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Nancy?s Story, Chapter 14

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Nancy?s Story, Chapter 14Chapter 14, A Good Turn Deserves Another.We entered our cabin. I went to pee and Chuck pulled back the comforter and sheet and was finishing when Ricky and I entered from different directions.?This is the middle part of a three generation fuck fantasy,? Chuck said to Ricky. ?Nancy and I want you to join me in giving her two cocks this evening.?Ricky started to close the door.I told him to leave it open.Chuck told me to lay on my back. I did. Ricky and Chuck started on me with Chuck kissing my mouth and Ricky sucking my nipples. My hot cunt turned hotter. While I was willing and eager to suck their cocks to get them hard, it was not necessary. Nor was it necessary for them to go down on me. I was sopping wet. I just needed a good, hard fuck without all the foreplay women needed to stir up their desire for sex. I wanted it right then.That said, I still got some foreplay. Ricky repositioned himself putting his cock by my mouth. I greedily took him inside and gave him my million dollar cock suck. Chuck licked me by swirling his tongue around my clit. It was maddening. I felt I was climbing a never-ending spiral staircase. Then, his mouth sucked my clit giving me the satisfaction I needed. It lasted for minutes, or hours, I did not know. The big O rocked my body.?Fuck me!?Did I just yell that?Chuck told Ricky to lube up as he moved to his back telling me to climb on him.My day began with my husband cumming in my mouth. The morning had him cumming in my ass. Now, I would get him in my cunt. I climbed on. No Gina was there to guide his cock in me. But, without hands, he found my cunt and took me. I fucked him some just to fully seat him in my cunt then bent forward. Ricky put a dab of lube in my ass then shoved his greased cock in me. I climaxed again. Two studs fucked me for several minutes. Then Chuck said for us to stop.?Honey, get off me please.??Ricky, sit on the edge of the bed so Nancy can sit on your lap.??Honey, sit on his cock taking him in your ass.?I got the picture. We were turning around and changing positions. Ricky sat on the edge of the bed, I sat with my back to his chest taking his cock deep in my ass and laid back. Chuck entered my cunt and started humping me.?Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.? With my eyes closed in lust, I repeated it while Chuck did me. I felt Ricky spill his hot load in my bowel. It was as if every nerve in my anus was awake and feeling the contractions in his cock as his cum was ejected from his cock. Chuck felt it through the small amount of tissue that separated the two cocks. The sensitive under side of Chuck?s was pressed against Ricky?s. Chuck got still to let me enjoy the feeling of Ricky?s orgasm.As Ricky?s cock slowly deflated, Chuck resumed and increased his humping me. The position caused my clit to rub against him which added to my pleasure. I kept up with a string of words, some English, some Spanish, and some I did not recognize myself. ?Fuck. Fuck. Foder. Fuck. Fazer sexo. Fuck... He stopped as he delivered his sperm in my cunt. My own orgasm served to draw out his creamy gift.I had completed the hat trick of fuckery- oral, anal, and pussy cum loads all in one day with one man, mine.I was thinking Ricky had also done his own version of a hat trick- rutting with three generations of women in one family.I opened my eyes. There, watching from the hallway outside the door, were Sofia and her sister. Neither had a stitch of clothing on. Our cabin smelled of sex. But, they both had the look of being fucked on their faces. Without a word, they disappeared.As he pulled out, Chuck handed me a wet face cloth so I would not make a mess. I got off Ricky?s lap and wiped my ass and cunt. Ricky got up, kissed my cheek thanking me for the evening. I wiped myself again and put a towel on the bed. Chuck turned off the light. He crawled in along the bulkhead wall, I got in next to him, and we laid there in each other?s arms. I felt sexually satisfied yet still sexual at the same time.Chuck moved slightly toward the foot of our bed and begun to suckle on my breast. It felt wonderful and provided the sensation and effect I desired. I recalled his comment regarding sucking milk from my breasts. It would soon happen.The room was not dark. Ricky had not closed the door allowing some light from the hallway to enter the room. I had been looking at his face as he enjoyed our act of intimacy. We both have hazel eyes and black hair. I wondered what our c***d would look like. I wondered if it would be the boy he desired. I became aware we were not alone.I turned to see Sofia standing in the doorway. I motioned her in.?I did not wish to disturb you.?Her announcement caused Chuck to unlatch from my nipple and rise slightly to see an unclad woman standing by the bed.He asked, ?Sophie, what?s wrong???I feel like talking.?I asked, ?About???I am confused.??About???I was thinking about when we were stuck in the apartment all those weeks and how frustrating it got.??What do you mean by saying it was frustrating???Before the wretched pandemic, could go to my classes, see my friends, enjoy things. Then, we were trapped and those things ended. Then, we got to come here. I found I did not miss classes. I sort of missed my friends but not as much as I thought I would. But, but I feel something is missing.?I was confused. The conversation was in Spanish so I knew Chuck was totally confused. I asked her what she felt was missing.?I have really enjoyed being here. It was nice that there were guys close me in age. Jonathan is sweet. I know Ornella is enjoying Mingo like I enjoy Jonathan. But I felt incomplete, like something was missing.??What?? I sure did not think two young naked people would just sit and look at each other.?Gina told us about things. Then, Ornella and I watched you and I understood what Gina tried to tell us. It is spice that is missing. It is like we have too much vanilla.??Spice?? I was not trying to sound dumb.?My boyfriends are too normal. Jonathan is a good lover but he is too normal. I am tired of normal but I do not know how to change it.??Have you asked? Have you told your lovers what you want???No. Actually, I didn?t know what I wanted until Gina told us what she had been doing and then I watched you.?I thought I understood but really guessed at what all Gina had told her sisters.?What did Gina tell you??Chuck understood that question as asked in Spanish. I wondered if he would understand her reply.?You had said that the pandemic had changed the rules. Gina said you made love to her and that Chuck made love to her. I watched you with Nelida, with Chuck, with Ricky. That is the part of the missing spice. My boyfriends would never understand. Jonathan does not understand. He is a considerate man and a good lover who wants to satisfy me. But, I do not think I will be satisfied the way things are.??Sofia, have you asked? Have you told men what you want???No.??Then, how can you see a change unless you ask for it???I cannot.??Then, perhaps it is time to ask.?Without batting an eye and in good English, she said, ?I want to make love with you and Chuck.?
06-02-2021, at 11:14 PM

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