cum quicker this time.
?Uhhhhhhhhnn oh god . . . .Hinata I?m cumming? he said as he came in her mouth, but he could feel her still sucking on him, again she wanted to get all of his cum out, she just couldn?t get enough of his cum.
Naruto was panting this time he was dead tired, Hinata came up to him and snuggle up to him again.
?Thank you? said Naruto.
?My pleasure? said Hinata.
They both only need about ten minute till they finally fell asleep holding each other. The sex had definitely taken a toll on them.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
A/N ? I hope guys continue to read, and please review.
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